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Echo's Odyssey: An Erotic Fantasy
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
Description: Sexy Elves, Hot Half-Humans, Magical Assassins, and Compelling Adventure! All beings have experiences that teach, and the Fey are no exception. After having betrayed their peaceful nature to fend off human invaders, many of them have remained scarred, seeing life only as a means of being until their lives end. Echo's story is one of this nature. After joining the military to protect his loved ones during the Thirty Years War, he returned having realized his hands were so blood stained that he could not bear to return to Serenissa, the love of his life. Her magic allowed for many things, but a ten year disappearing act by her beloved was not one of them. Still, she continues to hope that he'll return and claim her as his before it's too late. Can Echo find a way back to Serenissa before she is forced to marry an evil, severely misguided half human, half fey or will he lose her and damn his own race? Will she give him the redemption he is so badly seeking? Follow Echo's odyssey through a very sexy, very magical world of wonder and willing women--of many races!
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: May 2008


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [111 KB]
Words: 22690
Reading time: 64-90 min.


He stood in the shadows, watching the silver and black haired Faery dressed in all black. Six inches of midnight blue hair stood on end. His skin was smooth. Beneath his trench coat was the body of a very strong, chiseled faery. Muscled arms held a gun at their leaders' head. An angry scowl marked an otherwise beautiful face.

It appeared as though murderous rage danced like flames in the assassin's cold black and silver eyes.

He heard the click and felt the shock of the bullet impact his leader from afar.

Wincing, Marshal gritted his teeth, clenched his fists.

Blood spilled out of the new wound and dropped on the ground.

Then, it was over.

There was no horrified expression on Brandyne's face. He looked peaceful even as blood ran down and stained his white shirt. Silly fool. Humans were by nature warring creatures, and the human in him made him sympathize with those who would fight and murder others for selfish benefit. He didn't mind that part, it was inherent to his very nature. His core was human, his soul belonged to the human realm.

Brandyne was a full faery. He could never understand violence.

So why did the High Court send their personal assassin after his brother?

To prove a point?

"Ha!" He laughed. Brandyne was a giver.

From around the corner of a building, he'd watched the High Court's assassin corner Brandyne. He couldn't make out the words on his brother's lips, but for a brief moment, fear registered on his face.

What purpose did it serve to kill those responsible for preaching peace? It shouldn't have mattered if he'd had alliances with others whom Faery did not consider to be friendly. Brandyne's aims were purely good natured.

It didn't matter.

The scene would replay in his head a thousand times over eternity. The click would resonance loud, louder in his dreams. Knowing he was powerless to stop Echo made his blood boil.

Heat rose over his skin. He had to get revenge.

Even if it took him eternity, he would get revenge on Echo.

* * * *

A few months later, he'd shadowed Echo again. Watching him smile while holding the hand of another full blooded Fae disgusted him. Those sick pacifistic bastards knew only love and magick, peace and harmony.

What pure bullshit.

Incompetent twits needed to learn a lesson about life and how hard it was.

He would be the one to show them.

Weeks after watching his brother murdered, Marshal made the decision to have surgery in order to erase most of his Fey features. In order to gain power, he would leave his homeland and deny his heritage. Settling in the Eastern Bloc of Europe where bad things were known to happen because people were fed up with society's rules. There, he would find a homeland of comrades to help him gain power.

He'd read Mein Kompf and books by Nietzsche. The Prince was a favorite of his. The way the words flew from those novels were like music to his ears. He held race accountable for everything. It didn't matter if one was black, white or Jewish. They were all disgusting, war faring humans.

At least they were honest.

Not like the Fey, which had a light side and dark side. The dark side was never acknowledge, of course. Given no credit, not taught in schools, passed over.

Just like he'd always been.

He didn't know that reading the terrible words from those books would damage his soul as a Fae, possibly forever.

Soon, he would realize his destiny as a ruler. Then the world, Human and Faery both, would acknowledge him and begin making amends for the death of his brother.

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