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The Catah Circle
by Gabrina Garza

Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
Description: Brooke considers herself a long way from home and out of her element while at a family wedding in France, but the American is about to find herself a world away. With her rambunctious and uninhibited gay sister Lindsay leading the way, a night meant for wining and dining turns into an unforgettable journey through a fairie portal and into Catah. With the opening of the portal, Brooke meets the banished emperor, a dragon master named Canen who happens to be everything she's looking for: cute, kind, and sexy as all hell. Not to mention good with a sword. He's also a virgin convinced that she's the woman he's been looking for, his bride Roen. Trapped in a strange world and separated from her sister, Brooke finds it impossible to keep herself from falling in love with Canen. But what happens when the portal opens again and she has the chance to leave bitchy fairies and rude giants behind for modern day conveniences? Genres: Fantasy / Action / Adventure / Voyeurism
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: May 2008


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [170 KB]
Words: 36497
Reading time: 104-145 min.

Coming Soon...

At last she settled in and began looking around the cozy pub. Most of the patrons were men, but she found a woman and a man in the darkest corner. Without intending to watch them, she couldn't help but stare from the corner of her eye. White wings kept unfurling from the man's back, but that wasn't nearly as interesting as the woman down on her knees.

There was no way the woman was giving a man a blow job in the pub. No way. Pretending to look around, Brooke allowed herself three seconds to blatantly stare at them. Three seconds turned to five seconds, then ten, and she squeezed her thighs together to stop the tingle between her legs. Without realizing how randy it made her, she could feel herself dripping wet each time she shifted to relieve some of the pressure.

She'd never watched porn nor found it intriguing, much less a live sex act. Both had always seemed a little too intimate for her taste until now.

The woman was definitely going down on the winged man with enthusiasm, and for each stroke of her lips and tongue, the man's wings twitched. Waves of long, blond hair spilled over his shoulders, and his chest heaved beneath a cream-colored gauze shirt laced up to his collarbone. Sans the wings, he looked like he should have been on a billboard for an underwear ad. His chest, flat stomach, and long, muscular legs definitely should have been shared with the rest of the world.

Brooke felt her vagina pulsing in time with the man's pleasure as need filled her. She fidgeted and crossed her ankles, but she new damn well that nothing would work other than pulling up her dress and taking care of the problem or getting in on the action.

"Fuck," she murmured, and took another sip from her tall clay mug. Fuck, I want sex and, fuck, I've never wanted to be part of a threesome until now.

Her nipples grew harder and her pussy dripped as she continued to stare. The man clawed at the walls, braced himself as he thrust his hips forward. His eyes rolled open, found her immediately, and locked on hers with no indication of shock.

Brooke found herself unable to look away from him. She held her mug in one hand and left her free hand under the table, resting on her knee. She wondered if he could sense how much she wanted to inch her dress up and find release. She wondered if he knew how horny she'd become watching this nameless, faceless woman pleasure him.

He smiled as though he invited her to participate from across the room. When she returned the smile, he closed his eyes, his head tilting back as his wings spasmed and spread wide. He'd come while she'd sat and watched.

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