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Mountain's Echo
by Debbie Gould

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Family/Relationships
Description: Danger Maggie, Danger! Will betrayal be a thing of the past or part of the future? Maggie and Jake had a past ten years ago that neither wanted to ever revisit. But when Maggie's brother, Scott, is severely wounded, Jake has to call Maggie for help. After a ten year absence, Maggie and Jake are thrown together again in an intense struggle to save not only her brother, but themselves, as the men after Jake and Scott are closing in. The two must find a way to work through the betrayal of the past and work together to save their future. Will betrayal be a thing of the past or part of the future? Find out as Mountain's Echo takes into some spine tingling adventure and suspense.
eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, 2008 2008-03-27
eBookwise Release Date: May 2008


8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [280 KB]
Words: 67304
Reading time: 192-269 min.

She turned away from the creek, walked over to the blanket, and sat down next to him. He handed her a sandwich and beer. They ate quietly, making idle chitchat. She looked into the cooler to grab another beer and noticed the ice. Time for some payback. She grabbed the beer out of the cooler, opened it, and took a long drink.

"I can't believe how hot it is here."

"This is New Mexico, darlin'."

She took off the blouse that was covering the tank top. No damn bra again, he thought as he watched her. She was sitting on the blanket with her legs stretched out in front of her. He didn't realize what she was doing until he saw the ice in her hand. She brought it under her chin and rubbed it along her neck. He watched as the melting water trickled down her neck and beyond her tank top where he couldn't see it anymore.

Jake's mouth went dry, and he could feel his pants becoming way too tight over his erection. She brought the ice down lower on her neck and across her chest. He could see her nipples harden. She brought the ice lower, sticking her hand down underneath the top of her tank top. He could see streaks of water coming out the bottom of her shirt. Shifting uncomfortably, he was riveted to the unfolding scene.

There was a two-inch gap of skin again between the bottom of her shirt and the top of her pants. She had been leaning back on one arm while teasing him with the ice; when it melted she grabbed another piece. She pulled her shirt up, to the point where he could see the bottom of her breasts, and began rubbing the ice on her rib cage and stomach. The tops of her jeans were wet from the melting water.

Suddenly she moaned and said, "Ohh, God this feels so good."

Jake could take it no longer. Instantly he was on top of her, one knee between her legs, his arms on each side of her head holding him up just slightly above her. His eyes were dark and hungry and his breathing labored.

"Don't tease me like that and expect me not to react to it, Maggie." He brought his mouth down on hers hard. She opened her mouth in surprise and his tongue found hers. He kissed her deeper, giving her everything he could, his tongue exploring her mouth frantically.

At first Maggie tried to push him away, but quickly gave in to the dizzying wave of passion rushing through her. Jake moved his hand to the flat of her stomach and began searching under her shirt. His hand found her breast and he teased her nipple between his fingers.

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