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Indentured Bride [Bride Series Book 1]
by Regan Taylor

Category: Romance
Description: Running from her past Jenna Matthews finds herself in the arms of a man who promises to protect and care for her. But when the chips are down, will he love her?
eBook Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books/Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc., 2008 2008
eBookwise Release Date: March 2008


25 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [291 KB]
Words: 70000
Reading time: 200-280 min.

"The internal struggles Jenna suffers are realistically presented by author, Regan Taylor and made me a part of her support group from the onset. Brett's smooth charm and patient manner captured a little of my heart as I got to know him better and the chemistry he has with Jenna is palpable. The prejudice of his past hurt my heart and gives him a vulnerability that makes him a more 'human' hero. The undercurrent of danger and waiting "for the other shoe to drop" kept me glued to my seat for the duration of the adventure."--Lettetia, Ecataromance Reviews, 4 STARS

"I'm pleased to recommend this well told tale to any romantic or western romance fan who enjoys plenty of action. The story will pull you along as the realistic characters welcome you into their world. This is a tale that will leave you pleased at having read it and will have you looking for other books by this very able author."--Anne K. Edwards

Walking through the door of the boarding house, Brett raised his hand in greeting to the man at the counter and escorted Jenna upstairs. He pushed open the door and stood aside for Jenna to enter ahead of him. She spied the hot bath as soon as they entered, as well as her satchel, which had already been moved into the room.

"Enjoy the bath, Jenna."

"Thank you, Mr. Parker." She stood there a moment, chewing lightly on her lower lip, unaware of how the simple gesture affected the man standing in front of her. "Um, well, good night."

She felt his gaze on her lips, the intensity making her feel like he'd actually kissed her. She resisted running her fingers over them, instead turning towards the door. "Oh, Mr. Parker, Brett?"

"Yes?" Suspicion creeping into his voice.

"The photographer, did you stop him from taking that picture?"

"Want to tell me why it was so important?"

"I did; I don't like having my photograph taken. Did you stop him?"

"Yeah, I did."

"Thank you. Thank you." She reached out towards his arm, catching herself just before she put her hand on it.

Taking note of her movement, Brett drew into himself, "I'll fetch you in the morning for breakfast. And Jenna?"

She looked up at him.

"Don't even think about trying to run off tonight ... I'll find you and bring you back."

She nodded, resigned to marrying this man and then hoping soon he'd seek an annulment. As she turned to close the door, his arms came around her and she tilted her head up to question his intent. Before she could utter a word, his lips descended to hers. His lips nibbled on hers, plying little kisses along the upper and lower while his hands massaged her back. Pressed firmly against his chest she felt her nipples begin to harden and without volition her lips parted to welcome his tongue into her mouth. Without thought, Jenna gave herself to the sensations this man evoked in her. She couldn't stop herself if she wanted to ... I do want to, I want to stop him, I want to, I want to ... the moan that escaped her lips seemed to startle them both into awareness. "I'll be by around eight to take you to breakfast. Sleep well, Jenna."

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