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Experiences with Aliens and UFO's Part Two
by Jon Peniel

Category: General Nonfiction
Description: Chronicles many strange experiences including traveling with a United Nations ambassador on a UFO, fascinating alien meetings with the Hopi, A secret community inside Mt. Shasta, Inner-Earth tunnels used by Atlanteans & Lemurians, and much more!
eBook Publisher: Windsor Hill/Windsor Hill, 2001 2001
eBookwise Release Date: March 2008


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [53 KB]
Words: 10080
Reading time: 28-40 min.

"I couldn't wait to get part II, as soon as I put down the first one! Talk about a page-turner! The truth IS out there!"--Mark

"This book has a 'keep you on the edge of your seat' reading quality to it. Even though it is very easy to read and understand, it gives the feeling to the reader that the lecturer, Jon Penieal, really respects and understands any reader's understanding, fear or wonderment of UFOs and aliens. The books give the reader a feeling of being right there during the conversations, and the alien experiences! The question and answer format of the books makes the information and the amazing stories very real and undoubtedly believable. Besides the broad universally accepted information of aliens/UFO's that the books portray, they give key insights into personal growth and development. Those have really helped me. I really got a great deal of satisfaction from reading this book as well as learning really important lessons on reasons and purposes for UFOs and aliens."--Roxy

Maps to Stars' Homes

Let's jump to the story of a fascinating scientific find. We had gone to southern California, where the ambassador had set up appointments to meet with various scientists--experts in different fields. I had other people to meet there also. The first scientist we met with was an archeologist at UCLA. I can't give his name out because he'd probably never work again. Archeologists have been black listed for far less. Anyway, he was on a dig somewhere, and had discovered something that would have set the archeological and scientific world on its ears (if it had ears, and if the revelations of these types of discoveries were allowed). But, any discovery that goes against or shakes up the established view of our modern day psuedo-scientists, is quashed, and anyone who would dare to go against the power structure and reveal things anyway, is ruined (or worse--depending on what the discovery is). So are you wondering what it was? Oh, you aren't really interested. Ok, we'll go on to something else. Oh, you DO want to know? It was a set of ancient maps of the underground inner-Earth tunnel system that the Atlanteans and Lemurians used to travel all over the world. The fact that they were indeed ancient, and not a hoax, had already been tested over and over again, and verified. They also showed all the access (entry/exit) points for the tunnels.

We spent a couple of days with him looking the maps over, and over, and over, and finding fascinating areas where there were access points--not surprisingly, many were areas of high UFO activity. I was paying as much attention as I could, trying to lock things into memory, knowing we'd never get copies, and that eventually, they'd probably "disappear". Since we were in southern Cal., I paid particular attention to the local access points.

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