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Chloe's Christmas: A Cinderella Story
by Kayla Janz

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: Chloe Anderson had a passionate encounter with a gorgeous blue-eyed stranger on the last night of her tropical vacation. The next morning, she slipped out of his bed, hopped on a plane and headed for home. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong. As Skyler packed his bag, he found a size six flip flop under the bed--Chloe's sandal. With a quick change to his itinerary, he's off to Denver to find her. If his plan comes together it will be a perfect Christmas--Chloe's Christmas.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: December 2007


15 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [115 KB]
Words: 26405
Reading time: 75-105 min.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Chloe's Christmas: A Cinderella Story by Kayla Janz. Chloe and Skyler's story will warm you from the tips of your toes to the top of your nose. It's a super sexy read that has a really romantic story to tell. You'll get everything from this story and more; hot sex, a sweet romance and a happily-ever-ever fit for a princess, indeed!"--Julie Kornhaus, Simply Romance Reviews

"Ms. Janz has written a great story. I have to say I love a good Cinderella story and this is one of the better ones. The characters were well written and the passion between them burned the pages. This story was a realistic fun read, with humor. I would highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a great fairy tale with it all."--The Romance Studio

Chapter 1

Chloe Anderson twirled the umbrella in her untouched Mai Tai. She turned her head and cast a casual glance around the bar. A heavy sigh escaped her lips. "Jen, our plane leaves at ten tomorrow morning. We need to pack and get a good night's sleep. I'm not looking forward to seven hours crammed in coach."

Jennifer Talmon, Chloe's best friend scrunched her impish face in a frown. "Will you lighten up? This is our last night on the island. You're blonde, tan and looking incredibly sexy, I might add. It won't hurt you to pull that stick out of your ass and have one night of rip-roaring fun."

"I've just had a week of fun. And what do you mean pull the stick out of my ass? I really resent your comment!"

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry, Hon, but if the Jimmy Choo fits..." She sat up a little straighter and fluffed her dark spiky hair. "Don't look now, but I'm pretty sure those two guys at the corner table are gonna come over here."

Chloe spun around and looked in the direction her friend indicated.

"I told you not to look," Jennifer hissed through her teeth, as she kept her picture perfect smile intact the whole time.

"You know I'm gonna look when you tell me not to!" Chloe snapped back.

"I knew it. Here they come. I call dibs on the blond. The black-haired guy is all yours."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Don't blow this for me, Chloe. Just be nice and keep him entertained while I get to know Mr. Blond, blue-eyed, baby face better."

Chloe stirred her drink again. Another sigh escaped her lips as she resigned herself to the role of wingman.

"Well hello, ladies," this from Mr. Blue Eyes.

"Hello to you, gentlemen," Jennifer purred, as she strategically slid over to allow room for them to join their table.

The black-haired man spoke to Chloe. "Hi, I'm Skyler Collins." He stuck his hand out to shake hers.

Chloe looked up and couldn't help but be drawn in by his light blue eyes. They were the color of cut crystal. She smiled, and placed her hand in his. Her role as wingman had potential. "Chloe Anderson, it's nice to meet you."

Mr. Blond whisked Jennifer off to the dance floor before Chloe realized she and the gorgeous stranger with the incredible blue eyes were left alone. Skyler's voice broke into her thoughts. "Don't worry about your friend. Denny's a good man. I've known him for quite a few years now and never has he treated a woman with anything but respect."

"What about you, Mr. Collins? Are you a good man?" Chloe choked as the unintentional innuendo registered.

A crooked little grin appeared on his handsome face as he stared with those penetrating eyes. "I'd like to think so."

"I-I didn't mean that exactly the way it came out," she stammered, more into her drink than to his face.

"Don't sweat the small stuff." He smiled at her again. "So what do you do for a living, Ms. Chloe Anderson?"

He made small talk, to redirect the conversation away from her fumble. She appreciated his attempt. Try as she might, she couldn't stop staring at his eyes or the rest of him. He wasn't hard to look at, by any means. She'd guess about six feet tall, give or take an inch. Black wavy hair brushed the collar of his well filled out gray polo shirt. Again with the eyes, she was entranced by the color. Crystal blue, crinkled at the corners from smiling or judging by his dark tan, squinting in the sunlight. His nose crooked to the right just a bit, possibly broken at some point in time. The open collar of his polo revealed just a hint of coal-black chest hair dusting a tanned and well developed chest. His arms...

"You hoo, Chloe? Come back to earth." He snapped his fingers in front of her.

Chloe popped out of her daydream and knew her cheeks had turned a deep crimson color. With a drop of her head, her long hair fell forward to hide her embarrassment.

"Did you enjoy your trip?" he continued with that crooked grin and laughing eyes.

"Excuse me?'

"Your daydream, you faded out on me. Since you're already in paradise, I'm curious where you would wander off to. Personally, I like to take a few minutes to travel around the world, but I try to do it in private."

Mortified by her thoughts, she blinked twice before responding. "Oh, I'm sorry. To be honest with you, I was distracted by your eyes."

"Is there something wrong with my eyes?" His voice laced with concern and question.

"No, I've never seen anyone with eyes the color of yours before. They intrigue me."

"I think there's a compliment in there somewhere," he said as the grin lit his face again.

She lowered her lashes and twirled the umbrella in her drink. "I'm sorry. I have a horrible habit of speaking my mind. It's been known to get me in a lot of trouble."

Skyler leaned a little closer to her and lowered his voice. "Don't ever apologize for being yourself. I think people should be more open and honest. By the way, did you know you've apologized to me three times and blushed twice?"


"That would've been number four. Let's try something else. I asked you a question before you zoned out on me. What do you do for a living, Chloe?"

"I'm an accounts payable specialist for a large construction company."

He sipped at his drink and nodded. "Interesting, so you spend other people's money and get paid to do it?"

"I could think of better things to spend my money on." She gave him a sardonic laugh and continued, "I've never looked at it quite like that, but yes, in a nutshell, I suppose you're right. What about you, Mr. Collins? What do you do for a living?"

"I travel, and please call me Sklyer."

"That's it? You travel, um, Skyler?"

"Not exactly." He motioned with his head toward the dance floor. "I'm the right-hand man to a wealthy gentleman who has business dealings all over the world. He is deathly afraid of planes. Flying in them mind you, not owning them." He chuckled. "I travel with him. I get to see some fascinating places around the world and get paid to do it."

Chloe cocked her head to one side and studied him for a second. "Sure sounds a lot more interesting than coding invoices and scheduling payments."

"Oh, it has its downfalls. Not everything is as glamorous as its outward appearance."

For a moment she swore she saw a flicker of something cross his features, and then it was gone. Once again, his eyes entranced her as he masked whatever it had been and flashed a brilliant smile.

"Those two have been gone for some time. I'd like to go check on my friend," Chloe said as she rose from her bar stool. Skyler stood at the same time. Her breasts brushed against his chest as she tried to scoot away from the table. An electric jolt of pure lust coursed through her. She made the mistake of making eye contact with him.

Skyler leaned in as if to kiss her. Eyes wide, Chloe held her breath in anticipation, waiting for the contact to come. A scant inch from her lips, he turned his head and whispered in her ear, "I'll be here, waiting for you to return."

After a required five seconds to regain her composure, she straightened her back. "I'm glad to hear it. I think I'm beginning to like your company." With that, she turned and walked toward the dance floor. He'd ignited flutters of desire in her stomach. She'd wanted him to kiss her! The anticipation of his nonexistent kiss was quickly becoming an itch. And she hadn't been scratched in a long time. Jen's right. This is my last night in paradise. Tomorrow I go back to my real life. I've never had a spontaneous romantic encounter before. He's a hot guy. Why not? A night of passion would be therapeutic for me. Aw hell, who am I trying to kid here? He's hot, I'm horny and I want to get laid.

Chloe wove her way through the sea of bodies, to the rail surrounding the dance floor. She watched her willowy built friend sway to the beat of island music. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Jennifer had managed to get wrapped up with the blond, blue-eyed, and apparently very rich, Denny.

Jen spun in a slow, seductive circle and caught Chloe's eye. She winked and turned back to her dancing partner. Intrigued, Chloe paid close attention to the tall, attractive man, who seemed equally enamored with Jennifer. With her curiosity temporarily satisfied, Chloe turned to head back to Skyler, only to find him directly behind her.

"Would you like to dance, Chloe?" His blue eyes flashed in the rotating lights of the dance floor.

"I have two left feet. I can't dance like that." She pointed to Jennifer swaying her hips ten feet away. "But I would love to when they play a slow song."

"Why wait?" he asked, as he guided her out on the floor and into his arms.

Before she could protest, Skyler had her in his arms on a small corner of the floor. She inhaled the fragrance of his cologne. He wore Polo. Heaven help her, she was a goner. Her nipples tightened and chafed against the cotton fabric of her dress. Her pulse raced as he splayed one hand on her hip and ran his fingertips over her bare shoulder with the other. A shiver of excitement rippled through her, which Skyler mistook for a chill.

"Are you cold?" he asked, concern in his crystal eyes.

"No, a little self-conscious and crowded. Why do I feel as if everyone is staring at me?"

He chuckled softly and brushed an errant strand of hair behind her ear. "We could go out on the lanai, a little fresh air and a lot less people."

"A great idea. Lead the way." She twined her fingers with his as he led her through the throng of bar patrons and out into the starry night.

"Do you like the ocean?" Skyler asked as Chloe turned her face to the sea breeze.

She leaned over the rail to peer at the beach one story below them. "I do, but I'm terrified of it. It's too big and deep but, oh so fascinating, all at the same time. I don't live near the water. Denver, Colorado isn't known for its beachfront property."

His deep throaty chuckle rumbled as he came up behind her. "I think I'm really starting to like you, Chloe. At first I was attracted by your looks, but in the last half an hour, you've managed to sweep me off my feet with your wit, charm and honesty."

His words emblazoned the vixen hidden inside, empowered her. She spun around to face him. "So you find me attractive?"

His crystal blue eyes darkened as he stepped even closer. "Yes, very attractive."

"Do you find me attractive enough to take to your room and make mad passionate love to me?"

His sharp intake of breath was her response, as he crushed her to him. His lips descended upon hers. Tender at first, he nibbled at her lips, persuading her to open for him. She leaned against him, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave herself to the kiss. His taste was all male, and she thought of dozens of ways to devour him. With a moan, she tangled her fingers in his wavy hair, inhaled his heady fragrance and gave even more of herself. When he finally broke away from her, both were breathing rough and ragged.

"We should let Denny and Jennifer know we're leaving," he whispered in her hair as he nuzzled her earlobe.

Shivers of desire coursed through her body, as moisture pooled between her thighs. "Stay here for a minute. I'll be right back," Chloe said as she slipped from his embrace. "I'm not running off, just give me a minute."

His eyes held a hint of question yet he nodded assent. "I'll give you two minutes. Anything longer and I'm coming after you."

She smiled over her shoulder as she walked away, an extra swagger to her hips added for his benefit. Chloe grabbed her drink, pulled the umbrella out of it and swallowed it down. She set the empty glass on the table and once again wove her way through the sea of bodies to Jennifer and Denny still on the dance floor.

Jennifer danced over to Chloe. "What's up? Where's tall, dark and handsome? You didn't run him off, did you?"

Chloe smiled and handed her friend the drink umbrella.

Jennifer's brows furrowed together in puzzlement. "What's this for, Chloe?"

"I pulled the stick out of my ass. I'll see you in the morning."

Chloe knew Jen's brown eyes bored holes in her back, but refused to turn around. Afraid if she did, she'd hightail it for her own room and leave the sexy stranger with the crystal blue eyes waiting outside. With her back straight and what she hoped to be a catty smile on her lips, she waltzed out the doors to Skyler.

* * * *

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