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Men Made in America Mega-Bundle 3 [Secure]
by Kelsey Roberts

Category: Romance
Description: Eleven amazing books, one great deal! Get more of the all-American men you love with this bundle! The Men Made in America series continues with more heroes from all fifty states, including an Oregon Navy SEAL, a Rhode Island marine archeologist, a Tennessee country music star, and much more! The Men Made in America Mega-Bundle 3 includes A Time and a Season, Murdock's Family, The Bargain, The Silent Groom, For Old Times' Sake, To Love a Dreamer, Cowboy Be Mine, Baby Business, The Paternity Test, All in the Family and Midnight Wishes.
eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Special Releases,
eBookwise Release Date: December 2007


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Available eBook Formats [Secure - What's this?]: OEBFF Format (IMP) [3.5 MB]

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Chapter One

Voluminous storm clouds, ranging in color from hazy purple to deep blue, almost black, tumbled across the sky. The wind rose, tossing Katie's hair wildly, battering her body. She tried to walk, but the wind pushed her back, taking her breath away. Suddenly, in the distance, she saw the dark shape of a swirling funnel cloud snaking toward the earth. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. In minutes the tornado would be upon her, and there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

It came to her then that she was dreaming. She struggled to wake from the horrible nightmare, but couldn't quite make it. In the next second the scene of her dream changed. The storm was gone and Katie stood safely upon a wide plateau, knee-deep in prairie grass, a bright blue sky above her, a gentle breeze ruffling her hair. From the slope below, a man approached. Closer and closer he came, ever slowly. Katie watched him curiously, growing impatient with his leisurely pace. Then he was there before her, but all she could see were his eyes, the darkest shade of brown she had ever seen. They regarded her somberly, speculatively. Then their light changed to one of exceeding warmth and gentleness. Katie was drawn by that warmth, knowing here she was safe, she was at peace from the storm.

She awoke with a start. The dream had been so vivid, the man so real. As she stared into the darkened room, the dream faded, but not the spell it had cast. Intuitively, she felt something ahead, something waiting to happen.

Sitting up to switch on the bedside lamp, Katie shook away the portentous feeling, dismissing it as leftovers of the dream. The night had been like many others of the past months. She'd tossed and turned, finally falling into a deep sleep around five-thirty in the morning. Checking her watch, she saw it was now eight. The room's darkness was caused by heavy drapes drawn tightly across the window.

An imploring whine came from the side of the bed. Katie stretched out a hand and ruffled the fur of a huge black Labrador retriever, who rested her chin against the sheets and looked up expectantly.

"You can't fool me, Sam," Katie scolded. "I know you were on the bed last night. Your black hair is a telltale clue." Sam was short for Samantha. She was a dog who at times thought she was human. Many mornings Sam was not only lying across the blankets, but had her head on the pillow as well. Katie had given up trying to teach her to stay off the bed.

Reaching for the telephone, Katie rang room service for an English muffin and coffee. She slipped on a robe, opened the door a crack for the waiter, then sat cross-legged on the bed, again reaching for the phone and dialing a long-distance number from memory.

"Hello." A familiar woman's voice on the other end answered.

"Hi, Celia. I hope I didn't wake you. I wanted to catch you before you and Ray left for church."

"Katie! No, no, you didn't wake me. And it's about time you called. The assignment was to take three days at the most. What have you been doing? Ray's storming about expenses again. He says he's not paying you for a vacation," Celia scolded, running all her thoughts together as usual. Ray Whitney was the owner-editor of the magazine Katie worked for; his wife, Celia, was coeditor. "We were getting a bit worried," she added gently.

"Don't be. I'm fine. I'm bringing a bag of fresh pecans from the Anderson orchard as a bribe for Ray's forgiveness. And I ran across another article I thought would be great. Have we done anything on raising sheep lately? Mrs. Anderson put me on to her brother, who raises them. I already have the piece half finished and with pictures."

"Sheep?" Celia sounded as if she'd never heard of the animal. "I didn't think they had sheep in Oklahoma. Isn't that cattle country?"

"You've seen too many movies, Celia." Katie chuckled. "Look, I'm just north of Chandler. I'm coming home today, so I'll see you Tuesday morning. I want a day to rest and get the apartment in order."

"Chandler…" Katie heard the rustle of paper in the background. "I can't seem to find it on the map—Oh, here, it is. That's quite a way to travel in one day, Katie," Celia said doubtfully.

"It is one full day's driving. I want to come home, Celia."

"If you say so…Wait a minute." Celia spoke to someone at the other end, and Katie picked up Ray's muffled voice. "Katie," Celia said, "Ray says there was something on the radio just now about a winter storm approaching, so you be careful."

"I will," Katie said, and hearing a timid knock, looked over to see the waiter with her tray. She motioned him in, but he looked with obvious uncertainty at Sam, who was blocking the way. "Celia, I have to run now. Room service is here. I'll call you when I get home."

"Okay, and please call your Aunt Claire. Now! She has called me three times this week."

"I will, I promise. Bye."

Replacing the receiver, Katie called Sam to her side. The waiter stepped into the room, leaving the tray on the desk. Handing the young man a sizable tip, Katie shut the door and turned to Sam. "You frightened him, you know that?" Sam sniffed at the tray. "None for you, my friend. You'll have to be content with dog food. We'll stop later and get a big brunch."

Then she sighed. What was she doing carrying on whole conversations with a dog?

Copyright © 2007 Harlequin Books S.A.

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