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Claiming Hannah
by Sherrill Quinn

Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Description: From the author of Amber Heat's best-seller and 2006 Heat Wave Contest Winner The Claiming... Mix a zealous animal rights activist with two horny space cowboys and you get more trouble than you can handle... Jax Marjani was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, all because the corrupt government of his homeworld wanted his sister's lover, the exiled prince of the planet Nosfer. Now that Jax has been released, thanks to his sister and the vampire prince, he's settled on the barbarian planet of O'Kar 6, content to raise cattle and complete legitimate shipping runs between O'Kar 6 and Nosfer with the help of his best friend, Ian Hunter. But when fiesty Hannah Trueblood helps steal his cattle, Jax finds he's as much of a barbarian as the natives on this backwards world--and stakes his claim on her. Submission never felt so good... [Genres: Science Fiction / Futuristic / BDSM / Action / Adventure / Ménage (M/F/M) / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Series] This title is part of the Space Truckin' AmberPax Collection.
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: October 2007


69 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [121 KB]
Words: 26817
Reading time: 76-107 min.

"4 BLUE RIBBONS! ... Two gorgeous, but lonely men, on a planet where woman are few, and a woman that loves to be dominated, make CLAIMING HANNAH one hot and sexy adventure. Exciting action and plenty of out-of-control passion quickly captured this reader's attention making for one wildly entertaining read ... This is one wickedly erotic read sure to get the pulse racing. Plenty of exciting action and emotional ups and downs make CLAIMING HANNAH by Sherrill Quinn a story everyone will enjoy."--Anita, Romance Junkies

"4 Hearts! ... a true gem ... and will tempt and dazzle the reader with its passionate sex scenes and exquisite writing ... Run to grab CLAIMING HANNAH and be transported to another world..."--Dawn, Love Romances & More

"3 OUT OF 4 STARS!...I enjoyed the hot and heavy sex between Jax and Hannah ... The plot flowed well...Ms. Quinn tied everything together in the end. The secondary character Ian Hunter played an important role in the story, providing enough information for a story of his own ... Extremely light elements of BDSM are a part of the sexual scenes with Jax and Hannah...I enjoyed Claiming Hannah."--LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"4 CUPS! ... In a very exciting action and heart pumping story, CLAIMING HANNAH throws two very hot men with dominating natures, and one submissive woman all together into a fire. What comes out, is passion and heat that is simple down right jalapeno hot. This is one hot and sexy adventure ... that captures the reader's attention. Lovers are reunited and the joy of mending the past is seen when Jax and Hannah realize what they have been missing in each other after so long. Ms. Quinn does a great job with the emotional factor as readers are taken on a ride with this very awesome story."--Mila Bean, Coffee Time Romance

Jax set her on her feet. From behind her, he immediately clamped that broad hand around her wrists, holding them once more behind her back. Ian came out of the other room, a towel draped around his lean waist and another one hanging over one tanned shoulder. His dark brown hair was damp and tousled, his skin still moist from his recent shower.

Green eyes narrowed on her face before his gaze swept up and down her body, taking in her black clothing and boots. "Well, well." He looked at Jax. "Seems to me you said something about someone's ass being yours?"

"Mmm. You're right. I have been talking about discharging my weapon to get him--or, rather her--to talk, haven't I?"

"Listen, guys, you have the wrong idea..." Hannah trailed off as Ian came closer. His stride was loose-hipped. God, he was sex-on-a-stick, a stick that tented the towel he wore.

He brought his face close and whispered, "I don't think we do, little thief."

"You tell me where my cows are off to, and it'll go easier with you with the authorities." Jax spun her around to face him.

Ian grasped her wrists, keeping them captive behind her back. He moved in, the heat from his body covering her like a living blanket.

Hannah couldn't tell. It'd be handing a death sentence to the defenseless bovina, not to mention jail time for her friends. Clamping her lips together, she shook her head.

She felt a momentary unease. But in their encounter a year ago, Jax had been dominant but gentle, so she had no fear he would hurt her. Ian was a wild card, but she couldn't believe Jax would let him hurt her, either. Deep in her gut she knew she was safe.

By the lust in their hard faces, not out of danger completely, though. She fought back a shiver as her arousal ratcheted up another notch.

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