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An Unlikely Encounter
by Aliyah Burke

Category: Romance
Description: Can a chance encounter be something more? Torrye Jamieson, at thirty-four, was blessed with a loving family and her dream job of being in hotel management. Unfortunately, tonight she was stuck in an airport in Edmonton, Alberta, which means spending the night with a bunch of strangers, and a man who had witnessed her earlier embarrassing incident. A thirty-nine year old, oil rigger Niall O'Cinneide is also stuck in the same airport. His night improves as he notices the woman who had snared his attention the moment he saw her--in the men's restroom. Incredible sex in a restroom is what they share before the night is over. A few weeks later they meet in Texas when Niall is staying at the hotel she is temporarily assigned to. Torrye fights her desire for this masculine temptation. Niall doesn't care; he has found her again refuses to let her go this time. Is it possible that true love could begin from An Unlikely Encounter.
eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing/MultiCultural, 2007 2007-09-06
eBookwise Release Date: September 2007


77 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [112 KB]
Words: 24876
Reading time: 71-99 min.

It immediately swung open and Torrye found herself looking at a marbled chest. Niall wore nothing but a pair of jeans and they weren't buttoned just zipped. His tanned chest was covered in a moderate amount of dark springy curls. There wasn't an ounce of fat on him.

"Come on in," he offered.

Forcing her attention away from the beautiful torso in front of her. Torrye entered and shut the door behind her. "I'll take back my article of clothing, if you please."

He chuckled as she stuck out her hand. It's not going to be that simple, sweetheart. "Oh, no. it's not going to be that short a visit."

"I don't have time for this," she snapped.

Blue eyes narrowed. "Why are you running from me? Do you have a date?"

"That isn't any of your business." She swallowed as he encroached closer, his masculine scent wafting around her, making her lightheaded.

The smile was dangerous as he stopped before her. For a moment, his gaze raked boldly over her form before landing back on her face. Quick as a snake, Niall pinned her up against the door, one jean-covered leg shoving up her skirt as it wedged between her legs. His arms settled on either side of her head.

Torrye whimpered as she felt the moisture began to leak onto her inner thigh. Out of habit, she licked her lips and trembled at the look that seemed to burn in his eyes. One hand left the door and touched her cheek. The simple touch of his hand sent shivers throughout her entire being. Reaching around to the bun, Niall began to remove the pins that kept her look so severe.

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