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Calthraca: Surrender Love [Calthraca Series Book 3]
by Camryn Cutler

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Fantasy
Description: He was not the man fate intended for her. He had been her first lover, a man so masterful that he had held her life in the palm of his hand. When Tengri-Khan, Sehzade of Tartak died, Adama had wanted to die with him. Fifteen years later, an older and wiser Adama Fawkes has found her fated love in Kesim Trasain, her husband, a powerful sorcerer, and the man who would move heaven and earth for her. Settled comfortably into their happy life, they thought their journey was over, they thought they'd earned some peace. But fate had other plans. Tengri-Khan has returned and he wants his wife back. Once again stolen from her family, Adama is far too strong now to meekly accept Tengri's rule. Her fervent plans for escape, her hope and her heart are put to the test when she encounters Khalid Fariz, Saracen and assassin from Tengri's past. Determined and seemingly unstoppable, Fariz has set his sights on Adama, and his powerful charm threatens to overwhelm her. Can she escape both Tengri and Khalid and somehow find her way back to Kesim, or must she Surrender Love? Read the third book in the thrilling CALTHRACA Series that includes CALTHRACA: THE TIGER and CALTHRACA: ADAMARE.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: September 2007


7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [280 KB]
Words: 64036
Reading time: 182-256 min.

"The heart-stirring characters of Calthraca: Surrender Love make this book a page-turner. Adama is snatched from her family and husband, Kesim, by her first husband, Tengri, who she thought was dead. Of course, the question is will good, Kesim, reign over not so good, Tengri--getting Adama back? Camryn Cutler comes up with an imaginative way for the suspense to work itself out, and it's nice to see someone venture out of the commonplace and use a desert setting. The use of sorcery, love, kindness, bondage and abuse provokes the senses making this an electrifying read."--Dee, Night Owl Romance Reviews

Chapter 1

Sixteen Months Later

It was very late and Kesim had only just left Morgan, his steward and best friend, at his door and come to their bedroom. He thought she would be asleep, instead he found her waiting for him, dressed in a sheer ivory silk peignoir that clung lovingly to her luscious body. He'd been in the barn overseeing a foaling, one of his prize mares. Since their arrival home, he'd put in many long nights with the herd.

He was tired, and he smelled of horse, but wasn't about to miss an opportunity such as this. All thoughts of sleep were set firmly aside as he let her pull him to their bed, already pushing his shirt from his shoulders. He pulled her with him as he sat heavily upon the bed kissing her. Adama broke the kiss and threw her head back, tossing her mane of coppery hair and baring her throat to Kesim's hot mouth. He bit her lightly as he caressed her breasts and she gasped. Slowly he lay back as she bunched up her silk peignoir and straddled his body, gripping him tightly with her knees and thighs, rocking her pelvis and making a sweetly urgent moaning sound which only fanned the fire burning within him. She ran her hands up his chest through the thick hair that she so loved and lay atop his body.

He plunged his hands into her hair and pulled her head forward, capturing her mouth in a passionate kiss. He felt her hands stroking him, gently cupping him, tracing his inner thigh through his breeches with her nails, making him shudder. He broke the kiss and took a deep breath, opening his eyes to see her smiling mischievously down at him.

He grinned his remarkable grin then rolled her onto her back. "You are very bad," he teased.

"Mmmm, I agree," she said. "I think I need to be punished. Do you have anything in mind?" she asked him innocently, running a finger up his bare chest.

"Adama, I have several things in mind." He sat back and looked her over. "I only wonder ... Could you tell if it was punishment or pleasure?" He laughed. "You like this game too much."

"Try me," she said huskily.

Already extremely aroused, he sucked in a deep shuddering breath at her tone. As usual, she'd captured the undivided attention of his cock, which seemed to want nothing more than to burst through the buttons of his breeches and find its way between her thighs. He narrowed his eyes and nodded slowly. "Stand up," he ordered.

She opened her eyes a little wider, surprised at his commanding tone. She was incredibly hot and curious as to what he had in mind. Slowly she climbed from the bed and stood beside it.

He got up and took her hand a little roughly, pulling her to the center of their room. "Do you trust me?" he asked.

"Kesim, you know I do."

"Yes or no will be sufficient."


"Will you let me do as I please?"

"Kesim.... "she began hesitantly.

"Yes or no?" he growled.

"Y-es," she replied quietly.

"If you become frightened or if you have pain, you will say 'The game is over' and I shall stop immediately. Agreed?"

She wasn't exactly sure what he was thinking, but she knew he wouldn't hurt her. "Pain?" she questioned.

He looked at her stonily.


Once, when they had first been together, he told her sorcerers were much more passionate than normal mortals. She'd laughed then but he'd proven time and again that it was true. He was an unbelievable lover.

He walked around her and now stood directly behind her. Stepping forward he put his arm around her body, resting his hand lightly on her flat belly, running it seductively up and down the silk. She could feel his hard chest against her back.

Kesim had a way of speaking when they were intimate that gave her chills. The pitch of his voice, the tone, the words he used, all combined to thrill her. Sometimes during the day she would recall something he'd said to her while they made love, and her desire would be touched off once again.

He spoke to her that way now and she trembled. "Raise your hands over your head." He moved before her, holding her sides lightly.

Slowly she drew her hands up over her head and held them together. She looked up into his eyes.

"Bindare," he whispered. Invisible bonds seemed to hold her from the high ceiling of their bedchamber. She felt drawn upward and had to stand on tiptoes.

A small surprised sound escaped her. Her face was at the level of his throat, and she realized a bit uneasily that she was completely helpless. She shuddered, swallowing hard.

"If you feel the need to beg, please do," he said, releasing her with a low chuckle.

She swung slightly and gasped at the sensation. "Kesim?" she exclaimed in a high breathless voice.

He crossed their bedroom and sat on the bed. He unbuckled his boots then pulled them off, but left his breeches on. He let her hang for a moment, building the anticipation.

"You are so lovely," he said finally.

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