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Stuck: An Erotic Romance
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: Kandy is a young, free spirit. Not afraid to live life, she pushes her body and soul to the limit, hitting all the loud metal concerts, knocking back drinks with the rest of them, and coming home hung over to Ian Richards, the man who has taken her under his wing since she came to live with him after her parents died years ago. Of course, Ian has a past too. He and his ex wife parted on friendly enough terms, but he still feels guilty for their breakup. It seems to him that his sexy little roommate, who happens to be nine years younger than him, was a part of their problem. Only, his concern for her seemed fatherly until she comes home one night after a Slipknot concert and decides to seduce him. After all, she's old enough. For someone her age, she's wise beyond her years, which even Ian can give her, but still. Can Kandy show Ian that in order to grow, he has to get his priorities straight? Can he get out of his head and let go of the past long enough to see just what he has under his nose? Or will he cling to memories of the past failures and remain stuck?
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: September 2007


13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [128 KB]
Words: 27862
Reading time: 79-111 min.

Chapter 1

The smell of sweat, cheap alcohol and vomit filled the air. People milled about until the lights went out and the low rumbling of the bass guitar kicked in and made people pay attention. Kandy stood in the center of a group of people, beer in hand.

"Woohoo!" she yelled, swinging her arms over her head in order to avoid spilling beer. Her heart thudded loudly, thump thump, against her chest. Her rhythm was off, but she didn't care. She had busted her ass for this deal to go through which would put her and Ian in position to bid for one of the apartment complexes for sale in the Dallas area. It'd be her first large project with a net of over a million dollars. The return on this investment was the highest she'd had to date, and attending the Slipknot concert had been a reward all its own.

Dressed in a tiny blue plaid skirt, black top tied at the stomach, her wild red hair swung behind her in a long ponytail. Boots completed the outfit, made just for kicking ass in the mosh pit. Tiny that she was, Kandy wasn't going to take anyone's shit in the pit just because she was a girl, especially since she was still high off having closed the last deal.

With a loud explosion, the band came out. Lights went up and the music thundered through the air, pounding drums and bass along with the lead singer's roaring growl. Thumping loudly against her chest, Kandy felt her heart.

The force of the crowd pushing against her made her spill beer on the large boys in front of her. She swore, took a long sip from her cup and tossed the empty container into the crowd while pushing back against the wave of people behind her.

"Fuck yeah!" she yelled during the bone crunching set that the nine piece band.

Finishing with a louder, more pain filled growl, the lead singer wished the crowd a safe, good fucking night and threw his mic down on the stage.

When the lights came on, Kandy stood, ears pounding still. Her heart had yet to calm down, but she didn't give a shit. Her phone buzzed against her thigh. Reaching just beneath her skirt, she retrieved the phone.

"Hello, Kandy here. I can't really hear you so lemme call you back!"

"Kandy, great. Glad I reached you. Listen, the deal will go through as planned, you're brilliant."

Screaming into the phone, she positioned the mouthpiece over her mouth. "Jason, hi. Look, now isn't a good time to talk. I can barely hear you. Lemme call you back tomorrow."

"But Candace," Kandy shut the phone off. She could barely hear anything but a high pitched ringing anyway.

Flipping the phone shut, Kandy slid it back into the tiny band around her thigh and walked towards the exit. Stopping for water from the fountain, she felt her skirt rise, baring more of her ass. Kandy didn't bother to wear much in the way of panties, just a simple thong.

Whistles in the background made her blush. Pulling her skirt down, she flipped her hair about and walked outside into the cool air. She strode towards her beat up green pick up truck. Reaching under the tailpipe, she found her keys and opened the door.

"Come on," she slurred, "start."

A turn of the key clicked the engine on, another started the old truck.

"That's it," she patted the dashboard.

Pulling out of the parking lot, she drove down I-59 towards the River Oaks area. Ian would be pissed if he knew she was driving drunk.

At least she wasn't weaving down the highway.

Looking at her gas gauge, she remembered that it was broke. "I filled up when?" she thought aloud.

"Better pull over and get gas."

At the first gas station, Kandy headed towards the frontage road. Pulling up to the pump, she quickly turned her truck off, jumped out of the car and stumbled to the pump. She reached inside the glove compartment for her credit card. Swiping it, she heard another whistle behind her. Glancing behind her, Kandy spotted a tall man leaned against his red ford pick up truck. The truck itself shined brightly in the fluorescent light. He was dressed in a blue dress shirt, tucked into tight blue jeans held up by a large belt buckle. His boots were polished. A white Stetson completed his outfit.

Striding across the parking lot, he cleared the distance between them and trapped her against the pump, his arms on both sides of her.

"How about comin' home with me tonight, little philly?"

Reaching beneath her skirt, Kandy retrieved a large switchblade and held it up to his chin. One hand gripped his arm and jerked him around. "How about, not?" she smiled wickedly.

The cowboy backed off. Sweat broke out visibly on his forehead even though it was in the 60's this time of night.

"I don't want any trouble," backing away, he stumbled over his feet and turned towards his truck.

"Fucker." Kandy sighed and finished pumping gas. She laughed when he sped out of the parking lot

Yanking the receipt from the machine, Kandy opened the door and slid in her truck. Her heart was still pounding in her chest but she didn't care. Her agenda was different tonight. Something inside her made her feel like conquering the world. It was probably the liquor, but it didn't matter.

She was going to fuck her roommate tonight.

Still feeling the energy from closing her largest deal ever, she realized it was time to take what she wanted in life. She had the money.

She and Ian had flirted back and forth several times, but nothing had ever come of it. He was always so engrossed in work. His refusal to give her much more than stock answers in response to her flirtatious comments, annoyed her.

Tonight would be different.

Hell, she was wet already.

The remainder of the drive seemed like forever, but she finally pulled into the driveway to their condo. Ian stood at the door, waiting with the lights on.

Shoving open the door, Kandy slid out, stumbling. Ian rushed up to catch her and it was too much.

His simple touch set her nerves racing, her heart beating furiously now. Swaying from side to side, Kandy looked at Ian's eyes, her own face flustered from alcohol and hormones. "Ian, hi."

"Candace, are you drunk again? What the hell did I tell you about driving when you're piss ass drunk?"

"Oh come on. I only had a few beers."

"That's so like you. Immature at times."

Kandy stumbled forward, "Fuck you Ian."

He caught her by the shoulders. Shaking his head, Ian reached out to grab her. "I can't believe you," he took her into his arms and hugged her tightly. The feel of his body against hers sent waves of pleasure racing throughout her body. Wrapping her arms around his strong frame felt comforting. She knew he was attempting to be comforting, smother love, as she'd termed it.

"Not tonight," she muttered against the expanse of his chest.


Her world spun. Her head swam and her vision blurred.

"You didn't take your pills before the concert, did you?"

Kandy's world went black.

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