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Ravens Revisited: Dirk
by Rhiannon Neeley

Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Description: A genealogist, Casey Delaney is used to finding some strange things while tromping through graveyards but one thing she never expected to dig up was a vampire. That was two weeks ago. Now she's being held captive by the ancient monster, Connor Fagan. Casey prays that a someone will rescue her from the dark recesses of this abandoned Kentucky coal mine before she gives in to the temptation of Fagan's wicked desires. Casey is in danger of sacrificing her virginity, along with her immortal soul. Dirk Raven, vampire hunter, arrives in Kentucky sure of one thing. A young woman is missing and her disappearance reeks of vampire involvement. Tracking the stench of evil to an abandoned coal mine, Dirk found two things that he didn't expect. The instant raging heat and deep connection that overwhelms him when he first lays eyes on the beautiful Casey Delaney. And--the presence of the infamous Connor Fagan, the vicious vampire who killed Dirk's own father. Determined to save Casey from a fate worse than death, Dirk engages Fagan in battle of wills, a battle for Casey's heart--a battle to the death. Dirk vows to save the woman who has the power to own his heart but will he be able to save his own soul?
eBook Publisher: Whispers Publishing, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: September 2007


12 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [207 KB]
Words: 48244
Reading time: 137-192 min.

"Arousing, enthralling, and just plain good, DIRK is a must read for those fans who enjoy the paranormal, erotic romance, and a hero that is so darn sexy you can't stand it."--RRTErotic Reviews

Dirk knew he was walking a fine line. He had managed to send her a message to trust him without the vampire overhearing it, still amazed that she could send her thoughts into his mind. Now he had to convince the vampire that he needed the woman's blood to survive. Vampires didn't like to share their food with others not of their clan. Dirk had been bold to enter the lair to begin with. He was surprised the vampire hadn't attacked already. He only hoped the vampire wasn't too attached to her. It would make it even harder to get her out of here.

The monster cocked his head, studying him. He didn't flinch under the thing's hot stare.

"Do I know you?" The vampire squinted.

"No." Dirk stared straight into the glowing red eyes.

The vampire slowly moved his head side to side, looking Dirk up and down. He took another deep breath. There was a flicker in his eyes, then he smiled. "Swear an allegiance."


"Swear an allegiance to me. Then, I shall allow you to feed."

Dirk went still inside. Swearing an oath to a vampire was against everything he believed in. Even though he knew it would be an empty vow, it stuck in his throat. He had to force himself to say the words. "I swear," he whispered unblinkingly. It was uncommon for a vampire to ask another to join the Clutch, especially since he had not turned Dirk himself. Something was amiss but Dirk couldn't put his finger on it. Best to play along.

The vampire eyed him. Suddenly, he stepped to the side. With a wide wave, he gave Dirk passage. "Feed, but not too deeply. This one is mine. You may drink, but do not finish her."

Dirk nodded slightly. He approached the woman who lay on the ground. She looked up into his eyes with such confusion. As he knelt down beside her, his mind reeled. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her skin was pale ivory, luminescent in the candlelight. Her hair was dark, raven black, her eyes a deep chocolate, with lashes ringing them thickly.

But now, he was going to have to do something he had never done before.

He was going to have to drink her blood.

He slid his hand to the nape of her neck and gently urged her toward him. Her eyes never left his.

With a slight smile, he gave her a wink.

Then he lowered his mouth to her neck. There was an open wound, at her jugular, where the vampire had recently fed. Dirk hoped against all hope that he could pull this off without the monster realizing that he was human.

Casey fell into the placid blue of his eyes. There was a pureness in this man she had never seen before. He had asked her to trust him. She could see it in his gaze that he wouldn't hurt her. Though she knew what he intended to do, she also knew he was not a monster. He may not be completely human, but he was not a bloodsucker like Connor, who stood watching over them. Even though she was confused, she felt as if she could trust the handsome man with the blue eyes.

As he lowered his mouth to her neck, she arched back, allowing him access. She wasn't sure why but it felt right. His breath wafted across her skin, a hot caress down her throat. She closed her eyes as a rush of electricity coursed through her. A wave of desire conquered her at the first touch of his lips against her skin. Desire. Powerful. Belying the fact that she was untouched. Not like what she felt with Connor--not something dirty and decadent. This was completely different, so different that she couldn't find the right word to explain how right this man's touch felt on her body.

With a long, moist swipe, the man ran his tongue over the open wound in her throat. She shivered. Her hands clenched, wanting him to devour her. Where were these feelings coming from? At a time like this? Had she finally succumbed to the wicked temptations Connor had begun to instill in her?

No. It was this man. This man, with the cool blue eyes, who could calm her soul.

Heat grew between them as he lowered himself to her and held her close. His fingers clamped the back of her neck, one thumb stroking the line of her jaw. "Relax," he whispered against her ear, sending another wave of shivers over her body.

"Ready?" His lips formed the words against her neck.

She swallowed. Nodded.

White-hot pain burst through her as his teeth entered her neck. Twin sensations of eroticism and fear laced through her as his mouth covered the wound and he began to drink.

She felt herself grow hot down throughout her body and her hands tangled themselves in his hair, holding his mouth on her, wanting him to drink from her. Wanting him to do so much more. She moaned, her body on fire. His touch, unlike Connor's, was warm and tantalizing.

He broke away from her neck, running his tongue over the wound he had created.

She clung to him, not wanting to let him go. Wanting his mouth on her. Not just on her neck. Everywhere. Wanting him.

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