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Lust or Go Bust
by Aurora Rose Lynn

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: Colin Harding is a man who puts work above everything ... until he meets Briana St. James. All Briana can think of is sex with the handsome corporate executive. She's determined to make him her man but can he commit to her when he's in love with another woman? Can Briana lure him to St. Lucia, into her open arms for one night of unbridled lust? It's either lust, or go bust...
eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, 2007 2007
eBookwise Release Date: September 2007


10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [124 KB]
Words: 26390
Reading time: 75-105 min.

Her engine was revved up for two days of steamy sex. Plan on schedule. All systems go unless the unexpected barges in, Briana St. James typed into her cell phone. She hit the SEND button, and the message zoomed through cyberspace to four of her female friends. The group, calling themselves GIRLS INC, had bonded solely with the intention of capturing the hearts of the men they loved but to whom they were invisible. The phone started to ring almost immediately.

"Hello?" Briana checked the clock on the wall. Ten more minutes before Colin landed on St. Lucia. Ten more minutes before she learned if her plan would have any hope of succeeding.

The small island country was ideal for couples enjoying a romantic getaway. There was only one problem. Colin didn't yet know he was part of an intimate couple.

That would soon change when he walked into the luxurious two bedroom villa expecting a business meeting with some stuffed shirt sporting a new Rolex. Briana assessed her appearance under the harsh lights above the bathroom's beveled mirror. Instead he would find her in a skimpy, two-piece bikini. Her hand shook as she gripped the phone. Her knees trembled. She would impress him with a visual feast and make him hornier than she was. Each second ticking by was more nerve racking than any she'd experienced in her entire twenty-eight years.

"Hey girlfriend," Trish Darington said. "I got your message. Are you stressed out?"

Briana groaned. "Not exactly. My nerves are doing the Macarena. Did you know the weather's hot and sticky here? It's worse than L.A."

Trish chuckled. "That's not the weather, silly. Your love hormones have the hots for Colin."

"Well, if you put it that way." Briana knew better than to disagree. Trish, who couldn't live without her Louis Vuitton bag or her Prada shoes, had dedicated a whole weekend of shopping for the right accessories for Briana's venture into the world of the seductive, alluring temptress.

"So? Tell me how you look. Are you all decked out for your man?"

"I wish you wouldn't call him that." What if Colin took one look at her in her barely there outfit, turned around, and stormed out? What would she do then? Enjoy the weekend alone? How pathetic was that after all her meticulous planning for the perfect holiday?

"Why not? He is so everything. Gorgeous, rich, and oh, did I say gorgeous--"

Briana cut her off. "I've never cared about the rich part. I would live with him even if he was from the wrong side of the tracks." Just like me.

"No need to bite my head off," Trish retorted good-naturedly. "Colin is so the right guy for you."

"Like you haven't said that at least three hundred times already." Briana smothered a laugh at the memory of just how often Trish reminded her.

"I hope I luck out the way you will. It will take an Act of Congress to make Eric notice me." Trish's voice took on a hollow ring. She'd formed a wedding catering company with sexy but reserved Eric a year earlier. While she was fun loving, he catered to his analytical, business side and probably couldn't identify a pair of voluptuous female breasts from a misplaced accounting ledger.

"I don't think so. All we have to do is find out what makes him tick." Half the time Briana wished she had Trish's sultry, blonde-haired appeal. When a guy spotted Trish, which wasn't hard to do, he invariably tripped over a table or his feet.

She again assessed her appearance. She'd curled her hair into gently curled tresses which cascaded over her bare shoulders and down her back. Her makeup was just right--not too much, not too little. Her eyelashes were thick and luscious, her cheeks tinted with natural blush, and her lips had a hint of crimson red lipstick. A stark white bikini revealed all the right places and complemented her tanned skin. She'd labored for hours to achieve the femme fatale appearance. Colin had no reason to know who she was. Along with changing her name, she had changed from horn-rimmed eyeglasses to contacts and had lost her baby fat.

She snapped a photo with her cell phone and hit SEND. "Do you think this looks good?" Normally, she didn't need reassurance. Since she'd been seventeen and on her own, she hadn't cared a whit what other people thought. But Colin mattered more than breath itself.

On the other end, Trish gasped. "You look man killer fantabulous. You'll knock Colin's socks off."

"That was just a figure of speech, right? I didn't spend a year's salary to only get him out of his socks. I want much more." Briana's sole aim was to peel off Colin's clothes and make wickedly delicious love to him.

The tropical heat caused a few beads of moisture to gather between her breasts. Or was the dampness due to her notion to make the man who used to be her best buddy into her lover? The memory of how his slacks stretched across his muscular ass made her think wearing clothes should be a felony punishable with plenty of mind blowing sex. No man she dated had ever held the same magnetic fascination Colin did. At one time he'd been accessible, wholly hers, yet now, he appeared to be an unobtainable sexy hunk. His ice blue eyes curled her toes and his rare, short-lived smiles made her heart tap dance with joy.

He'd changed from the easygoing guy he'd been when he was seventeen. He was more reserved than when they'd first been lovers in their teens. He seemed to keep his distance from people in general, only relating to employees if it was unavoidable. He was an excellent employer and treated his people faultlessly. She'd even witnessed a tender moment when he'd cradled a sick employee's child in his arms. Colin wasn't wholly made of thick ice. She made up her mind to forge ahead with her seduction plan, to make a new beginning.

Trish interrupted Briana's heated thoughts with smacking sounds imitating smoochy kissing. "Earth calling Briana. Where did you drift off to, girl? You're all dreamy eyed on me."

"You can't see me. How do you know I'm dreamy eyed?"

"Because you always get that way when we talk about Colin. Why would now be any exception?"

Briana blew out a sigh. The thin strip of her bikini was damp between her legs. "Guilty as charged. Bring in the executioner."

"Not to worry. Colin will be there any moment to take care of your craving for fab body. He'll walk in and his eyes will pop out of his head. Taken in by your beauty, he'll drop to his knees and make passionate love to you. I have no doubt about that." Trish paused. "I so envy you."

"You've pretty well summed up what I'm hoping for. We lost so many opportunities in Europe. He was so focused on business. He even forgot to pack his briefs when we flew to Paris. He had me run out and buy him a package."

"You didn't tell me about that. How romantic being in Paris with a hunk. You should have torn his clothes off and had sex with him."

"I wish. Nothing happened in the City of Eternal Love. Colin Harding never mixes business with pleasure. He'd never even consider boffing his secretary. And that's all I am to him." Even six months of working for him hadn't jogged his memory. He didn't remember her and the love they had once shared in Hayden's Ferris, the small, sleepy town where they'd been born.

"He would have gotten over his scruples if you showed him your naked breasts."

"That would have compounded the problem. When I'm near him I keep my hands off him." His hard, lean body, Briana added silently. She neared crisis state even when he was fully dressed.

Women gravitated toward him like buzzing bees then immediately backtracked when his reserved gaze descended on them with an all too clear message. Stay away. His intimidating stature did nothing to detract from his good looks even when his honey blond hair was mussed from running his broad hands through the short strands. He was a man comfortable with the power he wielded although delegation of even minor tasks wasn't his style. He was hands-on, able to roll up his white sleeves and get into the dirtiest and most degrading job, and that had earned him the respect of both his peers and his employees.

Colin had always been more than her boss. He'd seized her heart and her body long ago in a carefree time and less hectic place, before the safety and security of her world had ended without warning.

"You've got the hots for him but bad. Why didn't he ever sense that and make a move on you?"

"It's against his code." Which left the seducing up to her. Which was exactly what she was doing. That's why they'd created GIRLS INC. She and her friends could support each other and make their men take notice one way or another. It was time for them to take charge of their love lives.

Briana took a deep breath and let the air out slowly.

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