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First Night Out: A Superhero Novel [Axiom-man Saga Episode 0]
by A.P. Fuchs

Category: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Description: The messenger has fled, leaving Gabriel alone with mysterious abilities he knows little about. The things he can do, the powers--the options are limitless. But only if he knows how to use them. As he embarks on the path of discovery, Gabriel must try to understand why he was chosen to receive the most powerful of all gifts and, with the help from no other, come to a decision as to what to do with them. Even if it takes the death of an innocent to convince him.
eBook Publisher: Coscom Entertainment, 2007 2007
eBookwise Release Date: July 2007


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [130 KB]
Words: 24995
Reading time: 71-99 min.

"Axiom-man was well worth reading and recommending. The broad appeal is amazing--from youth to adult, guys and girls. Superheroes might just become my thing."--Susan Kirkland, reviewer, Calhoun Times on Axiom-man [Book One]


Gabriel Garrison stood before his hallway mirror, shaking.

How did I--But he already knew the answer. This whole night had been a whirlwind, one that began with the blinding blue-white light of the messenger without a name.

Just moments before, he had returned home after ... flying. After smashing mammoth wooden beams on a railcar into splinters. Things that human beings couldn't do. But those weren't the strangest happenings this night, as bizarre as they were. Upon returning home he had gone into the bathroom to rinse his hands and rid the skin of its dryness from the dirty beams. It was then he noticed himself in the mirror--the blue eyes, including pupils and whites--and the light blue sheen to his normally dark brown hair. Panicking, his vision lit up in bright blue, bathing his sight as though he were peering through a film of light blue cellophane. Soon the blue light gripping his eyes turned so bright he couldn't see a thing. Whether it was instinct or not, he reached up and touched his eyes, his fingers recoiling the moment they came in contact with crackling electric energy. The light grew brighter and more intense. Heart galloping inside his chest, he reached up to touch his eyes again, this second touch more painful than the first. He could only imagine the scorch marks on his fingertips. The light grew brighter and brighter, then--his eyes widened and a blast of brilliant blue power burst forth from his eyes, destroying the mirror in a loud, glassy crash.

He could see again, though the blue of his eyes remained.

Broken with fear, he remained cowering on the bathroom floor, trembling, eyes squeezed shut. His stomach flipped upside down with the notion that the strange blue energy might return and possibly burn the inside of his eyelids. Yet, at the same time, having this strange ability made perfect sense. He had been flying earlier, after all. He had somehow gained the strength of ten men combined, if not more. This latest--what did the messenger call it? Gift?--somehow made perfect sense. And if this was the last portion of this gift to manifest itself, so be it. He had already been given so much.

His eyes...

Gabriel shakily got to his feet and went to the hallway mirror and, sure enough, a different man than the one he was used to seeing stared back. A man with completely bright blue eyes and blue-sheened hair.

The same excited panic returned; the blue in his eyes grew brighter. Not wanting to blast the mirror to smithereens like he had the bathroom's, he widened his eyes like before and a small crackle of blue energy spewed forth, singeing the mirror, leaving a smudge in its wake, like someone had rubbed dark ash across the glass. Once more, he could see clearly, no blue light distorting his vision. But his hair was still blue. The mark of his powers?

Makes sense, he thought.

He wanted to study his visage, really examine himself, but he forced himself to look away, not wanting to accidentally trigger another blast of power. His heart beat fast; he fought the excitement building within, the same excitement that seemed to encourage these shots of energy from his eyes.

Breathing slow, rhythmic breaths, Gabriel pretended this night wasn't happening at all. No flying, no amazing feats of strength, no incredibly powerful energy spewing forth from his eyes. He was ordinary, nothing special. The messenger had not come. He was just Gabriel Garrison. Nobody and nothing more.

When he opened his eyes, he was relieved to see them dark brown again, the same with his hair.

It was over.

"Or is it over?" he whispered.

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