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Watcher [Sexual Studies 1]
by Kate Watterson, Emma Wildes

Category: Erotica/Suspense/Thriller
Description: Jana Johnson is not interested in dating a younger man, even if it is the hot graduate student everyone has dubbed The Incredible Quinn. His good looks aside, he's just too young, and besides, she has worked hard to have a settled, orderly life. Jake Quinn does have an agenda. He wants to convince the gorgeous Dr. Johnson to give him just one chance. When the break comes, he takes it, and the results are beyond his wildest fantasies. The only trouble is the lady in question is still reluctant to date someone younger, and besides, he has an uneasy feeling that something else might be going on. In fact, he is certain there is someone watching them... [Emma Wildes writing Erotic Contemporary Suspense as Kate Watterson: Contains graphic sexual content and explicit adult language.]
eBook Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc./Erotic Romance, 2007 2007
eBookwise Release Date: July 2007


83 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [154 KB]
Words: 30681
Reading time: 87-122 min.

"5 Stars/Orgasmic: Watcher is an amazing book. The basic premise of a younger man and slightly older woman falling in love expands to an enormous love story. Both Jana and Jake are described so well that I felt as though they might step off the pages of the book. Jana is not only afraid that her sexual relationship with a grad student may damage her reputation; she is afraid that she will be not be as sexually proficient as Jake. Jake simply cannot understand why Jana is so afraid of a relationship with him. They spent time working on their relationship, talking and figuring out how they could be together. I thought that their relationship was fabulous! They had incredible sex, sex that made me squirm in my seat. I wanted to be there right along with them. There was a mystery, which was played out along with the love story. Jana and Jake worked together to make their lives safe and although the person watching them was exposed before the end, it was the ending that brought tears to my eyes. This was simply a wonderful book. I hope that this is just the first of many Sexual Studies books."--Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"5 Angels: Watcher is an erotic suspense that is both intriguing and exciting. Jana and Jake have great chemistry right from the start and seem perfect for one another. The added element of the watcher adds just the right amount of drama to spice up the story. The sex between Jana and Jake is sizzling hot and will have you longing for a tall glass of ice water! Author Kate Watterson has done a great job in crafting this enchanting tale and I will be eagerly awaiting her next story!"--Tammy, Fallen Angel Reviews

"4.5 Kisses: Watcher is a combination of sexy, sweet, mystery, suspense and one of my personal favorites, intense chemistry. The lack of pretense between Jana and Jack was refreshing and as their relationship grew, I appreciated the manner in which Ms. Watterson presented these two attractive characters as mature adults and didn't play any head games or have an unnecessary emotional drama. Packed full of sweet emotion, this thrilling new release from Kate Watterson is sure satisfy any reader."--Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

"4 Cups: This has a bit of everything; suspense, sex, and a stalker to start you off. This is not a traditional May/December story with an age gap of about a decade; it is even better than I expected. The subject is serious though, a serial stalker and killer, so women should be warned as they read it. We can all learn something even if we do not think it can happen to us. We also know age is only a number and women can be involved with younger men, and successfully too. I believe that younger men and slightly older women work better than the reverse so please read this story and confirm it for yourself."--Lainey, Coffee Time Romance

"Watcher is things that go bump in the night story. Jake is the perfect lover, young, committed and protective. Jana puts aside her doubts of being with a younger man and takes a leap of faith. Kate Watterson has combined intrigue and love in a most creative story. I look for to her next endeavors."--Rosemary, Joyfully Reviewed

His hand lifted and long fingers stroked her cheek and traced the line of her lower lip. He lowered his head and whispered, "I've fantasized about kissing you."

His mouth was warm, persuasive, and it felt like heaven. Jana closed her eyes, felt the light seductive brush of his tongue against hers, and reflexively slid her arms around his neck. Chaotic emotion held her prisoner as her mind screamed no, but her body traitorously demanded yes. He tasted and felt wonderfully male, and when they finally broke apart, she was breathing quickly.

"Stay," he said, his voice just a little unsteady.


"Yes," she whispered, her breasts suddenly aching and her pussy embarrassingly wet after just one kiss.

"Oh God," he groaned against her lips, pulling her even closer so she was plastered up against him as tightly as possible. The next kiss was hotter, wilder, their tongues mating.

In his fantasy apparently the second kiss was a prelude to sex. It wasn't chaste, it wasn't restrained, and it wasn't tentative. His tongue possessed her mouth, graphically signaling what he wanted with overt, long strokes as his hands slipped down her back to cup her ass through her skirt.

He's twenty-five ... a reproachful little voice in her head mocked her, even as Jana pressed against his stiff cock suggestively.

He's twenty-five ... another voice whispered with an entirely different connotation.

Jake let her go briefly and shut the door. Within seconds he'd pushed her coat off her shoulders, stripped off her sweater, and unfastened her bra. Reverently, his hands cupped her bared breasts, squeezed lightly, and began to stroke and explore.

No, she wasn't doing this, wasn't about to have sex with some young grad student just because he had a nice smile and those gorgeous dark eyes...

Yes, she was. His thumbs rubbed her nipples and she made a low sound of enjoyment, letting her head fall back. "Oh."

"These are every bit what I imagined. Jesus," he muttered, palming the weight of each one, slightly lifting them.

With what he was doing to her it was a little hard to speak, but she managed to murmur wryly, "My breasts are also in your fantasies?"

He laughed, a short breathless sound of expulsion. "Professor, if you don't think every single one of your male students--not mention all the staff and faculty--haven't noticed your spectacular tits, then you aren't as smart as I think you are. Come on, you know we look."

Maybe she did ... it was hard to think when he lowered his head and took one of her nipples into the heated adhesion of his mouth. Whoever might look at her breasts, he certainly knew what do with them. The light swirl of his tongue was accompanied by a gentle sucking that made her gasp. Her fingers sank into his hair and she felt a definite wobble in her knees.

"You mentioned something about a bed," Jana managed somehow to say, the uneven hitch of her breath betraying her sudden intense need. She was committed--she'd made the decision the minute she'd looked into those beautiful dark eyes and understood exactly what he wanted--and now she needed him inside her as fast as possible.

"A bed? Oh, yeah." His eyes glimmered, the heat palatable. As if to emphasize his superior strength, he actually picked her up in a slightly theatrical gesture that made her stifle a martini-induced laugh. Half-naked, wanting, she rested against his chest as he carried her to a wooden door and shoved it open with his foot. The bedroom was pretty sparse, with plain white walls and a dresser in one corner, but she focused on the important thing, a nice-sized bed in the middle of the room, still unmade from the night before.

As promised, the mattress was soft when he laid her on it, and the sheets smelled like spicy male. With eagerness she would guess would make her embarrassed later, she kicked off her shoes and lifted her hips as he unfastened her skirt and pulled it down the length of her legs. Next went her panties, his fingers hooking the pink lace and tugging it downward.

Entirely nude, she looked up at him and realized he was still completely dressed.

"Take off your clothes," she ordered abruptly, heard how she sounded, and then amended, "Please." Her pussy throbbed, she was very wet, and if she was going to do this, she wanted it all. That hard muscular, young body over her, his stiff cock thrusting inside her, and anything else he had to offer.

"Yes, ma'am." He grinned and jerked off his shirt, ruffling his hair into a dark unruly mass, and then unfastened his jeans and pushed them down over his hips. She wasn't sure what struck her more forcefully, his nice wide shoulders, the sculpted contours of his torso, or the remarkable size of his erection. Jake's penis rose stiff against his flat stomach, engorged and large, the tip actually pulsing in time with his heartbeat.

Jana stared, fascinated and a little uncertain at this very last moment. Brian had been only the second lover she had ever had, and they had been married for thirteen years. When he became ill, all lovemaking had stopped.

She briefly closed her eyes. "Oh God, I have no idea why I am here now, doing this."

"Yes, you do." She felt the bed give as Jake joined her. A light practiced hand skimmed her mouth, her throat, and then her breast, circling the tight nipple. "No woman as beautiful as you should ever sleep alone, and believe me, I'll be happy to keep you company whenever you say the word."

Alone was the keyword to describe her life. She'd been so very alone in the past few years. "Just touch me," Jana said haltingly. "Anywhere."

He chose where she needed it most, his fingers finding the moist, aching spot between her legs. Willingly, her thighs fell apart, her pussy clenching at his deft touch, her mind reeling over what was suddenly happening. Two fingers pushed inside and she arched in enjoyment. Lightly he circled her clitoris with his thumb in a skillful motion, with just enough pressure to make her moan.

It felt marvelous. Like a revelation.

"You're already wet." There was an edge of arrogant male satisfaction in his tone. "Really wet."

"I know," she confessed, lifting into his touch a little. "God, that feels good. Whether I should be here or not, that ... feels ... so ... good."

"Damn right it does." Jake leaned close and whispered wickedly against her temple. "Just wait. I'm going to make you come all night."

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