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Torrid Teasers Volume 27 [Kazphyrian Sci-Fi Series]
by Cheri Valmont

Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Description: The Kazphyrian Sci-Fi Series introduced in TORRID TEASERS VOLUME 21 continues with two new short stories in the series by author Cheri Valmont. "Equal Opportunity Seduction" The Kazphyrian government is forcing all able-bodied citizens to find a mate. As two of the most eligible bachelors on the planet, Bradeon Gosh-Ere, a busy Kaz Casualty physician, and Hankren Tereamin, a hardly-home Kaz Transport pilot, could have their choice of the constant flow of beauties making momentary stops in their lives. But they want more. The males want a special female mate who will accept them both and the relationship they share, as lovers. Drendar Kyntrel's primary job is working for the Kazphyrian Department of Citizen Safety, which controls all the pleasure centers on the planet. Her earnings are meager, so when she is offered a lucrative temporary position to help a time-weary physician and a never-home pilot, she accepts. Can the males convince the oh-so-suitable Dren, in the most intimate and pleasurable way, to accept them both as her mate for life? "The Commander's Mate" Aimee Syncire is in a desperate situation. Her friends and mate are dead and she is a prisoner in the forbidden Kazphyrian country of Velorn. Aimee doesn't know how she came to be in the restricted country or how to convince Velorn's Legion Commander, JarrRon Ry Vere, of her innocence. JarrRon's foreign prisoner draws him from the moment he sets eyes on her. Aimee's determination and will to survive captivates Jarr. When circumstances force JarrRon to release Aimee, he must find a way to bring her back and convince her to accept him as her true barbarian mate.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: June 2007


17 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [82 KB]
Words: 16865
Reading time: 48-67 min.

"Once again Cheri Valmont has written an incredibly steamy story. The love that Aimee and Jarr find isn't forced, and despite the fact that Aimee loses her mate at the beginning of the story, it doesn't feel wrong. You'll be cheering for Aimee and Jarr by the end of the tale. These two stories complement each other perfectly and will provide a wonderful evening of entertainment. If you've got a lover, keep 'em close as you may be, umm, inspired, after reading this sizzling anthology. Stop by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and get your copy of TORRID TEASERS VOLUME 27 today."--Lori Ann, RRTErotic

"Ms. Valmont's talent truly shines through in these two sexually thrilling stories. Tied together through two of the main characters, Equal Opportunity Seduction and The Commander's Mates tell of two alternate style relationships. Brad and Hank truly care for each other and have put off searching for a mate because they don't want to lose the relationship they have with each other. Only when they stop to discuss just what they want and ask for Aimee's help do they discover there is the perfect woman out there waiting for them. As for Aimee, although she was content with her sweet mate, it is only when she is faced with tragedy and a strong man does she realize what make her feel truly fulfilled. The Velorn lifestyle is different from what she is used to but she quickly adapts and makes JerrRon realize the kind of woman who can meet all of his needs. Enjoy these two scorching hot stories from Ms. Valmont. Rating: 4 1/2 stars, Heat: Sizzling!"--Trang, Ecataromance

Cheri Valmont

Chapter 1

Bradeon Gosh-Ere grabbed the remote from the crimire table as he lay on his side watching the Kazphyrian Citizen Report. He lowered the volume of the commercial that blasted higher than the regular programming. It felt good to be off work during the darkness for a change. Working in a busy Kaz Casualty on the dreaded sleep-cycle shift kept him busy.

He was relieved he hadn't answered his personal transmission unit when it buzzed the moment he'd stepped out of the shower. He'd pulled on the loose-fitting shorts, the only clothes he was wearing now, before reaching for the unit. At the last minute, he decided to let the answering device pick up.

When he heard his sister Aimee's inquiring voice, he breathed a sigh of relief that he'd avoided her probing questions about his single status. If he had answered that trans call, she would have grilled him about his plans and anybody new he was seeing. When was he going to choose a mate? Brad wished Aimee would mind her own business. He was perfectly happy with his life.

Brad shared his apartment with Hankren Tereamin, who was a Kazphyrian Trade and Being Transport Pilot and rarely home, so for all purposes, he had the place to himself. Brad was sure his sister didn't want to hear about the bevy of females who passed through here. Or since she was so nosy, and doing what she thought was in his best interest, Aimee might have wanted to know about it. Maybe then, she would quit worrying about his unmated state. Not that Brad didn't think about finding a mate occasionally.

The banging sounds coming from the hall had Brad pointing the remote toward the Telepromtor once again, turning it off, so he could listen to the commotion coming from outside his door. He sat up just enough to look over the back of the couch toward the door.

He heard the sounds of shuffling around, almost as though someone was anxious to make it through the door. Hank? Brad listened intently when he heard some whispers and moans. The door swished open suddenly, and two bodies came rushing in, almost stumbling in their haste, tearing at each other's clothes.

Jardem! He hated to interrupt them by making his presence known. Their frantic movements hinted that nothing would stop them anyway.

So Brad kept quiet, but continued watching. He hadn't seen Hank in several moons--actually since Hank's last layover in Kantrer, the Kazphyrian city they lived in. The two of them were like spaceships that passed in the darkness. Hank looked like he'd gotten some sun, probably from one of the posh planets he transported some rich territory governor's family to, and of course, he was still as toned--muscles etched as if by a master artist--as he always was. The female with him was blonde and fit; the type of body that typified a space-stewardess in Brad's mind. Brad watched her practically rip off her clothes as she and Hank continued kissing, kneading, and fondling each other with barely suppressed violence.

As he watched the explosive passion in the kitchen unit, Brad could feel his dick stir. He repositioned his shaft, since he was hard enough now that the tip was pushing open the senche material of the waistband on his shorts.

Keeping his eyes trained on the action, he soaked in Hank's muscular and darkly tanned body, along with the slightly tanned skin and supple body of his guest. When they finally tore off their uniforms, Hank picked up the female and shoved her onto the kitchen-unit table.

There was more grunting and moaning as they kissed as if they were fighting. "Hold on, babe, gimme a sec," came Hank's rough instruction. Brad knew what Hank was doing even if he hadn't been watching the whole scene. Hank might screw the countryside, but he always wore a sterility sheath. No unwanted senetted females for Hank.

"Mmmm, oh ... Hank," the woman moaned and then, seconds later, let out a sharp gasp as Hank plowed into her cunt.

Watching Hank pound into the girl was getting to Brad. Hank's bare ass muscles clenching, his long, lean legs braced apart, leaning over as he jerked and thrust into her. He hadn't realized how much he missed Hank until he saw his friend again. The shaggy, mussed black hair, worn in a similar style to Brad's his own light brown, was almost shoulder-length. Desire was riding Hank hard. Brad could see it in the sexy expression on his face, with his full lips, sinfully long sooty lashes, and eyes the color of caraca. The couple continued their actions for another minute. "Come on, babe," Hank's dark, sultry voice told her, before grabbing her bodily off the table, to come barreling in Brad's direction.

Brad fell back flat on the drescron couch, hearing more frantic movements, hoping Hank didn't mean to finish their interlude on the sofa.

Brad jerked in response as the upper part of the girl's body came flying over the back of the couch. Her tits bouncing, the long blonde hair flying about her face in wild abandon, her eyes were shut, her sexy mouth parted with her moans and gasps of pleasure. He could hear the pounding sounds of Hank fucking her. Now Brad was as hard as rocled steel--what the hell was he supposed to do? He wanted to grab the girl's bouncing breasts and squeeze them.

Blast it! He couldn't just lie still while they fucked above him. To hell with it. Giving into his desire, Brad grabbed the girl's tits and squeezed. At first she groaned loudly, probably thinking Hank was taking the privilege, but somehow she must have sensed these caresses were coming from another direction.

"Oh ... who..."

Hank stopped pounding into the female's pussy, but kept his hands on her hips. When Hank saw him rise slowly from the sofa, he grinned.

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