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Tales from the Treasure Trove Volume III
by Jewels Of The Quill

Category: Romance/Suspense/Thriller EPIC eBook Award Winner, EPIC eBook Award Finalist
Description: Seven DISTINCTIVE AUTHORS offer new, short, exciting Tales from the Treasure Trove--each featuring a sparkling jewel! Seven COMPELLING COUPLES discover romance, suspense, second chances, forces of nature, a love triangle, or the supernatural. Seven ENTERTAINING SITUATIONS feature destined lovers, threatened worlds, cursed stones, dangerous secrets, mysterious talismans--or even poisoned pies! This is the third volume in the EPPIE Award-winning series.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: May 2007


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [515 KB]
Words: 114896
Reading time: 328-459 min.

"Tales of the Treasure Trove, Volume III again brings readers a wonderful collection of stories from Jewels of the Quill authors. This time there are seven different romance stories spread across several genres. Each tale is a treasure and both exciting and fun to read. Set aside some time before you delve into this anthology. You will not want to put it down until you have read every story. I enjoy the variety of stories the Jewels of the Quill authors put into each of their anthologies, and I am looking forward to reading the next one they publish. Tales of the Treasure Trove, Volume IV will be out soon (March 2008) and, if it continues in the tradition of the first three volumes, it will contain sequels to some of the stories in this collection as well as a new story or two. 5 Angels!"--Stephanie B., Fallen Angel Reviews

"TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, VOLUME III is a collection of romance stories that is diverse and well written. The writers each have distinctive styles that tempt, tease, and excite the reader's imagination. While a happy-ever-after is anticipated, each story takes twists and turns in the plot that makes the reader anxious for the 'good guys'. 5 Books!"--The Long And Short Of It Reviews

"4 1/2 stars! Once again the talented Jewels of the Quill offer a collection of enchanting stories. All the authors give readers what they want--adventure, mystery, romance and a peek into the unknown--and they never fail to entertain."--Donna M. Brown, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"4.25 stars! 'The Turquoise Talisman' by Jane Toombs: This story was the best out of all the works I've read by Ms. Toombs. It wrapped me up so completely in the plot that I just couldn't stop reading. 'The Tanzanite Curse' by C.J. Winters: This story sizzles to life. It touches mysteries we'll never understand. 'Princess Sapphire' by Nancy Pirri: I had a great time getting to know these characters. Ms. Pirri has the gift of writing short stories that give you the feeling you've read an entire novel. She can get all of the details novel readers crave into the shortened format. I have always enjoyed her stories. 'Mrs. Claus and the Moonstone Murder' by Christine DeSmet: It's another comedic foray into Moonstone. This town is filled with characters who are truly 'characters' in every sense of the word. Ms. DeSmet has written another humorous slice of life story from Moonstone. It's just a fun story with a crazy ending. 'Bloodstone Legacy' by Cassie Walder: For a second in a series book, Ms. Walder picks up the story in such a way that new readers won't feel bewildered. I enjoy the Saruian series with its complexities. It's hard to describe the intricacies of the story, but it is easy reading. The ending will leave you hanging (like me) and waiting for the next installment. I'm not always one for cliff hangers, but I really want to see what happens with Mina and Lucian. 'Garnet Nights' by Liz Hunter: I found Sam and Sadie's story to be a quick read. It moved along and while it kept the romance as the main focus, I enjoyed the suspense portion of the plot. Revenge in Amethyst by Karen Wiesner: I admit to some surprise at the tone of this story in the series. It was a darker, more serious tale than I was expecting. I think Ms. Wiesner did an excellent job of bringing the 'thriller' portion of this romantic thriller to life. I have said before that Ms. Wiesner surprises me with the depth of her writing and this was no exception. I truly thought this would be more comedic than thriller--I was wrong, dead wrong. This story brings out even more personality and depth to Scott and Melina, as well as other characters. It also brings about a surprising look into the minds of psychotics--or at least one psychotic. The story builds layer after layer of suspense and concern. I stayed up extra late trying to finish the story before falling asleep. I was glad to get more of Scott and Melina's story this time. I felt like the first story ended before I was ready. This second story gave me that sense of completion. For those who haven't read the first story, you'll catch on and catch up without any trouble--but I think this series begs to be read in its entirety. I did notice that the Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection will be released in September 2007. I look forward to more adventures from this quirky town."--Robyn, Once Upon A Romance Review

"A collection of seven tales, spanning several genre styles, that will surely tantalize your imagination to no end. If you read Vol. I and Vol. II, then you will be familiar with the series these stories come from. Yes, these are stand alone tales; however ... you do not need to read the two previous anthology novels to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Sometimes 'To Be Continued' is not so bad after all, IMHO. A delightful treat for a rainy afternoon."--Huntress Reviews


The Turquoise Talisman (North of Nonesuch Series, Book 2) {paranormal romance} by Jane Toombs (Dame Turquoise): Grandma Toivi always told Ella Rose that trouble comes in threes. She decides her grandmother was right when a great-uncle's death brings Ella the bequest of an ancient Eastern dagger with a turquoise hilt, a mysterious stranger shows up, claiming he's a gift of the dagger and danger stalks her.

The Tanzanite Curse {paranormal romance} by C.J. Winters (Dame Tanzanite): The Tanzanite Curse begins with the theft, and the curse, of a rare gemstone. By the time Jillian buys it, the coveted blue-violet stone has acquired a reputation for bringing good luck, and then bad luck, to its owner. Emotionally devastated by the betrayal of her ex-husband, Jillian is skeptical when a man called Drew enters her life. Is he a fortune hunter-or someone she's known forever?

Princess Sapphire {historical/American west} by Nancy Pirri (Dame Sapphire): Laura Elizabeth Woodbury, heir to a Montana cattle ranch, has just lost her father. A year ago, he bestowed upon her the nickname 'Princess Sapphire' when he discovered sapphires in a mine where, sixteen years earlier, he'd found gold. The independent Laura is astonished to learn her father has hired a fancily-dressed stranger to assist her. Matt Black is the right hand man of a Minnesota railroad baron who'd been a friend of Laura's father. Matt's been hired to head up a team of railroad workers replacing damaged railroad tracks across Montana and to find a decent man to marry Laura. Matt is completely unprepared for the headstrong, willful redhead and soon finds himself falling in love with her. Laura feels the same way about Matt--until she learns his secret that will change her life completely.

Mrs. Claus and the Moonstone Murder (A Mischief in Moonstone Story, Book 3) {humorous romantic mystery} by Christine DeSmet (Dame Moonstone): On her second day of duty, new county deputy Lily Schuster finds herself smack dab in the middle of Moonstone, Wisconsin, trouble. First, she arrests archeologist Marcus Linden for trespassing. Then, before she can haul him off to jail she has to take him with her to the North Pole, a mansion in town, where another trespasser has been reported. Sexy Felicity Starr, 27, has come to the shores of Lake Superior with her sights set on rich Henri LeBarron, 84. Henri used to play Santa for the town's celebrations. When Henri seems smitten by Felicity, the town's debate over his sanity stimulates Ruth Mueller, 86, to haul out the cheap moonstone ring Henri gave her in eighth grade and compete for him. Felicity is sexy beyond belief, but Ruth was this year's pie queen at the fair--a force to be reckoned with. But a pie contest between the women goes awry when the pie judge in front of Henri drops dead after tasting Felicity's pie. Was Henri the real target? Who wants him dead? Was it one of Santa's two prospective wives, who both have surprising backgrounds? Or did somebody else slip poison into the pie? When Lily's trespassing prisoner, Marcus, volunteers too quickly to help her solve the case in exchange for clemency, she suspects she can't trust the archeologist who'd also like to trespass on her heart.

Bloodstone Legacy (The Saurian Series, Book 2) {paranormal/science fiction} by Cassie Walder (Dame Bloodstone): Bloodstone is running low on the world Sauria, and a male Saurian goes in search of it on other planets. On the planet Heita, he finds a kindred priestess who intrigues him. Heita operates on a very rigid world view, quite different from the freedom found on Sauria. A race of dangerous beings threaten the inhabitants of Heita during the planet's dark cycle, and the Saurian finds himself in as much danger of losing his heart as losing his life.

Revenge in Amethyst (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Story 2) {romantic thriller} by Karen Wiesner (Dame Amethyst): After abandoning everything she's worked all her life for as a nationally renowned sex therapist and author, Melina Rose has returned to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin, where she grew up and has fallen in love with her sister's old boyfriend Scott "Romeo" Romero. Scott and Melina are ecstatically expecting a baby and planning their wedding. Everyone in town has agreed to keep Melina's past as Dr. Mindy Rose a secret. However, someone in Amethyst is driven by jealousy to see Melina's dream-life come crashing down. Before long, newspapers all over the country are flooding tiny Amethyst to discover why she quit her practice. Unfortunately, a prominent former patient who'd revealed only to Dr. Mindy Rose his disturbing fantasies doesn't want his fetishes broadcast to the world ... and he's prepared to do anything to keep his secrets safe.

Garnet Nights (Troubled Waters Series, Book 3) {romantic suspense} by Liz Hunter (Dame Garnet): Destitute after her no-good husband disappeared, Sadie Carlisle and her two young daughters face the heartbreaking chore of selling the family's holdings, including their precious classic sailboat on Lake Michigan. What secrets does her husband harbor that are worth her life? And is her hero Samuel Barrington as uncomplicated as he seems?

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