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The Best of Christy Poff
by Christy Poff

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: THE BEST OF CHRISTY POFF is three complete novels in one volume from the best-selling author, THE REBIRTH OF RACHEL, DANTE'S FLAME, and ENTRANCED BY JASMYNE. Love in different worlds is still one thing--love. Whether it's thanks to the Internet, an eternal blood bond or in the arms of royalty, it's love and it sizzles. Rachel has been in a rut for years, in a 'go nowhere' marriage. She takes a chance on something totally opposite and finds she really never knew life could be so full. Melanie enjoys life but wants the love of a good man, but it seems the men in her life chase after others. Dante wants an everlasting love and life with one woman. Jasmyne takes on an undercover assignment and gives one hundred percent, falling for the man she's supposed to help. Yasir feels the heat of passion in the female American agent and sparks fly.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: May 2007


8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [473 KB]
Words: 107389
Reading time: 306-429 min.

Review for Internet Bonds: The Rebirth of Rachel: "This is a very erotic and moving book. It delves heavily into dominance and submission lifestyle, along with some bondage, but it is so well written that the reader is able to see this as an extension of the relationship between Rafe and Rachel. There is graphic language, but it fits into the flow of the story and is not thrown in simply for shock value. Even if BDSM is not your thing, this story has the power to make you wonder what it might be like to be in the kind of absolutely trusting relationship that Rachel is with Rafe. Ms. Poff does a good job of introducing the dom/sub world and explaining rituals that new comers may not understand. While the plot is fairly obvious and the sequence of events is off slightly, this is a good story. The reader is able to experience the emotions of the primary characters and understand all of the choices that are made to lead to a very satisfying conclusion."--Brandy, 4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

Review for Dante's Flame: Eyes of Darkness Book 1: "Rating: 3 Great Read, Melanie and Jacob feel right together. He wants to love and protect her. She just wants to love him. The connection they have to each other is incredibly gentle and loving. Ms. Poff writes this tender lover story with just a touch of BDSM. However, it is written so naturally that it does not offend the reader. It takes the reader to a whole new level of Melanie and Jacob's relationship.Though this was a bit short for me; this novella would make a quickie read for when you have little time to spare, but want to read a great story."--Christy, MayReviews.com

Review for Entranced by Jasmyne: "Entranced by Jasmyne is an action-packed romantic suspense that will tunnel its way into your heart and burrow there. Ms. Poff writes some wonderfully crafted characters that will deeply touch readers, a storyline that will keep you glued to your chair, and sex hot enough to burn."--Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today




Christy Poff


Twenty-five years ... twenty-three of which she had been under the impression she had a good and fulfilling relationship with her husband. They had two children, a son in the Air Force and a daughter, a college student at Virginia Tech.

She noticed changes in his attitude over the last several years, especially after the events of September 11th. He'd become cold, very cold, and it unnerved her. If someone died, his response was "Oh, well." He fought their son, and then their daughter, who had always taken up for him. Within the last year, her emotions turned to dislike, then hatred as she resented his staid and silly notions. Times had changed, but it seemed William Wainwright had regressed.

Tall and average in appearance, Wainwright swore everyone had dropped their lives, so to speak, just to piss him off or hurt him as paranoia began to rule him. He believed his family, co-workers, and even the guys at the firehouse where they volunteered, all seemed to make it their lot in life to make him miserable. His daughter even swore to him that he was bipolar; while his wife, Rachel, was sure he was another Wainwright male. She swore each successive generation got worse.

Rachel began putting her thoughts on paper, and compiled several full-length manuscripts. Her husband told her it had been a waste of time and money since nothing had greased his palm in return. So, what else is new? She'd been successful in photography and news writing. In one month, a regional paper had printed six pieces of her work, and she felt pride in what she'd done. He couldn't care less and made sure she knew it. That's when Rachel had begun to hate him.

Rachel found some erotic book publishers on the internet. She learned about a world she could let her imagination go to whenever she wanted. That's when she'd found what she'd been missing in the bedroom. Rachel found she enjoyed that imaginary world--immensely. Afternoons spent in front of the computer with a whiskey sour or a glass of wine, while wearing little to nothing had been mind-boggling, as she became lost in the words of others. Some of the stories got her hotter and wetter than usual.

As she read, Rachel found herself becoming damp between her legs as need overwhelmed her. Her nipples would harden as she felt glorious jolts course throughout her body. She learned the art of self-gratification and her inner being demanded she try more. Wainwright would refuse her advances, making her feel like a slut, a whore who bared her soul, just to be refused by the man she thought she loved and who loved her.

Twenty-five years ... twenty-five long years...

This became Rachel's sentence for falling in love with a man who couldn't completely satisfy her needs. She'd married a man she should have steered clear of, since he now had his own ideas of what he wanted her to do. When she naively refused him, he hit her. Cement floors hurt, but he didn't care. He hadn't gotten what he wanted; to him, Rachel was at fault.

Rachel Wainwright looked on the Internet to see if she could possibly help herself. In a chat room, she surfed into a BDSM site, where she began e-mailing a man who offered to help her with her fantasies. Rachel told him about herself and what she wanted to try. They agreed to meet at a store in the mall. She loved Hot Topic and other than her kids, no one knew she frequented it. Her circle of friends wouldn't be caught dead at a store where one could buy Gothic and Care Bears together.

She loved the store because she could momentarily lapse into a world of vampires and the darker side of sex. She'd learned that she enjoyed vanilla with William but she wanted more. Oils and toys were sold for a reason, the industry private and very profitable. She wanted to try it, and had told this man how she felt.

"Wear black. I expect you to obey simple requests, or the deal will be off."

She agreed willingly. How hard could it be, especially since black is my favorite color?

"I want you to wear silk with nothing underneath and black jeans with heels. I want you to realize you can appear in public and be fine. I have one other request, which is important to both of us. I will send you the lab results from my blood test. And I want you to have the test done and bring the results with you," he told her in their private chat room.

"All right," she answered back. She understood his caution and appreciated it.

Rachel entered the store and relaxed as she walked to the rear of it. Once she did, she walked off to the side and looked at the items displayed in the corner. She took a deep breath, and then waited.

* * * *

Rafael Donovan had been listed on Fortune 500's list, ranking around twentieth. He lived alone on a secluded estate on the outskirts of Williamsburg, Virginia, though his business life took him around the world. He owned a Spanish villa--a small castle as it had been described--an island in the Keys and his yacht, The Domination. He had been referred to as an international playboy, but had never settled into any relationships. Wherever he went, after the corporate galas and dinners had ended, he prowled the clubs that specialized in bondage, domination and submission. As those who played in this dark world of sex relished secrecy, his privacy had been respected and his identity kept quiet. His personal life had been successfully kept separate from his professional one and it worked out quite well.

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