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Deviations: Discipline
by Chris Owen, Jodi Payne

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: Tobias and Noah explore their relationships more deeply than they ever have, not just with their own dominance and submission, but with their friends. As Noah helps Tobias through the loss of someone dear, he finds Tobias helping him, too, leading him through some intense sexual games, breaking down the last of Noah's fears, and helping him face his biggest one. The cage. Meanwhile, Tobias' ex-lover, Phantom, becomes close friends with Noah as they discover and try to resist the simmering sexual tension between them. Their teasing turns to real support when Phantom reaches the breaking point thanks to the lack of a master in his life, something he desperately needs. While Bradford works to become that master, Tobias and Noah go to Paris, where they see the sights, go to sex clubs, and re-negotiate their contract. Returning from Paris to their own lives brings then all sorts of new difficulties, from deciding whether they should love together to trying to figure out just where Phantom belongs in their ever-changing relationship. Deviations: Discipline is the third book in the popular Deviations series, which begins with Deviations: Submission, and Deviations: Dominance. Chris Owen and Jodi Payne have another winner on their hands, a gripping, emotional tale that you won't want to miss!
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Top Shelf, 2007 http://www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: April 2007


226 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [349 KB]
Words: 85122
Reading time: 243-340 min.

"Your young man called me again," Mrs. Miller said with a broad smile as she walked into Tobias' office at the farm house. "Is he as polite to you as he is to me?"

Tobias looked up from his desk and tried not to smirk. One did not smirk at Mrs. Miller; at eighty-three years of age, his housekeeper was still a formidable force. "Usually, yes," he conceded. "He does, of course, have his moments."

Her smile grew. "I bet he does. So, is his cooking as good as my sweetie pie's?"

Tobias put down his pen and closed the file he was working on. "It is," he said. "Noah is a wonderful cook, thank you. His friend Allison has taught him technique, and he tells me that you've given him wonderful advice, not to mention a pile of recipes." He smiled as she sat down in the easy chair. "He tries very hard." He couldn't resist mentioning the point; she'd invited it, comparing Noah to Phantom, Tobias' former lover and forever Mrs. Miller's "sweetie-pie." Of course, she'd claimed Noah as her "darling," so it was a pretty even playing field, all told.

She nodded and sat back with a sigh. "You're very lucky, Doctor," she said, keeping to her habit of using Tobias' title. She swore she'd worked just as hard on his veterinary degree as he had, and she would use the title over his name in celebration. Tobias didn't mind. "Having someone learn to cook just to please you is a great gift."

"I know," he said simply. He'd occasionally wondered just how much Mrs. Miller knew about his relationships; in his more honest moments, he allowed that she likely knew the important parts, if not the actual details. That she seemed not to mind the nature of his tastes didn't make it any easier to contemplate.

She could hardly be oblivious, he knew. There were the stables behind the house that he never permitted anyone to enter and the lovers who cleaned and cooked and did chores; it was hardly subtle.

She looked around the office and sighed contentedly. "It's good to be home, you know."

Tobias smiled. "I have often found that my two favorite parts of travel were the day of arrival there and the day of arrival home. Tell me you enjoyed the trip, though. You're breaking my heart," he teased.

"It was--"

"Astounding," a voice said from the door and Tobias turned to smile at Robert, Mrs. Miller's son.

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