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Seducing Olivia [Incognito Book 1]
by Madison Layle, Anna Leigh Keaton

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance CAPA Award Nominee, Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read
Description: Distraught by her ex-fiancee's criticism of her "controlling personality," Olivia Chandler retreats to lick her wounds, only to meet a soft-spoken, yet commanding Spaniard. For one night, she lets go and finds ecstasy in his arms. Dylan Montgomery has spent two years searching for the woman he knew only as Olivia. Now she's returned to his hotel room, but a case of mistaken identity lands the woman in his twin brother, Ryan's bed. They hatch a plan to seduce Olivia into a lifelong relationship of the heart, and convince her that she's the perfect woman ... for both of them. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT SEX, MENAGE, VOYEURISM, AND SCENES OF BDSM.
eBook Publisher: Cobblestone Press, 2006
eBookwise Release Date: April 2007


593 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [222 KB]
Words: 49477
Reading time: 141-197 min.

"Anna Leigh Keaton & Madison Layle have managed to craft one of the best BDSM books this reader has read and I assure you this reader has read a lot of them. This reader will find it difficult to wait patiently for the next installment to land in her hands. Seducing Olivia is definitely a book that readers will want to add to their permanent bookcase and grabbing each upcoming installment until they have the entire collection."--5 Angels & Recommended Read! Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

Olivia awoke slowly to the feel of a hot, gentle breeze on her neck and the safety of being cocooned within the warmth of someone's arms. She turned toward the soft breaths at her nape and opened her eyes, smiling when Dylan's face appeared. He lay along her right side, relaxed in peaceful slumber, similar to the way he had the morning she'd snuck away from the hotel in Madrid.

She had no intention of leaving this time.

Attempting to turn sideways and hug him closer, she lifted her left arm to discover her wrist bound firmly with a necktie to another wrist. And it wasn't Dylan's.

Adrenaline stabbed her heart as her gaze followed the male arm from that wrist to broad shoulders and...

Her scream would've registered a seven on the Richter scale had anyone been monitoring.

Like mirror images of one another, the men came awake instantly. Despite her panicked struggles, they faced her, pinning her down. Their legs draped over hers. Each one shifted onto an elbow, her bound hands going with theirs.

Her chest heaved as she fought for air and sanity.

Trapped flat on her back, she was seeing double--feeling double--as each man placed a palm across her middle.

"Oh, God. Ohgod, ohgodohgod. No." She snapped her eyes shut, opened them, and looked again. "This isn't happening."

"Shh, puss. Calm down."

Her gaze shot to the one on her left who spoke. "Dylan?"

He grinned with that adorable dimple in his right cheek and bright caramel eyes. She looked from him to the other man and back. Two pair of eyes, identical in color and exotic slant, met her gaze boldly. But the one on the left ... His hair was shorter, more like she remembered. Her heart continued to race, her mind reeling at seeing two Dylans in bed with her.

Lifting his unbound hand to her face, the man on her left brushed a thumb over her cheek and leaned down, his lips coming within a hair's breadth of hers.

"Beséme, Olivia," he murmured.

Kiss me, she translated the order, as he took her mouth in a thorough kiss. He'd said the same to her two years ago in the same seductive way. His taste, scent, and the feel of his lips on hers were like a dream revisited.

The touch of a hand on her breast made her moan into his mouth. Still, he held her face with his free hand, continuing the kiss while other fingers twirled her nipple. The other hand cupped her breast in a warm grip that declared he had every right to brand her as his own. Then a second mouth captured the tip.

Heaven help me. There are two of them.

She had no idea whether to protest or plead for more, but her body responded without conscious thought. Despite her intrinsic alarms, moisture spread between her thighs, her nipples hardened, and she couldn't suppress the encouraging sound that climbed from the pit of her stomach. "Mmm." Her back arched toward the mouth suckling her breast as her tongue dueled with the other one.

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