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Blow Out
by Christy Poff

Category: Romance/Suspense/Thriller Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read
Description: Jennifer's led a sheltered life until she meets a man who shows her the world. Craig is asked to help save a company but ends up married to its CEO. Together, can they stop who is trying to get her company or will a blow out stop them? This is the latest thriller from Christy Poff, award-winning author of HELLFIRE and CHASE FOR AN ANGEL.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: March 2007


6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [397 KB]
Words: 83816
Reading time: 239-335 min.

"Blow Out is an exceptional roller coaster ride that takes the reader spinning with edge-of-the-seat entertainment. This page-turner has refreshing characters that keep the story moving at a consistent flow. The passion between Jenn and Craig is electrifying. Jenn's devotion in finding her father's killer is very well-written, and the feelings Craig gives to her during this time are quite admirable. Christy Poff is one talented author. She pens a fantastic read that allows the reader to actually visualize the setting. I fell in love with the realistic characters of Jenn and Craig. They emit emotions that carry through to the reader. She creates some rotten bad guys that cleverly add tension and great plot elements to the storyline. With a supportive family and great friends, this excellent story makes one highly recommended read."--Fallen Angel Reviews--5 Angels and a Recommenced Read from Linda L.

"Christy Poff is a master at emotional suspense novels and Blow Out is an awesome example of her talent. At first Jennifer strikes the reader as having a model life. She's beautiful, rich, and smart. I was stunned when the abuse that she'd survived was finally revealed. Craig is exactly the kind of man she needs in her life. He's strong, dependable, and willing to do whatever it takes to get her the help she needs--except let her go. I really loved how Jennifer's brothers played very important roles throughout the storyline, especially her brother Cliff who had been absent from her life for many years. He's got a wonderful subplot all his own that you'll just have to read to believe."--Romance Junkies--a 5 Ribbon Review

"I found I had to concentrate whilst reading Blow Out as there is so much action. But that does not make it a hard book to read. On the contrary, it keeps you wondering what will happen next. Blow Out is romance, intrigue and suspense. It's about two people who fall in love and must face great physical and emotional danger to survive. You won't be bored."--Janet, Once Upon a Time Reviews--a 3.75 rating

"A truly spellbinding story and one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Every page gives the reader something more to gasp over and wonder what will happen next. Steamy, well-written sex scenes add to the complete telling of the story and are done tastefully. The reader will fall in love with the characters easily and feel each heartache they suffer. The setting in Houston will make you feel as though you are seeing the city right in front of you with vivid descriptions. The bad guys are truly evil, but the friends and family are truly supportive and play a great role in the story. This story was a surprise for me and I loved every minute of reading it."--A five cup review from Coffee Time Romance

Chapter 1

August, 2004

High noon in Houston, Texas.

The sun bright, the heat rose as the thermometer read ninety-two degrees and continued climbing. The day promised to be a good one until word ran through the industry like wildfire. Fitzgerald Webb, Chairman of the Board and any other title he decided to use, of Webb International died at someone else's hand, murdered in his luxurious office as he sat behind his desk.

Now every person who was anyone in the industry stood under a hot Texan sun at the man's graveside after attending mass at a cool Catholic church in the city. Owners, executive officers, administrative wannabees--all of them stood listening to the Monsignor celebrate the man's life.

Craig Blackthorne scanned the crowd seeing many familiar faces--oil barons, manufacturers, distributors, associate buyers and more. A blow out specialist, Blackthorne owned an oil well firefighting company and had been Webb's first call when a well went south in California several years back. He admired the old man and felt proud Webb considered him a friend. Now, his friend would rest forever in this cemetery next to his beloved wife.

It bothered Craig how they came to be at the man's funeral. As far as he knew, Webb had no enemies, a rare accomplishment in the oil world at any level. The man dealt fairly with all of his business associates and no one had any problems with him. Except someone did and they chose to take care if it in a vicious way.

Webb's day, from what he heard, had gone close to normal as he met with clients and some of his managers. He finished early as usual in an attempt to hit the links at one. He admitted his handicap was nowhere near good enough to even think of teeing off with Tiger Woods but he loved the game. He said it relaxed him.

Whoever murdered him had either been one of his last appointments, a quick slip-in or ... Craig looked around trying to see if anyone in the huge group assembled could have done it or had it done for them but so far, he came up with zero. He went back to the point nagging at him--the man knew his murderer. Police released the information of the fatal shot being fired from close range.

The service ended. An Army colonel presented the flag draping his coffin to his daughter, then everyone placed roses on the casket, spoke to Jennifer and left. He waited for the others to leave, then after placing his rose, he stood back gazing at the grave. Somehow, I will find out who did this. I promise you, Fitz.

He stepped back, then went to talk to Jennifer. As he neared her, he noticed how tired she looked, understandable considering how much had happened in her life over the past several days.

"Jennifer, hey, how are you doing?"

"I'm here."

"If you need anything..."

"Can you come by the office tomorrow?"

"Sure, why?"

"I need to talk to you but right now isn't the time."

"What time?"


"I'll be there," he said as she held out her hand to him. He held it, a strange sensation running through him. He forced himself to concentrate on their conversation but couldn't bring himself to stop staring at her.

The moment broke when they were joined by her brother, Gavin. Gavin went to Harvard Law School graduating third in his class. Fitz Webb had not been happy about his son's choice of profession but he respected it and gave Gavin the family's legal affairs.

"Jenn, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. You remember Craig Blackthorne?"

"Yes, it's been what ... Ten years?"

"About that. My condolences, man."

"Thank you. Did Jenn..."

"Yes, he's meeting me around eleven."


Craig listened to their conversation, his curiosity piqued. What was so damned important it couldn't wait a few days? He could tell by looking at Jennifer Webb she hadn't had a good night's sleep for a while. Her emerald green eyes faded from loss of their usual fire, the spark he remembered seeing several months before gone.

He made a mental note to research Fitz's death because he wanted to be up to speed on it to make it easier on Jennifer. The last thing she needed was reliving the public knowledge of her father's murder.

"If you'll excuse us, I want to get my sister away from here."


"In fact, I'm taking her home. We decided not to go to the reception."

"I've had enough of people for today," Jennifer agreed. "The three of us didn't want it. Dad wanted an Irish wake but my uncle got involved, so he's hosting the reception at the Oil Baron's. Are you going?"

"I'm not sure. Why?"

"Take some time and go. You might get me the answers I need."


"Someone murdered my dad. The culprit attended both services. My father's killer was there at both St. Ivan's and here at the cemetery."

"Do you..."

"Tomorrow, please. I need to be alone right now. I'll see you at eleven."

"I'll be there."

"Thank you, Craig," she said as she turned toward the limo. Craig shook hands with Gavin, then waited for the limo to pull away before he went to his late-model black Jaguar XJ8 parked a short distance away. He unlocked the door and opened it to let some of the noontime heat out of it. He took his Versace jacket and hung it on the hook behind the front seat. He slid in a Harry Connick, Jr. CD, loving the old standards. He thought about what had been going on since Fitz's murder knowing whoever was behind it had been at the funeral as Jennifer said. This bothered him.

Fitzgerald Webb had been one of the good old boys but didn't get into the wheeling and dealing like his friends. He laid the deal down and remained fair--a huge rarity in the business. Now, Webb's daughter wanted a meeting. What the hell is going on?

He decided against going to the reception preferring to do some research on his own with his connections. If the murderer decided to go to the affair, he didn't want to spook him or her by being there.

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