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Autumn Wind [Seasonal Winds Book 3]
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: When Mina Windwalker's innocence is shattered by the sight of her intended performing vile sexual acts upon a white whore, she flees in shame and disgust, determined to denounce their Joining. But she does not have the right to refuse, or to flee. The agreement was made between their fathers and only one thing can break it besides death. Takoda Dark Wolf is one of the clan's most respected warriors, but he has wanted Mina Windwalker since he was a youth and he does the unthinkable--he claims her for his woman without the blessing of the parents or the council. Rating: Contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.
eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, 2006
eBookwise Release Date: December 2006


178 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [67 KB]
Words: 14226
Reading time: 40-56 min.

Chapter One

With her long, black unbound hair whipping behind her, Mina Windwalker bent forward as she raced her chestnut pony across the rolling hills. The horse's hooves pounded the ground as it thundered over the short grass plain. Riding bareback, her fringed buckskin dress tucked up around her tanned thighs, she drummed her feet against the horse's sides to make it go faster.

Tears shimmered in Mina's black eyes. Her heart had been broken that morning and she doubted it would ever mend. The man to whom she had been betrothed since she was a little girl had betrayed her. His treachery had wounded her deeper than any knife and she was shamed.

Crashing over a small stream bed, the horse stumbled on the other side but kept its footing as it plunged up a small hill. Mina's hands were clutching its thick mane. There were no reins to guide the beast, no bit in its mouth to hamper it. It picked up more speed as it took to the flat, open prairie.

The sun had set by the time the horse began to tire. Its sides were heaving. Concerned for the animal, Mina unhooked the fingers of her cramped right hand and reached out to pat the horse's neck. Almost instantly it seemed to know she was giving it permission to slow down and the great beast did, its stride shortening until it was doing a slow trot.

"I am a selfish woman," she said, leaning over to lay her cheek against the horse's neck. "I ask your pardon, Red Hawk."

The pony stopped moving and lowered its head to sniff at the grass. It made a chuffing sound as though it forgave her for her lack of consideration.

Mina felt guilty for her thoughtlessness in pushing her mount so hard and swung a leg over its head, sliding to the ground so it could rest without her weight--slight though it was. She looked around and knew precisely where she was. She hissed with irritation for she was many miles from her tribe's encampment. She had let her wounded heart blind her to all but the need to exorcise the demon of her intended's unfaithfulness.

"Mother will skin me alive," she said with a sigh.

Spying a copse of trees, she started toward it, knowing Red Hawk would follow. The pony was well-trained and after allowing her senses to test the air, she found nothing about it to make her skittish. Walking slowly, fanning her hand on the tall grass that grew in spots as high as her knees, she felt keenly the pain of finding the man to whom she would soon be Joined in the arms of another. Seeing him covering the whore with his body, pumping between her legs, made Mina's soul ache. Not even the soft breeze of the night wind could cool the heat that still clung to her cheeks as she thought again of what she'd seen.

"Why, Chaska?" she whispered.

She had gone to the settlement to surprise her betrothed but the surprise had been hers. The door to Chaska Dark Wolf's room in the scout barracks had not been locked and she had slipped inside to wait for him, hiding in the closet from which she intended to jump out and scare him. She had not expected him to return from his day, spent as a scout for the Capitol Army, with a white woman in tow nor to find his brother, Takoda, close behind.

"Chaska, listen.... "Takoda had begun.

"I will have her first," Chaska had pronounced and made quick work of ridding the blonde-haired tart of her clothing.

With the closet door cracked open, Mina had slapped a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out, shocked to the very roots of her hair at the things her intended was doing with the woman.

The woman had a lush figure with pendulous breasts, crowned with dark nipples that stood out in sharp contrast to her white skin. She was bare from the belly down, obviously having shaved away all pubic hair from her mons. The sight shocked Mina so badly she could not properly draw breath

"Nice," Chaska stated as he rubbed his hand over the bare area. "I like this. It feels lusty."

Takoda stood with his back to the closet, watching his older brother push the whore onto the bed. She flopped backwards across the mattress with her arms flung wide, her legs dangling off the side, fleshy thighs parted obscenely. When Chaska knelt down to place his mouth on the woman's sex, his brother turned away, going to the other side of the room to take a seat.

"You should not do this, ciye," Takoda said.

Mina was stunned as she watched the man to whom she was betrothed as he licked the slut between her legs, dragging his tongue between her folds. It was a disgusting thing he was doing and it made her sick to her stomach. She swiveled her gaze to Takoda and saw that he had put his head back and was staring up at the ceiling, one leg crossed at the ankle over the other, his fingers threaded together at his belly.

"This is not right," Takoda said, his voice tight.

"Shut the fuck up or get the hell out," was the reply.

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