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The Wishing Tree [The Texas Brides, Book I]
by Catherine Snodgrass

Category: Romance EPIC eBook Award Finalist, Laurel Wreath Award Winner, ERA Award Winner
Description: Jake Tanner goes to collect on a debt and comes back with a bride he doesn't want and can't resist. Grace Marshall is determined to honor her marriage vows, but one step forward with Jake always leads to two steps back. When Jake's past shows up on the doorstep in the form of a wife he thought was dead, Grace has had enough. Now Jake has to figure out how to keep the wife he wants and shed himself of the wife he doesn't want. And one of those wives wants him dead. [ERA Award Winner!]
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2005
eBookwise Release Date: August 2006


25 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [353 KB]
Words: 85523
Reading time: 244-342 min.

"5 Stars...Has a plot that holds you [to] the end. Grace and Jake's story is so compelling that this book was hard to put down and will be a great addition to this reviewer's keeper shelf. Grace is a very hard working young women with great morals and a big heart. Jake is a gruff but lovable hero that you will enjoy! Ms. Snodgrass has written a book [with]...characters that are...full of life--Hopefully Ms. Snodgrass will write about some of the other characters in another book, as this reviewer would love to see there lives unfold. This reviewer will recommend this book to her friends!"--Alma, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Very highly recommended! Catherine Snodgrass introduces one of the most endearing casts of characters in The Wishing Tree--but she gives them terrible odds to overcome in order to find true happiness. Grace and Jake's story is a wonderful, funny, heart-warming one that will make you laugh, cry, and wish you lived in the same town, could hitch up your buggy, and go visit a while with Grace on her ranch. You'll want to sit under the spreading branches of the wishing tree and make your own wish--that Catherine Snodgrass writes more stories about this wonderful family."--Jennifer Macaire, WordWeaving Reviews

"3 Hearts...A book with appealing characters. The reader will genuinely like and care about them. Jake evolves from a man who doesn't want any emotional attachments to one who is capable of falling in love again. He had been through a lot in his lifetime but still retained an inner softness. Grace takes on the role of linchpin in the family dynamics. She becomes indispensable to everyone including Jake, A.J. and the children. She may be physically clumsy but her personality shines through. She is one spunky woman!...The reader will want to reach the end just to find out what happens to these memorable characters."--Susan, Loves Romances

"...A tender historical romance, interspersed with surprises and touches of humor...I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel...Catherine Snodgrass writes in a clear, appealing style and her characters are well-rounded. I admired Grace's courage, moral principles, and determination.... I recommend The Wishing Tree for its pleasurable trip into the past and the author's skillful portrayal of human nature, love and perseverance."--Marie DisBrow, The Road to Romance

"Grace is a wonderful character. Although she's been raised to expect nothing, she does want a better life for herself and her family. Even though she realizes she's essentially being traded for a cow, she has the grit to tell Jake that she expects respect and kindness if nothing else. It makes the reader want to root for her. Jake is likeable as well. A man of honor, he tries to do what's best for everyone. Watching their relationship unfold was, to me, more interesting that watching Grace exchange her young siblings for the children on the ranch. Overall, this is a very sweet story."--Deb Hern, The Romance Readers' Connection

"A terrific story. Full of romance and fun, the tale comes to life with the help of the many wonderful characters that Ms. Snodgrass has created."--Julia, Writers Club Romance Group on AOL

"...A tale that will keep you reading...Ms. Snodgrass weaves superstition into real life. You never know--you may have your very own wishing tree in your backyard that will make all of your dreams come true."--Brenda Ramsbacher, Ivy Quill Reviews

"Love, hate, greed, generosity, despair and passion fill this story from the very first word and just when you think it's over, there's still more to come. Once again, Ms. Snodgrass has left this reader feeling more than just fulfilled...Will reaffirm your beliefs in the amazing powers of love and family."--Laura Drewry, Romance At Its Best

"...Begins with humor, builds the sensuality between the likable Jake and Grace, adds the endearing motherless children and the grieving, wounded A.J., and becomes a warm charming story. Then come the zingers. For not only is the new marriage dead instead of the first wife, but someone wants Jake dead as well. I thoroughly enjoyed The Wishing Tree, and highly recommend it as having something for everyone. It's very well written and edited; it's fast-paced but misses nothing. The main characters are fully formed, and the minor ones are brought alive with a few telling strokes of the pen. Before you're through, you'll wish you had a wishing tree just like the one on the Tanner ranch. No excuses for letting this one go by."--Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

"5 Stars! ... Catherine Snodgrass has the talent to 'capture the moment' in her writings...she is really good at writing about all different kind of emotions that people can go through when 'the heart' is involved, and this really comes forward in this book. I'll be thinking about this book for a long time to come, and I can hardly wait to read more of her work!"--Sylvie,

Euro Reviews

The breeze caught the line of clothes and tangled the sheet around her. Grace slapped it down and shoved a pin over the line. The sheet curled around her again. Grace grabbed a fistful and tugged. The line snapped. A full morning's work lay on the grass. Now she'd have to start all over again.

She glanced around. Still alone. No one would know the difference. It was grass, for crying out loud, and she had a lot more work to do.

She plucked the heavy cording from the ground. Weighed down with wet wash, it took two hands to haul it over her shoulder. Stretching on tiptoe, Grace tried to thread the end into the hole on the wooden brace. It might as well have been a needle. The line was too heavy. She was wasting as much time trying to tie the dagblasted thing than she would if she'd taken the wash down in the first place.

A pair of hands covered hers. Dark, long-fingered, callused. Startled, she jumped, then craned her neck backward. Jake Tanner. He tied the cord off with nary a blink, standing so close Grace could count the whiskers in his growing beard.

"Ma'am." He tugged the brim of his hat her way, and swung back into the saddle.

He was almost out of hearing range when Grace finally remembered her manners and hollered a thank you. Without turning, he raised his hand in response.

Grace allowed herself a smile. He was just about the best thing she'd seen in Sleepy Eye ... ever. She'd be thinking about him for a long time to come. Oh, yes ... a long time.

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