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Doctor Heal Thyself [Internet Bonds Series Book 5]
by Christy Poff

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Suspense/Thriller
Description: World famous sex therapist, Doctor Sheridan Greenlaw, begins to doubt her abilities to treat her patients and her own life after a patient questions her credibility. She decides to seek the answers she needs to go on in both her profession and her life. A decade's old hurt runs Ross Beckham's life until he opens his ranch to a confused woman, one he falls desperately in love with the moment he sees her. His desires demand he make her a part of his life, no matter what it takes. Others from their pasts decide to destroy their happiness. Can they fight the odds together so the doctor 'heals thyself'?
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2006
eBookwise Release Date: July 2006


33 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [275 KB]
Words: 61352
Reading time: 175-245 min.

"...In a story where the theme and premise is individuality, two paths converge to one woman: Sheridan Greenlaw. As an individual, she is trying to strengthen her identity, while a murderer is trying to extinguish that impeccable distinctiveness. Overall, this book is perfect in establishing the separation of public and personal life, and how destruction and healing of one life affects the other. 3 Cups!"--Mila, Coffee Time Romance Reviews


"I'm sorry, but our time is over."

"Thank you, Doctor. Doctor Greenlaw, can I ask you a question off the record?"


"Have you ever tried bondage?"


"Dominance and submission?"


"Another woman?"


"Ménage à trois?"

"Honestly, no. I'm sorry."

"Then how can you honestly help me if you don't know firsthand?"

Sheridan Greenlaw watched her patient turn, then leave her office. How could her patient question a therapist of her reputation? Easy, she just did...

She sat at her desk, making notes about the session. Closing the file and setting it aside for her secretary to take care of, she sat back in her chair and looked at the perfect view she had. The simplistic beauty soothed her, though her patient's questions caused her to doubt herself.

Sheridan Greenlaw held her doctorate in sex therapy having done her medical training at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota before going to England for post-graduate work at King's College in London and the University of Essex where she received her Ph.D. Taking the English courses at the same time had been mentally exhausting but her gamble paid off.

Doctor Sheridan Greenlaw became world renown in her field and now a patient questioned her knowledge and her abilities.

"Damn it!" she cursed. She called her secretary into her office.

"What do you need?" Nancy asked.

"Please file this."

"Okay, anything else?"

"Did she make another appointment?'

"No, she said she had to think about coming back."


"What's wrong?"

"She questioned my credentials."

"You're kidding--right?"

"I wish."

"What are you going to do?"

"Research. I haven't gotten to where I am by being ignorant."

"If you need help..."

"I'll let you know. I will be depending on you to keep the office on an even keel."

"You got it, Sheridan."


* * * *

Sheridan Greenlaw learned she had a talent for helping people talk through their problems; along with the ability to get strangers to feel comfortable enough with her to tell her what was bothering them. All her professors and teachers worked with her because she had the calling. The surprise came when she chose her specialty. If anyone can do it...

Once she'd started interning, she began to build her practice. She had an extremely loyal following, especially in Los Angeles where she spent several months at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Most of her patients left happier than when their sessions began. Her progress reports went back to the university with glowing comments.

During her last semester before graduation, she worked in the local prosecutor's office, interviewing sex criminals. She wanted to be able to see every side of the issue. She thought she had until her patient questioned her ability.

She began to look at the darker side of sex--bondage, dominance and submission, ménages and others. It surprised her how, for all of her credentials and degrees, she had no clue about her field at all. She looked at various web sites on the Internet and realized that to be truly able to treat her patients, she would have to experience some of what she researched.

Creating a screen name, she entered chat rooms trying to find someone she could safely ask for help. One thing she did know--trust would play a major part in this. She knew she would have to be extremely cautious in what she was about to head into.

Sheridan surfed web sites and chat rooms, lurking. She became sexydoctor101 and joined in a few chats. From everything she learned, she decided against an alter ego, preferring to be as private as possible. After lurking for several days without success, she tried a new site dealing in all types of sex from vanilla--the kind most of her patients enjoyed--to what she would research. She noticed a chat going on, one of great interest.

MasterR: Everyone should be able to experience any kind of sex they want to delve into.

Starstrucklovr: But it's so shunned. I'm tired of being considered a porn lover. All I want to feel is a great orgasm and if bondage does it...

Sexydoctor101: Why are you called a porn lover?

Starstrucklovr: You must be new. It boils down to what people consider normal. Anything not vanilla is unacceptable.

MasterR: A person's sexual desires and appetite should not be judged.

Their chat went on a short while longer until she was the only one remaining with MasterR.

MasterR: What is your specialty?

Sexydoctor101: Sex, believe it or not.

MasterR: Interesting.

Sexydoctor101: Why?

MasterR: I sense something is bothering you.

Sexydoctor101: Very perceptive.

MasterR: Tell me.

Sheridan couldn't believe the compulsion she felt from two little words on an impersonal screen. She poured out what had happened to her and why she'd gone searching for answers.

MasterR: I may be able to help you but we need to talk some more so I can be positive about what you want.

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