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Torrid Teasers Volume 3
by Sherrill Quinn, Susan K. Droney

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: Addie Langdon has a telepathic empathy for animals, which makes her perfect at her job. She and her twin sister are part owners of Friends, Inc., a private investigation firm that specializes in finding things--and people--who are lost. Donovan Miles is a narcotics cop who grew up with a mother that pulled the Dr. Doolittle all the time. He'd never believed her, always been embarrassed. Then he discovered that the woman he loved was just the same. Addie has lost Donovan because of her gift. Or has she..."
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2006
eBookwise Release Date: May 2006


27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [62 KB]
Words: 13260
Reading time: 37-53 min.

Kayla slowly pressed down on the accelerator. The tires spun on the ice, but the car refused to budge. She peered out of the windshield, but all she could see were large snowflakes--and lots of them. Beautiful for skiing, a pain while driving. In another hour, it would be dark. She was stranded in the middle of nowhere, and she was frightened. She picked up her cell phone and turned it on. Still no signal--she couldn't even call 911! Fear gripped her heart as she imagined freezing to death out here all alone.

No, I have to keep a clear head, she reminded herself. I'll figure something out. In the half hour since she'd slid off the road she hadn't seen one vehicle, except the idiot who had sideswiped her, causing her to end up in the ditch. He hadn't even had the decency to stop to see if she was okay, but instead went barreling down the road in his fancy four-wheel drive truck, probably oblivious to everyone but himself, she thought.

Thank God she'd had the common sense to bundle up and throw her knee high boots into the back seat before setting out this morning. She had hoped to surprise her best friend who'd invited her on a skiing trip this weekend with a group of friends she rarely saw. She hadn't been sure she wanted to go, and had made no commitment to Sasha, but at the last minute, rearranged her schedule and decided to surprise Sasha at the ski lodge. Maybe she'd find a new hot stud to quench the yearnings within her, if only for one night. Her past relationships had ended going nowhere and the sex had definitely been unmemorable, leaving her with a large void. Due to her hectic schedule, her sex life was almost nonexistent now. The closest she got to a man was in her fantasies when she used her vibrator, imagining it was a throbbing cock.

She forced her mind to concentrate on her present predicament. Now she wished she'd told someone where she was going--at least Sasha--so she'd make some inquiries when Kayla failed to arrive. No one would even know she was missing. She was on the go so much, that her friends had grown used to her not being home if they happened to stop in for an impromptu visit. But her trusty cell phone had always kept her in touch, until now. She couldn't even pick up a signal in this remote area.

Why hadn't she stuck to the main route instead of trying to save time by taking unfamiliar back roads? She sighed heavily. There was no sense beating herself up over it now. She looked again at the snow now swirling as the wind picked it up. If not for her current predicament, she might have enjoyed the peacefulness. Once again, fear clutched her heart. She'd lived her entire life in Buffalo and she knew how quickly a seemingly innocent snowstorm could become a blizzard in the blink of an eye.

She removed her shoes, then reached into the back seat, grabbed her boots and quickly pulled them on. She turned off the ignition and stuffed her cell phone, car keys and purse into her backpack, then took her thick, fur-lined mittens out and slipped her hands inside. A blast of icy air greeted her when she opened the car door, but she forced herself to step out. She pulled her scarf tightly over her mouth and tugged her knit hat down over her ears, then yanked the hood of her bright yellow ski parka over her head, finally throwing the backpack over one shoulder.

She looked in both directions, but all she could see was the long, snow-covered road and the trees on either side, now swaying slightly from the wind and weight of the heavy snow. She hadn't passed any houses for the last five miles, so her only option was to keep going straight. According to the directions she'd mapped out that morning, there should be a small town about three miles ahead. Could she make those three miles, or would she be frozen to death before the next car traveled this way? She swallowed hard. She had to think positive thoughts. Maybe as she made her way down the road, there would be some civilization. For all she knew, the next bend in the road might reveal a welcoming refuge. She had no choice; she had to force herself to begin walking.

Listening to the eerie sounds the wind made as it whistled through the trees made her feel even more alone. The wind became more intense, dropping the temperature. The snow became thicker, almost blinding her. She trudged up the road, her feet making crunching noises on the road. For every step she took, the wind knocked her back two. Her lungs ached as she forced her frozen limbs to cooperate. Her feet felt like solid chunks of ice and she was finding it ever more difficult to navigate. She couldn't give up. She wouldn't! She was terrified. Why hadn't she heeded the weather reports instead of trying to outrun the storm? Why hadn't she stayed on the main road? If she had, she surely would have been rescued. The main roads were always patrolled, but how often would anyone bother to patrol a back road, especially in a blizzard? Her hope was fading.

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