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Don't Ask, Don't Tell [A Jarheads Novel]
by Sean Michael

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: In Don't Ask Don't Tell, the Jarheads are back! This time Sean Michael tells the story of how it all began for James "Rock" South and Alex "Rig" Roberts. One beer, one bet, and one night was all it took for Rig to know that the blue eyed Marine was what he wanted, and he bets his whole world on Rock wanting him back. The two of them have a lot of adjusting to go through to become a couple, though, and through it all, Sean Michael's trademark humor and hot sex prevails, bringing Rock and Rig's beginning to life, proving that eventually love conquers all.
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Top Shelf, 2005 http://www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: December 2005


265 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [391 KB]
Words: 94208
Reading time: 269-376 min.

Chapter One

Man, there was nothing like looking hot as fuck. Tight jeans, white t-shirt, hat, shiny buckle--Alex had the whole fucking package and he knew it. He be-bopped around the pool table, beating Harrison easily--okay, that would be more impressive if the dickhead hadn't been completely stoned and exhausted from three nights of practicals, but a win was a win.

"Go sleep it off, dork. Table's all mine now."

"That's a matter of opinion," said a low, gravelly voice and Alex turned to find the Jarhead who'd been scoping him out since he got there standing right behind him. Good lord and butter the man's eyes were blue.

Oh, hello. "You wantin' to play?"

Come on. Say yes. Alex hadn't had a decent fuck in days what with Mickey changing rotations.

He was given a once over, the look long and slow, almost a caress in and of itself. "I am."

"Well, well. Cowboy up, mister. Loser buys the next round."

Those eyes held his now. "I don't lose."

"No?" Oh, man. He was either going to get killed or fucked. "There's a first time for everything, Blue Eyes."

Oh, that got him a laugh and the man had a smile to go with those eyes. "I have heard that said. Been a long time since I've seen a first time."

He clucked and winked. "Well then, let's give you a whirl, shall we?"

Alex racked up, bent down over the table and offered Mr. Tall, Hot and Manly a look-see. It might have been his imagination, but he swore he heard a purr come rumbling from that amazing chest.

"You want to break?" He stood, stepped away, feeling fine.

"Sure." One of those hips nudged his as Blue Eyes went by him and the ass that bent over the table as the man took his shot? Fine. Damned fine. Alex leaned back against the wall, admiring, just looking his fill. Blue Eyes broke and sunk all but two of the stripes in short order. Stepping back, that amazing smile was flashed on him again. "You're solids."

Well, fuck him raw ... "Nice shot."

Those eyes checked him out again. "I got lucky."

"Mmm ... Hopefully we both did."

That earned him that grin again. "I imagine we might have at that."

Oh, fucking A. Fucking--or at least flirting, which was the fun part of fucking--and not ass kicking. Go him. He pegged off a good couple shots, sinking three before he missed.

Blue Eyes finished the game on his next turn, putting the eight ball in the corner right pocket before turning to smile at him. "You owe me a beer."

"That I do, Blue Eyes. Rack 'em up and decide what we're playing for next."

Tall, dark and studly did as he was told, leaning over the pool table as he racked up the balls. Damn. That really was a fine ass, thigh muscles just strong as anything beneath it.

When Blue Eyes was done, Alex was given another once over. "I want a piece of that."

Oh, he did enjoy a man who knew what he wanted. His cock jerked, filling right up like it was trying to get the man's attention. "Works for me. I'll break, uh ... You got a name?"

Oh, that grin widened, those blue eyes finding the bulge in his jeans fascinating. "They call me Rock. Short for the Rocketman"

"Oh, they do, do they?" He hooted, just loving it. "Well, I hope you've earned the name."

"You know it." Rock flexed and then chuckled and winked. "I'm a gunnery sergeant, but it's a multipurpose name, I assure you."

"I'm Alex. Alex Roberts." He let his look just linger on the man's chest, admiring. "Pleased."

Rock nodded. "You will be."

"Oh, strong and confident. I like that." He chuckled, turned and shot, sinking two. Not that he wiggled his ass in a victory dance, because that would just be wrong and possibly distracting to the marine. He thought he heard that purr again. He couldn't be sure now, but when he looked back, Rock was definitely focused on his ass.

"I'm stripes." He took two more shots before he gave it up, the last shot putting him damn near against that fine fucking body.

Heat and hardness pressed up against his ass as that big body leaned over him, big hands adjusting his slightly on the cue. "Try it again like that."

He arched, pushing back in a definite offer. "Like this?"

"Yeah, Alex. Just like that." That voice dragged over the back of his neck. "Just like that."

Rock backed off slowly.

Oh, fuck him raw. He took his shot, actually sinking the fucking ball. "You're good luck, Blue Eyes."

"You're pretty lucky yourself."

"You at Lackland or Fort Sam Houston?" He took his shot, stepping back as he went wide.

"Sam H. for special training. I'm stationed up in North Carolina." Rock took his shots, sinking several before missing. A Yankee by the sound of him, but with a body like that, Alex could forgive the man.

"Not going to get to play with us cowboys long, huh? It's a shame."

One hip leaned against the pool table, those blue eyes watching him. "I'm beginning to think it might be."

"Well, I'll just have to be right neighborly and make sure you remember it fondly."

Rock chuckled. "Sounds good to me, Alex."

"I have an apartment. Cold beer." Why waste time? He wanted himself a piece of that.

"Excellent. I've got over twelve hours before I have to report for duty." Rock straightened, and put his cue on the table. He was obviously done playing, too.

"I'm parked outside." Alex finished his beer, just fucking vibrating. Nothing like knowing you looked good, unless it was knowing somebody else thought you did, too.

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