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Call Me: Phone Sex with a Stranger
by David Rehak

Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica
Description: When a highly-successful stud gives a lonely and inhibited friend the number of an attractive but equally inhibited and lonely young woman things start to hot up. What neither of the men knows is that, while the woman doesn't feel comfortable around men, her sexual fantasy is to have phone sex with a stranger. So, when the shy one calls her, the anonymity makes her feel comfortable enough to unleash the naughty side underneath her inhibited exterior. Soon the pair are talking hot and nasty and getting themselves off over the phone. Though neither knows the identity of the other, phone sex becomes a pleasurable and much needed release for both. Each shares her or his raunchiest, sexiest fantasies with the other. But when the pair finally agrees to risk meeting in the flesh their relationship is tested to the max. Can these phone sex lovers still keep the flame hot when fantasy faces reality? Packed to the brim with highly descriptive sexual content, here is a unique erotic novel that will make readers care about the characters and what happens to them next.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, 2005
eBookwise Release Date: December 2005


8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [209 KB]
Words: 47173
Reading time: 134-188 min.

"Guess what I have in the back of my pocket," said Mat to his friend, Rick.


"A phone number. I met this chick, Hanna, last night. It was one of those one-nighters, you know? Anyways, we had sex a few times in her apartment. Then, we got to talking, getting to know each other, and especially got heavy into discussing our sexual fantasies. She described hers, and I described mine ... But afterwards, she told me about a bestfriend of hers, a girl who's very good-looking, but cripplingly shy on the outside, who she suspects isn't nearly so shy on the inside. Hanna feels that this bestfriend, who's practically a virgin, is missing out on so much that sex and love have to offer. So, seeing as we were on the subject of sexual fantasies, she explained to me how that bestfriend of hers' fantasy is to have a nasty erotic conversation over the phone with somebody she doesn't know, who doesn't know her. Anyway, Hanna gave me the chick's number."

"Are you serious?"

"Oh yeah."

"Are you gonna call her?" Rick asked with curiosity, smiling devilishly.

"Prob'ly not."


"I don't know. I'm not good with words. I'd wind up sounding dumb. Besides, I get all the pussy I need."

"Give me the number then."

"You gotta be kidding."

"No. I mean, why not? She doesn't know the difference between you and me, she doesn't know you. I can even use your name."

"That wouldn't be necessary. I didn't bother telling Hanna my name. I guess you can say we never really got around to introductions," he laughed, rubbing his chin.

Mat handed Rick the phone number.

"But are you sure it wasn't a joke? That would make it really embarrassing."

"No, I swear. It's no joke. Just call her. Her name's Amy. I'm sure Hanna has already let her know that I, or rather, that you will be calling."

"I'll give it a shot."

"This is great. Really. I mean, think about it: you're both single, you both 'never get any,' and you're both horny as hell. It's perfect," Mat chuckled.

"If not erotic, it'll at least be funny, huh?" said Rick.

"Yeah, exactly. You've got nothing to lose."

"What if she's butt-ugly? I'll lose my self-respect," joked Rick.

"If she's a friend of Hanna's, then I'm sure she's a babe."

"Of course, that's just an assumption."

"Oh quit being such a virgin. It's about time you meet someone and start fucking for once in your life," laughed Mat.

"Yeah, I'll be like you and screw every willing hottie I make the slightest contact with!"

"Cute. That's cute. But yeah, it's all too true, I'm never so cruel as to deny a sex-starved girl's urges," retorted Mat.

"Just out of curiosity, is anything off bounds with you?"

"You mean concerning sex? No, of course not. One should always keep an open mind. Only then can he have any hope of escaping bigotry and narrow thinking. But of course there's certain stuff I find distasteful, like everyone else, and then other's stuff I find very appealing. It all depends on what you're talking about."

"What are you turned on by, apart from the typical boy-girl scenarios?" asked Rick.

"If you must know, I like lesbians, S&M, and I've even tried role-playing a few times ... but it was too funny to be genuinely erotic."

"Do you really like lesbians? I don't know why, but I've always somehow felt threatened by them, like they're gonna steal a percentage of babes away from the hetero population or something."

"I like bisexual women. D'you know that bisexuality among women, especially women in their teens and twenties, is a popular and rapidly growing trend? Just go to any bar, or college dorm for that matter. I bet up to half the chicks have done girl/girl or threesome, or got into that internet porn. I'm tellin' ya, the new millennium has changed everything."

"Oh I can't believe that that many college girls are bi," Rick said, shaking his head.

"I know them personally. I'm not makin' this up. I'll admit, though, that most of them call themselves heterosexual, but their boyfriends or 'curiosity' leads them to experiment with bisexuality."

"Do you see the same trend evident in males?"

"Not nearly so much," replied Mat. "I have a theory why that is. For women, it's acceptable to be feminine. For men, it's not. Male homosexuality has always, even since the old Roman days, denoted effeminacy, you know?-unmanliness. Of course it's only a generalization. But it's one that sticks."

"Thank God!" said Rick.

"But what if you had a gay friend? How would you act towards him? Would you treat him in a patronizing way, like some second-rate human being?"

"No. I'd simply pair him up with chicks until he was cured."

"Any fag would tell you that that's such a heterosexual thing to say."

"Well kill me for being heterosexual!" laughed Rick.

Mat was a really attractive guy, clean-shaven, tall, muscular and confident. He had short, dark hair and green eyes. Rick, although attractive as well, wasn't as bold or self-assured as his friend, and not nearly as sexually experienced, though he dated on occasion. His complexion was fairer. He preferred to have long flowing hair, and his eyes were a sparkling blue. He was very well-groomed, and grew a goatee that connected to his mustache. Amy, the girl they kept talking about, was a buxom young woman, twenty-six years old, as sweet as a child, and more adorable than gorgeous. She looked like a pretty, playful, flirtatious little nymphet, very young-looking for her age, and her thick, naturally crimson, heart-shaped lips alone betrayed her innocent sensuality-a simmering sensuality that was dying to boil. She'd only ever had sexual relations with one guy, a man she had gone out with since high school in a relationship that lasted seven years before finally collapsing. But that was three years ago, and she hadn't had sex in her life since then.

"So what're you doing tonight?" said Mat.

"I don't know yet."

"What, are you gonna stay home and spank the monkey? Gonna rent a porn and choke your chicken? Ha, ha, ha."

"If I so choose to, yeah," chuckled Rick.

"Let's go get drunk."

"But what about the lovely and beautiful Amy-what's-her-face?"

"Call her tomorrow. You have plenty of time. I only got her number just yesterday."

"Okay ... But I don't wanna get wasted like last time and puke all over myself. That was fuckin' embarrassing."

"You won't. We'll have a few beers, that's all."

"So where were you thinkin' of going?" said Rick.

"Honeypot Haven."

"That strip joint down past the movie theater?"


"Hey, didn't a fight break out down there last night?"

"Oh, yeah."

"And you were there."

"Yeah. That's where I met Hanna. She came with a male friend of hers, and since our tables were right across from each other, we somehow got to talking ... first a gesture here and there, then a comment here and there ... They had some great strippers that night. Really awesome chicks. Each of 'em could've easily been a Playboy centerfold. Anyway, seems Hanna was just as much a howler as me. She even got up and danced on stage with one of the strippers. They allow it in that place. They even allow touching and table-dancing. That's when a girl comes to your table and rubs herself all over you. It's great."

"So what're we waiting for. Let's go."

"I see you've really worked up an appetite," snickered Mat.

"Yeah ... for pussy!"

"Well you'll be seeing plenty of that tonight."

They dressed up very casual-jeans and thin sweaters-and got ready to go.

"Got your Trojans?" asked Mat.

"No ... I..."

"Here's three on my night-stand. We'll get you laid tonight, you monk."

"Shut up, I do get laid ... from time to time."

"From time to time? Man, what a waste of sexual apparatus. A good-looking guy like you can have as much twat as me. So many girls are just waiting to take it, just waiting to be approached, with their cunts tingling since morning hours. Come evening, they're starving for 'it', man. They want cocks! They need your cock! And you gotta be there to give it, man."

Rick chuckled. "Alright, whatever you say."

"Don't give me that shit, man. You know what I'm sayin' is true."

"Okay, well, I'm ready. Let's go."

They left, getting into Mat's new-looking 1998 BMW. He had two cars. The other was a Pontiac.

"The first thing you gotta do is get yourself a decent car," said Mat as they were on their way. "I mean, what's that piece o' shit you drive, a Pony?"

"I happen to be quite attached to that piece of shit I drive," chuckled Rick. "Cars won't get me chicks."

"No, but a real nice car will give the impression you're loaded, and lots of girls are impressed by that."

"That's too shallow. If I pick up a girl, I want her to like me for me-my sense of humor, my personality, my--"

"Bullshit! You just wanna get laid!-that's the goal. Fuckin' wake up, man. Do you wanna know my secret? Do you wanna know how I've slept with ten times as many women as JFK? I play women. I play 'em. And I do a whole lot of acting. I pretend I'm this or I'm that. Most chicks fall for it hook, line and sinker! Of course, once or twice you'll fall in with a smart chick who actually asks questions. But that's kind of rare. And half the time you don't even need an act. Half the time the chick wants it as bad as you and you take her home just like that."

"I'm not like you at all. I could never be like that. I respect women. They're more to me than objects of sexual gratification."

"Oh God, you've misunderstood me," said Mat. "I respect women as much as anyone-I mean it. Women are great; I love women. I believe in gender equality. But I also love sex. Women use their cunning to get men; I simply use mine to get women. That's all. I'm only after sex, and I make that perfectly clear from the beginning, take it or leave it. If they're not up for a fling, then that's fine."

"What do you do if the girl doesn't wanna have sex?"

"I don't know, it's never happened yet," laughed Mat.

The evening was a hot and torrid one. A typical summer night perfect for lovemaking. The city was alight, with crowds everywhere and something interesting happening on every street. It was Saturday night. The atmosphere was like something out of San Francisco or Paris. All kinds of colorful sorts of people roamed about.

"It's just ahead, isn't it?"

"Uhu ... See the big sign?-Honeypot Haven. You've never been in there, have you?"

"Actually, no," replied Rick.

"I come here so often, I'm good friends with the bartender ... and I know a few of the waitresses."

"Have you fucked them too?" smiled Rick.

"As a matter of fact ... one of them, yeah."

"At your place?"


"Well then where?"

"The only place available of course, besides the back-seat of my car outside-and you know how comfortable that can be!"

"Well where then?" asked Rick eagerly.

"The bathroom," said Mat with a wry smile.

"How romantic."

"Fuck off," chuckled Mat. "She was a good fuck. There's nothing worse than a lousy fuck. But she was good. Had one o' those cunts that was a bit too loose but tight-fitting enough for a big boner like mine, you know? She had a nice well-used cunt."


"Yeah, what I mean is, she confessed to me that she'd been using her mother's old dildo since she was twelve."

"She actually told you that?" laughed Rick.

"Yeah ... only later. We got to talking. Some girls like to talk after sex. And sometimes I like to really get to know the girl. She was just off her shift when I had her in the bathroom, so no customers were left waiting for their beers, ha, ha."

"Which bathroom was it?"

"The ladies' room."

Rick laughed. "How old was she?"

"She looked mid-twenties, but I think she was early-thirties. Very pretty. A mature beauty."

"If she's there tonight, you should give her another go."

"Sure. She's worth my spew," he said in a joking fashion.

They parked into the underground garage and made their way into the club. A big black bouncer asked for ID's and let them into the massive room immediately. The music blasted and the lights flashed as a beautiful strawberry blonde strutted her stuff on stage. By the time Mat and Rick found their seats, she was down to her red panties, garters, stockings and heels.

"Check her out," grinned Mat, staring up at the stage.

"Hot. She kind of looks like Brad Pitt's ex-girlfriend ... oh, what's her name."

"I know who you mean. She was in that Jane Austen movie."

"Did you see it?"

"No ... I'm waiting till they do an x-rated version of the classic," laughed Mat.

A waitress dressed in a black skimpy outfit came up to them:

"What'll it be boys?"

"Hi Tracey," said Mat. "Haven't seen you in awhile."

"Ya. I took a few weeks off. Now I'm back to full-time."

"And enjoying it?"

"If the pay were a little better," she retorted.

"Oh, shut up," said Mat with a smile, "You make twice as much as I make, just in tips!" He was speaking in a joking way.

She giggled. "Okay, you got me ... What'll it be?"

"Two beers."

"The usual?"

"The usual."

"Be back in a minute."

She left.

"What'd you order?"

"Labatt draft."

"Ah, that stuff's kind of gross. I don't like draft beer."

"Okay, next time I'll order milk, ha, ha."

"Shut up. I like malt whiskey."

"No way."

"Oh yeah; it's true."

The strawberry blonde was now naked and dancing right in front of Mat and Rick, who were seated at the front of the stage. Their conversation took an immediate halt as their eyes started wandering all over the beauty and grace before them. She was slender, with a well-curved ass and long, lithe legs. Her breasts were very ripe and full, almost too round, but completely natural. The hair between her legs was shaved into a tiny triangle, which left the two round folds of her crack fully exposed, and the line dividing them clearly seen.

"Wanna see the inside of my cunt," she sighed breathily, touching herself as she crouched down to get closer to Rick.

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