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The Erotic Adventures of Rad Dracula
by Eleanor Tremaine

Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Description: Beware Dracula's Sibling! Dracula lives! Rad Dracula that is! And he's picking up women at the hottest bars in Hollywood, then taking them home to teach them some new, er, very old tricks. But they never complain. One little bite and you stay young and keep your good looks forever. What's not to like about that? No wonder women are standing in line and stripping for the chance to spend even part of a night with old Rad. He's the brother of the Transylvania dude, Vlad, who gets such negative press. But the Hollywood crowd all visits Rad's castle high above Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Rad Dracula may be a bit long in the tooth (he was born five hundred years ago) but no one in Hollywood can party as hearty as he does. Ask most of the actresses and starlets in town. Join a nave young student who dares the Vampire Mash at Mailamunte Castle on spine-tingling Judas Cyrianus Day, and discover how Vampires swing for yourself.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, 2005
eBookwise Release Date: November 2005


7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [166 KB]
Words: 38454
Reading time: 109-153 min.

"Sultan Mohammed clapped his hands once. Mustafa the Eunuch appeared at his side immediately, scimitar in business readiness. I must admit, his sudden appearance gave me quite a start. I had not been aware he was even in the room.

"The sultan ordered him to conduct me to a royal boudoir.

"Mustafa led me through a labyrinth of rooms to a suite that contained a throne similar to the one I had seen Mohammed sitting in before. In addition to the throne, there was a small round table with a drinking glass on it, filled with a pale liquid. But the dominant feature of the room was the bed. It was built low to the floor and was enormous. The room itself was hardly small. And the bed occupied most of the room.

"'Undress,' the eunuch ordered.

"I complied. A Blackamoor slavegirl appeared from a side door. As I removed my garb, she silently received each piece of clothing. When I was quite naked, she minced out of the room with my clothes. I looked around and somehow Mustafa had also disappeared. I stood alone and naked in that room wondering what would happen next.

"The main door flew open and the sultan marched in accompanied by one of his wives and one of the haremgirls. He was still wearing his royal robes and his elaborate turban. The wife and the haremgirl were as naked as I was. I didn't see the giant eunuch anywhere around but I knew he was present somewhere in the room.

"Mohammed sat on the throne and the haremgirl kneeled on the carpeted floor facing him. The wife, whom I recognized from my previous audience with His Majesty, approached me.

"The sultan directed his attention to me.

"'Drink the kenevir sarap that has been prepared for you and that you will find on yonder table,' he invited. Actually it was closer to an order than an invitation.

"I had heard of kenevir sarap, but had never seen the drink before. It is an aphrodisiac wine that was available in Asia Minor during the entire existence of the Ottoman Empire. It has not been available anywhere in the world since 1923.

"During my years in Turkey, I seldom imbibed kenevir sarap. I perform expertly without it. Its effect is to prolong potency well beyond what is normal for a male, allowing orgasms with ejaculation for many hours. A vampiric kiss has a similar effect on mortals. And, of course, there is no need for aphrodisiacs for us Nosferati. Virility is one of the effects of the purakh that courses through our veins.

"Fatima, for such was the queen's name, was absolutely beautiful. She was an Arabian, with those Semitic eyes that are so very sensual. Her breasts were full and inviting with rosy protruding nipples that fairly demanded to be suckled. Her midriff gave proof that she had practiced belly dancing, for it had softly rippling muscles that promised voluptuous pelvic action during intercourse.

"Her mound and pubis were enticing and all but caused me to fall on my knees to nuzzle the delights they promised.

"In all, I could hardly wait to perform the duty that would earn me the diamond.

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