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Sensual Intimacies: Even More Bedtime Tales
by Michelle Houston

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: "A Refreshing Addition to the Erotic World of Romance! Bedtime Tales and its sequel Naughty Whispers--if these two books were not enough of the naughty writing of Michelle Houston for you--and they weren't for most readers--then jump for joy! She's back again with a heaping helping of more bedtime tales. Sensual Intimacies brings another 14 tales of passion, ranging from a vacation fling, a leisurely morning in bed, and a moonlight skinny dip, to a bit of kinky fun. Add in stories involving vampires, a merman, and a werecat and you have an anthology with a bit of something for every taste."--In the Library Reviews
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, 2006
eBookwise Release Date: October 2005


26 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [133 KB]
Words: 30928
Reading time: 88-123 min.

* * * *

All of the stories contained herein were written for others to enjoy. It is my hopes that you will find them delightful to your senses, and that they tease (and please) your mind and body. And if you should happen to feel a tingle at the base of your spine, a warm curling sensation in your stomach, or the throbbing of your pulse against the seam of your jeans--all the better.

I write what I am moved, what I am inspired to write. Be it by a casually spoken idea, a fantasy shared between friends, moments from my own memories, or a curiosity that lingers in my mind, but will never become reality.

Most of my stories in this anthology revolve around committed heterosexual relationships. Some explore the more tender side, with soft caresses and loving touches. But tenderness is not always the core of sensuality and sex. Sometimes the bite of a stinging slap can be just a poignant as a lingering kiss. Each character has their own turn-ons and kinks and each story has it's own dynamics. So not all of the tales will suit each reader as some contain light bondage, anal sex, spankings and sex toys. A couple stories even involve other characters.

Some stories go beyond the realm of reality, and explore paranormal elements such as were-creatures, mermen or futuristic possibilities.

If you are familiar with my earlier ebooks, then you will find a couple of stories familiar--but for the most part, they are all original to this anthology.

It is my hope that you enjoy the third volume of Bedtime Tales.

* * * *

Suzanne trailed her fingers through the sand in a lazy motion, as she watched the surfers rushing to and from the waves. The temperature was perfect for relaxing on the beach and enjoying life, unlike what she would have to return to the next day. The weather report had given New York record lows for the next several days. Despite a noon flight, she was in no hurry to return home. All that awaited was a lonely apartment she shared with a steadily dying plant, which no amount of water, fresh soil and TLC had been able to cure, a dead end job and a love life, which resembled the Sahara.

Several times during her vacation she had been tempted to throw caution to the wind and have a fling with a sun-kissed beach dweller, one of the smooth talking men she had bumped into at the hotel bar, or even the friendly bellboy at her hotel who filled out his uniform in a such a delightful way, especially below the belt. But always cautious and level-headed, she had denied her urges and focused on the consequences of casual sex in the 90s.

Sighing softly, Suzanne couldn't help but wonder if she would spend the rest of her life alone, wondering what if. Maybe she'd get lucky and the right man would come along, and she'd give in to her hormones for once.

Closing her eyes to the sight of men she wouldn't allow herself to have, she drifted of sleep, lightly dozing--dreaming of what could be.

* * * *

A trail of cold water trickled down her golden skin, startling her awake. Stifling a soft scream, Suzanne sat up suddenly. A figure stood over her, his features shadowed by the sun at his back.

"You looked so peaceful laying there, I hate to wake you, but there's a volleyball game starting up and they're worried about possibly injuring you."

The stranger shifted, squatting next to her. Suddenly Suzanne could see his face, and his mostly bare body. Clad in only a pair of white shorts, he was easily 175 pounds of tanned, toned, and mostly naked male.

Licking her lips, Suzanne swallowed, trying to moisten her suddenly dry throat.

"Um, no problem. I need to get in out of the sun anyways."

"Need a hand?" Suzanne studied the hand he held out, the tanned skin, the light dusting of golden hair leading up his arm from his wrist. It perfectly matched the v of hair that started at his nipples and led teasingly past the band of his shorts.

Drawing her gaze from the temping arrow of blond curls, she lifted her hand and shifted her weight, letting him pull her up.

Standing next to him, she felt almost comfortable. He didn't tower over her like most men of her acquaintance. Although, given her slight frame, that wasn't saying much. In shoes, she'd guess he stood no taller than five foot eight. Barefooted, he lost at least an inch.

"Thank you," she whispered, her throat still dry.

Bending down, she grabbed her blanket while the stranger picked up her tote and handed it to her. As their hands brushed, she felt a zing of awareness.

"My pleasure."

After one last quick perusal, she turned and walked away, already wondering if she'd spend another sleepless night wondering what if. He had definitely seemed worth breaking her no casual sex rule over.

* * * *

Flopping onto her back, Suzanne finally admitted defeat and climbed out of bed. The clock mocked her, blinking it's red 1:00 a.m. at her.

Changing from her silk nightgown to a comfortable skirt and a red tank top, she strapped on her sandals, pocketed her room key and headed out of her bungalow. Sultry island music wrapped itself around her, mingling with the warm ocean breeze. Lifting her arms to the air, she swayed with the music as she headed down the path to the outdoor bar, the lure of one last umbrella drink, one last sensual dance with a stranger, too strong to resist.

The bartender nodded his head at her as she settled on the next to last barstool. It took him several moments to work his way down to her, and Suzanne patiently waited, letting the sultry beat flow through her, bringing a fire to her veins.

"You're usual Q?"

Suzanne smiled at the whimsical nickname the bartender had given her on her first night on the island. "Yeah."

"One sex on the beach coming up then. What do you women see in that drink anyways?"

Suzanne just laughed and tossed money on the counter, enough for her drink and a sizable tip.

As the bartender walked away, a whiff of a familiar scent tickled her nose. Turning slightly, she caught the gaze of the blond from the beach as he settled himself onto the stool next to her.

"I didn't get a chance earlier to ask you name."


He held out his hand. "I'm Etienne."

Suzanne slid her hand in his, trembling slightly at the heady rush of sensation it evoked. Earlier, standing above her, his body covered in only a pair of form fitting shorts he was delicious. But now, hair still damp from a shower, smelling of shampoo and that exotic scent that was all his own, dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans, he was nothing short of temptation. A temptation she had sworn to resist. Yet with the passion of the music surrounding her, and the pull of it being her last night in paradise, she was ready to throw caution to the wind.

The bartender set her drink down in front of her and discreetly moved away. Suzanne picked it up and took a drink, then asked, "Would you like to go for a walk on the beach?"

Uncertain just how to make a pass at him, she settled for a simple excuse for them to leave the crowded bar and be alone, if he was willing. Etienne's blue eyes darkened to a warm, deep indigo.

"Yes." He held out his hand, and she hesitantly clasped it, leaving her mostly full glass sitting on the bar. Leisurely, they strolled down the boardwalk to the beach, pausing to kick off their shoes, before walking in silence down the moonlit strip of milky white sand.

Suzanne wanted to say something, anything, to let him know what she was feeling, the heady dose of desire that curled within her belly, but didn't know how. Years of busting her ass working, and neglecting her social life to achieve the career she had dreamed of, had left her woefully inept with men.

Knowing she would never see Etienne again, she settled for action instead of words. Stopping suddenly, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, pouring all the passion within her into it.

Instead of pushing her away, Etienne clasped her hips in his hands and pulled her close, responding with equal intensity, until Suzanne couldn't tell who was leading, and who following. It was a sensual blur of desire.

She wasn't even aware of them dropping to the ground, until the cool sand brushed against the back of her neck. With a soft gasp, she pulled back, uncertainly warring with need.

"Do you want to stop?" Etienne's voice was so husky she trembled in reaction.

"No. I'm just not sure if this is the best place to be doing this."

Suzanne ran her fingers through his thick mane of hair as she debated if it was worth the risk, or if they should head back to one of their rooms.

"Do you want to head back?"

Damn caution, and inhibitions. She was in paradise, with a gorgeous willing man, and she wasn't about to let the heat of the moment slip past her. She shook her head, the most minute of movements. "No."

Her fingers tightened their grip in his hair, pulling his head back down to hers. Etienne's lips pressed against her, his tongue delving into her mouth.

Suzanne shifted against him, coaxing him to settle on top of her. His hips pressed her down into the sand, the coolness a blazing contrast against the heat of his body.

Suddenly restless, she shifted beneath him, her hips rocking slightly, grinding her groin against his. Etienne responded in kind, slowly thrusting his jean clad crotch against the flimsy cotton of her skirt. It would have taken her back to those fumbling backseat grind sessions in high school; except for the tender way Etienne was caressing her, his fingertips drawing small circles on her outer rib cage and thighs.

She slid her hands from his hair and down his chest to his waistband. Tugging the edge of his t-shirt, she pulled it loose from his jeans, then pushed it up to his shoulders. Etienne obliged, pulling back enough that he could kneel between her spread legs and she could pull the shirt over his head.

Flashing her a grin, his hands gripped the bottom of her top and lifted it, slowly baring her stomach and breasts to his view. Suzanne held her breath, waiting for his next move.

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