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The Game
by Mackenzie McKade

Category: Education/Romance
Description: In the year 2106, erotic reality game shows are all the rage. Add two estranged celebrities on an exclusive BDSM pleasure planet and their explosive reunion rivals Armageddon ... Desperate for money, Chastity Ambrose enters a sexually explicit game show known for its unsavory exploits, only to discover that her opponent is the very man she left at the altar two years ago. A man who still fires her blood and does the most deliciously wicked things to her body and mind. While Chastity struggles with long-held secrets and her body's desires, Seth can think of only one thing ... Revenge couldn't be sweeter for Seth Allen, as the game show has been rigged to suit him. He wants Chastity to suffer as he has these past two years. Just seeing her again arouses his anger, as well as his passion. But vengeance is bittersweet. Both Chastity and Seth struggle to survive with their hearts intact during this high stakes battle of dominance and submission. Let the games begin!
eBook Publisher: Ellora's Cave, 2005
eBookwise Release Date: August 2005


5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [313 KB]
Words: 68969
Reading time: 197-275 min.

Chapter One

If paybacks were a bitch, Chastity Ambrose was about to be hit by two-hundred pounds of solid retribution.

Frozen to the stage, camera lights glaring, she strained to see clearly. Starbursts and black spots blurred the man's features. Nevertheless, his stormy gait said it all. Seth Allen was mad and ready to wreak vengeance.

A thunderclap of female and male appreciation filled the air. It was always that way with each personal appearance of the 2104 Astral-ball Champion. Men envied him for his virile masculinity and prowess. Women loved him for his more elemental aspects--sexy good looks and a to-die-for bod. Six feet two inches of honed muscle and dark charisma.

And he had been all hers two years ago.

"Seth Allen!" Monty Jamison, the game host of the Voyeur II series, announced him once again, clearly in awe. Any minute Chastity expected the man in the tan designer suit to fall to his knees and cry, "I'm not worthy!"

Okay, so she wasn't the greatest athlete of all time or worth over a billion dollars. Nevertheless, she had her own notoriety. A recognized figure in the modeling circuit, she was known as the only woman who had ever brought the great Seth Allen to his knees.

Fact was, she needed the prize this contest promised. Failure was not an option. She had to win. If not for the money, she wouldn't be caught dead participating in a sexually explicit game show like Voyeur II. There was never a hint as to what kind of situation or feat you might be asked to perform. It was simply icing on the cake that her opposition was her ex-fiancé. The man she had left at the altar two years ago.

"2104 Astral-ball Champion and the new owner of the Los Angeles Annihilators!" The stage shook as the crowd roared hanging on to each of the announcer's words.

So Seth had done it. Purchased the very team he played for. Her heart swelled with pride. It had been his dream and she was happy for him. And she wasn't the only one.

Vibrant faces beamed admiration. Many lunged to their feet, the applause deafening. Still, it didn't drown out the rapid heartbeat pounding in her ears. The audience adored Seth Allen. He was a man's hero, a woman's fantasy.

Chastity watched the play of muscles beneath his soft, transparent shirt as he approached. The chameleon material was a favorite of hers. In fact, Seth had purchased her several outfits made of the mesmerizing cloth that changed colors and hues with every movement, defining the mounds and curves of her anatomy. Body heat made the cloth glow. And judging by the fiber optics radiating enough energy to cause a power surge, the man was hot.

Yet it was the bulge between his thighs that quickly caught her eye. His jeans were a perfect fit, outlining an extremely generous package.

He was magnificent.

No one could make her pussy weep like him. No one else could bring her off the bed with an orgasm that shattered all threads of reality.

Regret squeezed her heart. If only they could forget the past. If only he'd forgive her, she would willingly spend this night with her legs wrapped around him, his cock buried deep within her wet core. If ... if ... if...

As always, Seth was gracious and humble to his fans. He bowed and his shoulder-length hair fell, flashing blue-black as light filtered through it. She swallowed the knot in her throat. Even now, she could feel the silky strands glide through her fingers. Feel its coolness slide over her naked breasts, down her stomach, pooling at the apex of her thighs. Her nipples tingled and her crotch ached with the need to once again feel his touch. A tremor caught her unaware as she inhaled a ragged breath.

Four large cinema-plasmic screens suspended in the air narrowed in on his handsome face. Now everyone was up close and personal with his piercing blue eyes and dark features. Even without his combat uniform, he appeared like a gladiator torn from the pages of the Roman days. And she had always loved his sexy Van Dyke goatee and mustache. Not only did it give him that strong, dangerous mien, but it was a helluva ride.

Spellbound, she watched as his sensual lashes lowered lazily to shadow even more sensual eyes. Then he winked, sending half the women to their feet and scrambling toward the stage. A barrage of bodyguards fought back the onslaught of lust swamping the platform.

Rich, thick laughter spilled from his lips like honey. A heady aphrodisiac that made every woman in the theater this October evening crave a taste of him.

Acoustics in the building amplified the soft moans of appreciation. A sliver of jealousy crawled beneath Chastity's skin. Over the years, she had heard rumors of his prowess. A boldly sensuous lover whose name women whispered like a prayer. But she knew the real truth. None of the tittle-tattle had even come close to his virile masculinity.

The scent of raw desire seeped into the air. Flung from somewhere in the back of the theater, a pair of black silk panties soared through the air and landed at Seth's feet. He stood for a pregnant moment, and then he stooped to retrieve the lingerie. Pressing the material to his nose, he closed his eyes, an expression of rapture crossing his face.

The audience went deathly still.

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