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Hollywood Hustlers
by Daphne Sainbois, Eleanor Tremaine

Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica
Description: The Sexpadilloes of the Rich and Famous. A long-time observer of Hollywood nightlife tells all in this frank erotic novel. Everybody in Hollywood is a hustler, from the cowboy star who was born East of the Hudson, to the gorgeous lapdancer with two kids to support. If power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, it's no wonder everyone in tinseltown is randy all the time! Here are the people who have done it so many times, they are always in search of a new way to do someone, or be done. Read this one with asbestos gloves and a tall cool beverage by your side. First ever book publication.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/SIZZLER, 2005
eBookwise Release Date: August 2005


2 Reader Ratings:
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Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [169 KB]
Words: 38743
Reading time: 110-154 min.

As they parked in the lot next to the club, Ralph told his buddy his plans for the evening.

And on this particular trip, he planned to really have himself a time.

"Look, Eddie," he said. "This time here, I'm going the whole way."

"You mean the Priapus Room?"

"Yep. So I'll arrange for the van to take me home after the club closes. Don't wait for me."

"Good luck, Pal. Enjoy the ride," was all the answer he got. Eddie knew all about the Priapus Room, but had never felt it worth his while to shell out the kind of dough needed to enter that very private place.

When they entered, Ralph made arrangements with the bouncer for a ride home in the van. The club provided two way service from the club to Los Angeles and Hollywood. The cost was nominal. Getting customers to Caborca Gardens from the megalopolis was essential for business.

The Muskrats found that their favorite table was available and sat down.

For the price of a fifty dollar bottle, each, of local vintage "champagne," a totally nude dancer would visit their table. She would jiggle, boogie, shake, and flounce in close proximity.

Gentlemen clients are aware that in order to get more than an eyeful, they need to come bearing a walletfull of fifty dollar bills.

Ralph always came loaded. Although Emma kept tight watch on the books at the office, Ralph had figured out over a dozen ways to skim money from the till undetected. He set up a secret, private account at a bank and had amassed several thousand dollars in it. And he had a debit card attached to the account for "emergencies." His life with Emma would scarcely have been worth living without access to the cash that funded his lodge activities.

The boys' favorite dancer was Kinkie Lamour. She had a pixie face framed with mischief. She was five foot one, ninety-eight pounds, with perky breasts, a gorgeous derriere, and legs to die for. She was, in the words of the Muskrats, "Awesome." Her eyes were green in color and her hair a strawberry blonde stubble. She kept her hair cut to what is known as a Number One Buzz. The same cut Ralph had worn since he was a teen-ager. He always got a head rub from Kinkie when she came to the table in celebration of their identical haircuts.

Kinkie came to the boys' table. Her only attire was a small gold handbag which she carried with a flair. The sight of her perfect nude figure always had an immediate physical effect on the Muskrats. The tenting in their respective pants attested to the fact that they had taken in her charms.

Ralph and Eddie knew the rules. The dancers could touch the customers but, within the confines of the auditorium the customers could not touch the girls. The vigilant bouncers enforced the rules, politely but firmly. The town fathers of Caborca Gardens were not going to allow public fondling. The breaking of the decency laws of the State of California could jeopardize the main economy of their community.

Kinkie approached Eddie with a smile. As a regular, she had learned from him his name and occupation.

"Eddie-boy. You're looking mighty good tonight."

"You do too, Kinkie."

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