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April Love
by Honey Jans

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: April Brooks is a twenty-eight year old virgin. Fresh from a break up with her cheating ex fiancé, she bumps into Will Shepard, the man of her teenage erotic dreams. Deciding he's the perfect candidate to deflower her, she promptly asks him if he'd like to take her to bed. Will Shepard, a reformed bad boy can't believe his luck. But when they get between the sheets, he quickly realizes April isn't all she seems. For instance, she doesn't even know how to kiss, much less make love. He decides that he's the man to teach her the erotic arts, and talks her into a series of love lessons. Will April be able to put aside her distrust of men to find pleasure in Will's arms? Can he teach her all his favorite sexual tricks without falling in love? Find out by reading April Love.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2005 WHISKEY CREEK PRESS
eBookwise Release Date: July 2005


153 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [130 KB]
Words: 30510
Reading time: 87-122 min.

"April Love is a romantic and sensual love story featuring two protagonists who are doing their best to avoid love, only to have it come sneaking up on them. This is a lighthearted romance that tells the story of a virgin finally experiencing the joy that can come with giving one?s heart to the right person. I thought April was a great heroine, someone willing to take care of her family when needed, someone who isn?t afraid to experience new things, and a person who just has a general optimistic view of life. Watching Will, a man badly burned by love, fall in love with her was a real treat. Honey Jans has written a lovely story with two characters that are not only believable people, but that are special individuals. ~ Reviewed by: Sarah W, 4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews ?What do you get when you combine one betrayed woman, one divorced and commitment shy man, one Victorian house in renovation, his meddling family including a sister who designs sexy lingerie, and a big dog? April Love. Read it on a Saturday afternoon, when the husband is home, and the kids aren?t.?~ Reviewed by: Cassie Walder, Award Winning Author of Sensual & Erotic Romance Rating: 5 Cups "Honey Jans writes a book that will keep you up until all hours of the night. This book is so hot, you will need ice water to cool down. It?s a keeper." ~ Reviewed by: Sherry, Coffee Time Romance Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5 "APRIL LOVE is a charming tale sure to capture your heart. April seems to be deceiving herself with the ideal that she only wanted one night, just to rid herself of her virginity. She had denied her own sexual needs the entire time she was engaged to Edmund to the point that she didn't even know how to kiss, because she was saving herself for that one special man. She was just engaged to the wrong man. As a reformed bad boy, Will is perfect for April. He was able to tell that she was a virgin and deal with her accordingly. Honey Jans has done a wonderful job incorporating a sweet love story with some very hot sexual scenes. This is a book definitely well worth reading." ~ Reviewed by: Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

Chapter 1

She needed to get laid, April Brooks decided, climbing onto a barstool in the back booth at Reds Bar and Grill. Resting her evening sandal shod feet on the tables brass rail, she surveyed the dancing couples with an envious eye. She didnt want permanence, just a real man to finally make her feel like a real woman. Men might be cheating dogs in general, but they did have their uses, like ridding a twenty-eight-year-old woman of her virginity. She wanted to find out what she was missing, ached to actuallyif those hollow longings between her legs were anything to go by. She needed a dream loverfor one night.

Smoothing her new blue dress out on her lap, she decided that it definitely beat her usual garb of lab coats and business suits. They belonged to the old April, the dowdy assistant college professor. This sexy new dress fit the new April she wanted to become. She was determined to reinvent herself as the owner of a successful Bed and Breakfast, and as a woman with at least some semblance of a sex life.

The jukebox twanged a song about friends in low places. That about summed up Reds, and it fit her mood. She hadnt been able to resist coming here, after leaving a friends wedding reception. Twin calamities flattened her like a one-two punch two weeks ago, and she was still trying to get over them. First, her Aunt Sadie had been incapacitated with a stroke. A week later, Aprils personal life and career had unraveled when she walked in on her fiancé, Edmund Jones, having sex with one of his grad students.

Humiliated, shed instantly realized their three-year platonic relationship had been nothing but a sham. Shed been tamping down her sexual desires, saving herself for a man that didnt even want her. She coddled him, supported him, and helped him with his work. In short, shed been more of a servant than a girlfriend. Edmund had suffered from writers block, and she helped him get published. The truth was, shed written the articles and he claimed all the credit. She hadnt minded at the time, feeling sorry for him.

Walking in on him, his trousers down around his ankles and Tiffany kneeling in front of him, her lips swallowing his small red penis as he made grunting sounds, had vividly taught her how stupid shed been. She resigned her position rather than work under the man anymore.

Moving back home to run The Rosebud had been a move in the right direction, but in some ways, the move had only made her feel more discontent. Seeing her old high school friends paired off reminded her that life was passing her by. Fresh from a girlfriends wedding, she felt as demoralized as a female could get. When her best friend Ellen joked that she was so uptight she squeaked she knew it was painfully true. It was high time she shed her cursed virginity. She needed a dream loverfor one night.

Of course, her dream lover needed to be good at sex. She required a man who could perform. Eyeing the selection of men, she decided to approach her deflowering as a research project. The perfect candidates qualifications were simple. He had to be reasonably good looking. He had to be good at sex. And he couldnt be clingy! This would amount to a one-time occurrence.

A burst of masculine laughter from the head of the bar snagged her attention. She recognized that laughthat powerful stance. Viewing him from the back, she still knew him. Billy Shepard! A visceral thrill shot through her. Five years older and the towns rebel without a cause, tall, muscular, dangerous, she shivered right down to her toes.

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