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Indigo-E.T. Connection
by Marshall Masters

Category: Family/Relationships/Education
Description: Science tells us that the seeds of life can endure for millennia before a life-nourishing event awakens them. Could this explain the Indigo Child phenomenon? Now, humanity stands upon the cusp of its next evolution, and unprecedented numbers of Indigo Children have awakened to guide the willing towards a brighter future and contact with extraterrestrial races. While some believe that the Indigo Child phenomena began roughly forty years ago, Marshall Masters believes that Indigo Children have always been here and that they are now awakening to the gentle call of a living universe.
eBook Publisher: Yowbooks.com/Your Own World Books, 2004
eBookwise Release Date: June 2005


2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [168 KB]
Words: 37818
Reading time: 108-151 min.

"There is an urgency in the book that leaves the reader with little space for complacency. For anyone, Indigo-E.T. Connection is a challenging read. For those of us who recognise the strain of "Indigo-ness" in us that cannot lie down, it is compelling."--John Overton, active-indigos.org

"Many researchers are coming to the conclusion that we are not alone in the universe. Not all of these researchers share the same metaphysical commitments, and the trajectories of their works, although roughly parallel, are not exactly the same. But the general conclusion is that we terrestrial humans are part of a whole cosmic hierarchy of beings, with whom we are, have been, or will be in contact in one way or another. Among this group of researchers is Marshall Masters, whose latest book, the Indigo-E.T. Connection, gives his thought provoking ideas on how a small select group of terrestrial humans, with super high IQs and indigo colored auras, may be the best suited for contact with extraterrestrial beings. For all those interested in the development of the emerging new consensus on the nature of the cosmos, as multidimensional and inhabited by varieties of intelligences, Indigo-E.T. Connection provides a worthwhile contribution to the expanding literature on this topic"--Michael A. Cremo, Human Devolution, Forbidden Archeology

Who Will Speak for Us?

If we took all of the books seeking to validate the proposition that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet, and stacked them upon a single library shelf, it would sag hopelessly out of shape. Ergo, this book shall start by skipping past the sag in the shelf, by unreservedly accepting this proposition as a reality. That being said, the next issue is the more critical question: Who should speak for us? Interestingly enough, human evolution may have already answered the question!

All species on this planet, Modern Man included, evolve in response to changes in their environment. However, our particular species goes beyond that. We are the only species to have evolved in response to our own sociological and technological advances as well.

Not only do our hands and backsides appreciate the benefits of modern technology and all of its 2-ply benefits, these advances seem to ingratiate themselves into our genetic blueprint with equal enthusiasm as well.

In this regard, the latest evolution of man has come in the form of what we call Indigo Children. They are labeled Indigo Children because psychics see them as having purplish or indigo-colored auras.

Scientists and researchers are scrambling to understand these gifted system buster children who began appearing worldwide in unprecedented numbers towards the end of the last century. Regrettably, many of these children have been wrongly diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and are being liberally treated with the drug Ritalin, as though it were a medieval cure-all. Consequently, a terrible travesty is being wreaked upon the Indigo Children of today, as those who control the purse strings are using powerful mind altering drugs to force the Indigo children they view as square pegs, into the round obedient holes deemed necessary by our materialistic society.

In general terms, Indigo children are called bright and gifted as opposed to being called geniuses (a term that harkens back to earlier generations.).

They are born with an indomitable sense of self. Like those who are born into European royalty, they intuitively know their mission in life and expect others to show the proper regard at all times. Their sense of self and life mission is so strong, it never bows to the admonitions, threats, and pleading wishes of parents and educators and their right thinking aptitude tests. ( Hey mom, I don't want to be a lawyer and spend the rest of my life reading boring documents and arguing with people, so learn to live with it! Where are the Oreos? )

The scientific literature about Indigo Children is building at a professionally respectable pace, but in layman's terms, Indigo Children are not sheeple.

The term sheeple is a contraction of the words sheep and people and is commonly used by conspiracy theorists to describe the bulk of humanity. You may not agree with the term, but it does have a certain, non-hyphenated way of explaining why intelligent people can always be found marching in lockstep with the maniacal despot du jour.

What makes the Indigo Children so precious in all of the human experience is that they are wholly unwilling to become subjugated to any thought system or government. Simply put, there is not enough Ritalin in the world to turn even one Indigo Child into a mindless goose stepper for the likes of a Hitler, or Stalin.

Yes, Indigo Children are of us, but they are also beyond us too, at least those who persist in acting like unquestioning sheeple. This is why they must be properly nurtured into adulthood and groomed for the most important role we could ever bestow: When mankind comes to learn that we are not alone; we have never been alone; nor will we ever be alone.

The knowing of our first words to other races is still a bridge to be crossed. However, what we must acknowledge is that our Indigo Children must be the first ones to cross it for us. To them we must entrust the awesome responsibility of building mutual respect with the many different extraterrestrial races humankind is certain to encounter.

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