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Stalker's Revenge [Earth Cleansing Series Book 2]
by Kenneth Baker

Category: Horror/Science Fiction Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read
Description: After three long months, Tony, Joe and Ben must continue their journey to the secret lab in Colorado. They meet a man named Zeb, who controls thousands of dogs. Todd pulls out all the stops to try and capture Ben and kill Tony. Not only does Tony and her group has to avoid Todd; now they are being chased by a deranged man who controls an uncounted number of wild dogs. Ninety percent of the US population is dead. As they pass through towns ravaged by the deranged people after them, Stalker, the huge black Canadian timber wolf, saves their lives time after time. Even with Stalker's help it is doubtful they will reach the secret lab. Against such overwhelming odds the group goes on, mile after tortuous mile, fighting for their lives each step of the way in this thrilling horror/science-fiction sequel to The Chosen One.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2005 WHISKEY CREEK PRESS
eBookwise Release Date: May 2005


27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [386 KB]
Words: 102805
Reading time: 293-411 min.

"Stalker's Revenge is a fitting and enthralling sequel to The Chosen One, and is Book 2 of The Earth Cleansing Series. Rampant with roller-coaster action suitable to an action-adventure movie, and character revelation coupled with undertones of spirituality and a new budding romance, few readers will be able to set Stalker's Revenge aside until completion; and even then, like The Chosen One, it will linger long in the imagination. Author Kenneth E. Baker demonstrates a fine grasp of imagination and develops a world we will all hope never comes into existence. Extreme and frequent graphic violence and sexual violence might be considered unsuitable to some readers. 4 1/2 Lips!"--Frost, Two Lips Reviews

"Stalker's Revenge had me engrossed the moment I started reading. This book lights sparks and is loaded with so many fast twists and turns that it spins you around on a roller coaster ride full of electrical charge. The character of Todd sent shivers down me. Just the part alone with the snow on the mountain and Todd in the camper was enough to cause me to take complete flight out of there. The storyline with Rita and Ross entwined as the brain chips with the computer flows great with the story. Kenneth Baker paints a picturesque scene that leaves a lasting impression. He is a talented author with a flare for writing spellbinding suspense that keeps you glued to your seat. Is this the end or is it just the beginning? Hold onto your seats, readers, this is a whirlwind of a ride that will have you begging for more as Mr. Baker leaves you spellbound once again! 5 Angels! Recommended Read!"--Linda, Fallen Angels Reviews

Todd watched the six men fidget in their seats waiting for him to say something. Let them wait; it would do them good, he thought. Tilting his chair back, he thought about what had happened two months ago. From his headquarters, located in the little town of Cicada, Missouri, he sent out people to hunt down Joe and a woman named Tony that his Master feared. Just when he thought he was reeling Joe and the woman in, things started going wrong. His right hand man, Ray, took twenty of his top men and disappeared. Although he didn't know it then, Todd now knew Ray had left because of the way Todd had acted during one of his drunken stupors. When he awoke the next morning and found Ray gone, Todd went to his office and broke or threw out all the liquor bottles in the place. He had done this while nursing a brain-thumping headache.

A few days after that, for no reason, people with him started killing each other. He owed Joe dearly for that one. He tested the drug that he gave his people to keep them calm, but he found it to be ineffectual. Someone had put a worthless powder in its place. Without the drug to calm them, his people turned aggressive and started killing randomly. He ended up killing three dozen of them before control was established. The next few days were hectic. Things settled down when they found a fresh supply of the drug a hundred miles away, but it took four days to settle his people.

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