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Meadowlark [Meadowlark Trilogy Book 1]
by Carolyn Lampman

Category: Romance/Historical Fiction Coeur Du Bois Heart of Romance Award Winner, RITA Award Finalist, National Reader's Choice Award Winner, Road to Romance Reviewer's Choice Award Winner
Description: Becky White is out of options. Destitute, alone, and pregnant, employment in a brothel seems her only chance of survival in the wild west mining town of South Pass City. As she stands on the creek bank contemplating the unthinkable, fate takes a hand. The earth crumbles beneath her feel and pitches her into the raging torrent Unable to fight the high spring run-off, she surrenders to the flood, thinking death might be the best solution after all When Garrick Swenson saves a young woman from drowning, he realizes providence has given him a way to atone for his guilty past. He offers Becky and her baby the protection of his name, with no strings attached. Just as they find themselves wanting a true marriage in every sense of the word the past surfaces to tear them apart. With Garrick facing the hangman's noose and Becky's future uncertain, it appears not even love can conquer all. AWARDS: Winner of the National Reader's Choice Award Coeur Du Bois Heart of Romance Award Finalist for the RITA Award The Road To Romance Reviewer's Choice Award March 2004 WCP Publisher's Pick Award
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2005 WHISKEY CREEK PRESS
eBookwise Release Date: February 2005


47 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [395 KB]
Words: 94574
Reading time: 270-378 min.

I enjoy historical romances, especially those that depict what life was like for women. Most Americans never learn about the role of women in early American history except for the contributions of writers such as Carolyn Lampman. The suffragist movement was alive and well in Wyoming gaining the vote and right to hold public office long before other states. The day-to-day experiences of those in Meadowlark presented through a variety of characters offered a look at what life was really like for early settlers -Frances Boyle, Fictionwise Recommender

"Meadowlark by Carolyn Lampman is a very heart-warming tale that manages to engage all your emotions. You can't help but root for this delightful couple. The very graphic descriptions of this remarkable setting enhance an already impressive story. I strongly encourage everyone to journey to South Pass City and immerse yourself in this wonderful tale. --Nadine St. Denis, Romance Junkies

South Pass City, Wyoming Territory, 1870

Becky was out of options and she knew it. With the last of her money gone, it was only a matter of time until hunger drove her down to Beer Garden Gulch in search of a job in one of the saloons. It was stupid to wait any longer hoping for a miracle. Cameron wasn't coming back.

She kicked a small rock into the creek and glanced down the street. There was already music and raucous laughter coming from the saloons. It wasn't even dark out and business was booming. Obviously the owners would be too busy to talk to her now. Morning would surely be better.

With a relieved sigh, Becky sat down on a pile of sluice box tailings. There was no guarantee anybody down there would hire her anyway. No one else in town had. Too young, they said, or not enough experience. She'd heard some of the hurdy gurdy girls were almost as young as she was. Maybe it wouldn't matter that she was tall and gangly with too much hair and not enough chest like her father always said.

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