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5 Steps to Personal Power
by Patrick Ryan

Category: Business/Self Improvement
Description: Have you ever wondered why it is that some people seem to be born winners? The kind of people who regularly and easily achieve their personal and career goals? What empowers such people to succeed where others might fail? It really isn't a mystery. These people have learned how to take control of their lives by charting a course aimed directly at success. They own their own power. Now you can solve the mystery for yourself. The 5 Steps to Personal Power is not just another so-called "self help" book. Quite the contrary, it picks up where other works usually end. Many books of this type are long on theory and very short on practical application. Traditional psychology emphasizes normality, abnormality, and learning theory. Seldom will the reader learn how to alter a state of mind or to take responsibility for feeling better. Flying in the face of traditional psychology, The 5 Steps to Personal Power will introduce you to the same simple and revolutionary idea discovered by the author. A powerful concept so powerful that it cannot be under emphasized: The 5 Steps to Personal Power is filled with over 300 pages that teach you a system based on sound principles. Here are some of the things that you will discover: * A more effective paradigm for how you think. * Give you an expanded vision of what you expect from yourself. * Help you discover your mission, vision, or purpose in life. * Help you get unstuck and re-focused. * Uncover a core of ever-available strength and serenity. * See and act more effectively when how you are thinking and what you are doing is not working.
eBook Publisher: MH Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: November 2004


1 Reader Ratings:
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Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [210 KB]
Words: 45428
Reading time: 129-181 min.

Reality is not so much what happens to us; rather, it is how we think about those events that create the reality we experience. In a very real sense, this means that we each create the reality in which we live. As a corollary of this basic belief about the nature of existence, many humans get into trouble, in Ellis' words, "because of their nutty, irrational thoughts and beliefs"--Laurie Bobskill (September 30, 1987). "Albert Ellis School of Psychotherapy."

The good news is that, since the one thing we can all learn to control is our thoughts, our responses to the situations life brings us, whatever they are, are entirely our own responsibility! The bad news is that, since the one thing we can all learn to control is our thoughts, our responses to the situations life brings us, whatever they are, are entirely our own responsibility! Cognitive psychology gave me a new frame of reference, a new mental map through which to view the world, a new paradigm through which to see my environment. Remember, a paradigm is a filter, and it is created from our genetic predispositions, our past learning and experiences, and our self-concept.

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