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Say a Few Words
by John Williams

Category: Business/Self Improvement
Description: Whether it's around a campfire, in a crowded meeting room or a high priced fundraising dinner, some day the public speaking bug is going to bite you. Will you be ready? You can be. Discover the tips, tricks and techniques to effectively getting your message across painlessly and effortlessly. Say a Few Words will show you how. Written by the well known magician, author and presenter John Williams, he explains the butterflies as big as buffaloes and how to capture your audience.
eBook Publisher: MH Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: November 2004


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [42 KB]
Words: 8739
Reading time: 24-34 min.


This Guide is not just for people that want to become professional speakers and want tips about increasing the impact of their presentations or how to increase their bookings.

It's also a primer to help anyone that might have to say a few words or make a formal presentation, to promote themselves, their business or a group or cause that they support.

You get the tips and shortcuts that I learned as a magician and workshop presenter.

Even if you are not an experienced public speaker, don't have the time or desire to learn to be one and perhaps have the irrational fear that many people share about "saying a few words", this guide will goof-proof you as far as is humanly possible.

Every speaker has problems at times and they may be caused by their own mistakes or other people. I'll tell you about handling those occasions too.

This book helps you to answer the casual inquiry and will also help you if you do a formal speech, promotional address, recitation (yes, a few people still do them) or an appeal for funds.

You might not do it for money but, these days, any of us could get an inquiry from the media and the future of our business or group might depend on the way we handle that.

People admire anyone who can speak well. Professional speakers and magicians undergo a long period of training. They all make their share of mistakes, learning by experience the best ways to keep other people's interest.

Most people are glad that it's not them up there on the platform, in the center of the spotlight. It's probably being in the spotlight, however small, that is the main drawback for most of us.

If you are involved in business or community activities, you need to be able to tell people about that on social or other occasions. Many of us are asked, "What do you do?" or "What is your company doing?" on social occasions or at business functions.

There are many more questions such as:

"Does this organization use the donations that I give it wisely?"

"Why should I join (or help) your organization?"

We need to answer them in a way that leaves a positive impression and doesn't sound like something we've learned parrot-fashion from a glossy brochure.

How do you answer that without losing your audience, even if it is just one person? You probably haven't got the spare time to learn the right methods and short-cuts in a formal class and it could be costly to learn by trial and error.

Remember that all of us speak and interact successfully with strangers every day.

This book helps you to prepare for most occasions when you might need to "go public", even those where you have little or no advance knowledge.

You have all the talent that you will ever have and that's about the same amount as many well-paid, successful speakers and presenters. They improve those natural abilities with years of rehearsal and experience.

This is your guide to speaking when:

* Your Group or Club needs more funds

* You apply for a new job

* You promote your business or product.

* Writers should be able to talk briefly about their book in an interesting way to people that don't have a great interest in the book's topic and also have no interest in buying it.

* If you have a small business, you need to be able to do the same about your main product line or service.

* If you are an employee, you have to be able to tell people about your job without pressuring or boring them.

Most of us are Members of at least one community group; sporting, social or service club. You may be asked to present a talk to Members about your work or to other people about how they might help the organization.

This guide will help to make it more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

It should take you only about one hour to absorb most of it! That little bit of preparation will remove some of the nervous tension you feel about having to speak to any group.

Then you can use this ebook as a handy reference in the years ahead.

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