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Cater Your Way To Riche$--2nd edition
by Joan Bramsch

Category: Business
Description: Good cooks who fantasize about operating a small catering home-business will learn all they need to know to start a company from their own kitchen. Fast, factual information for creative catering entrepreneurs with more ideas than $$$s.
eBook Publisher: JB Information Station, 2004
eBookwise Release Date: September 2004


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [39 KB]
Words: 7042
Reading time: 20-28 min.

"CATER YOUR WAY TO RICHES is the perfect plan for making your dreams of owning a successful catering business a reality. The steps are concise, thorough, and simple. Great job, Joan. You always find incredible ways to help people, especially moms."--Connie

"This book speaks to everyone who cooks, not just Caterers. It really helps you cater your own parties--and it does it so well. It is also great for preparing for one's own occasions and events--or volunteering to help at Church, School, Scouts, etc. even if not in the business--but just helping. Congratulations! What a winner."--Joyce


How many times have you been told: "You're such a terrific cook! You should be in the catering business."

And how many times have you thought to yourself: "It could be a great experience, being a caterer."

But you were afraid!

You didn't know where to begin--how to get clients, where to buy food, how to rent equipment or what to charge for your services.

The aim of this book is to fill in all those empty gaps with information. Information that will let you "Cater Your Way To Riche$" and to personal satisfaction. Even on a part-time basis, for once in your life, you can be the boss.

A catering business is practically a sure thing. It's almost impossible not to make money. Especially if you are an independent caterer, just beginning. You are your own boss. Capital investment is minimal. After all, it's one of a few home businesses where you sell the service, take the order and receive partial payment (the deposit) before any work is done or any raw materials are bought or any equipment is rented. The deposit paid by your client covers the actual cost of the foodstuffs so a profit is virtually assured.

Yes, for You, there is money to be made in catering! This book will deal with the easier, less competitive, small type business that a new caterer/entrepreneur can handle from her or his own kitchen or that of the client. Money outlay is very little, but profits can be great. Fifteen to thirty percent of the gross costs is an acceptable NET PROFIT.

Cater Your Way To Riche$ can help you to make your dream catering business a reality.

Remember, you'll endear yourself to your client if you provide her/him with a selection of foods and services from which to choose that will provide variety, but also some price differences. You, the caterer, should provide a printed list of the foods you offer and their unit price. You will find that this list will be a welcome aid to party planning for your client.

Your client's desires should always come first. But clarity about prices and your ability to provide a requested item or service will make your customer most happy. It will also assure repeat business in the future from your client or one of her or his guests. Why? Because you can be trusted. Your word is your bond.

Remember, you are involved in catering to PROVIDE EXCELLENT SERVICE, MAKE A PROFIT and TO SATISFY YOUR CLIENT.

Bluffing it, "faking" it, providing poor quality food and drink or using substitutions without first consulting the host, or giving poor service will ruin your reputation even before you get your business off the cutting board! Remember, too, that each client has dozens and dozens of friends, relatives and business contacts, and each is a potential customer--or detractor.

Which your Client will be--a Repeat Customer or a Detractor--depends solely on your service and the quality of the food you provide.

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