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Shadow of the Master and Other Tales of Women Trapped in the Bonds of Passion
by Jay Lawrence

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Bondage and eros in this all new Jay Lawrence collection. In this tantalizing set of new tales by bestselling author of erotica, Jay Lawrence, you'll encounter women bound hand and foot, some literally, like Tamiko who falls under the "Shadow of the Master," some figuratively like the heroine of "The Captain's Bend," who finds herself forced into partner-swapping. Here are accounts of women driven to the extremes of sex by the bonds of passion. In "Shadow of the Master," a bright and attractive university student, has been exploring the online world of dominance and submission. Her virtual Master instructs her to meet a mysterious girl named tanis at a downtown café. Sensing that something is far from right, Tami cuts the meeting short, only to discover that she is being followed--and not just by the strange girl with the huge breasts and oddly vacant eyes. "Shadow of the Master" is a suspenseful novella of high tension and dark pleasures set in the vibrant multicultural city of Vancouver. The other stories include: "Confluence," flash fiction on luscious al fresco lesbian love; "The Captain's Bend," present day "pirates" of the Caribbean, partner-swapping in the sun; "The Girl Named G," who is the gorgeous young woman on the train? She's not what she seems; "Essence," the eros of control; and much much more.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, 2004
eBookwise Release Date: July 2004


9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [144 KB]
Words: 60000
Reading time: 171-240 min.

Shadow of the Master

The young woman watched the computer screen glow into life, her dark eyes intent upon the icons on the desktop. As soon as the link to the ISP appeared, she double-clicked, drumming her nails upon the pristine surface of the desk, impatient with the dialing process. In the small attic bedroom, all was immaculately kept, a place for everything and everything in its place. Not a single wrinkle marred the cover on the narrow bed; books filled a metal set of shelves, organized by subject, then by size. The girl frowned as the log-on completed, a habitual expression of concentration rather than temperament. She wore a gray sweater and black pants, dark hair pulled back from her fine boned Asian face. The lines between her eyebrows deepened as her slender fingers flew across the keyboard, bringing up a browser, selecting the book-marked web-mail. Just as she typed in her password, an instant message appeared on the screen.

Perseus: you are late, veni

The girl's eyes glowed with the bright light from the monitor. Swiftly, she tapped out a response, biting her lower lip in amusement.

veni: I am never late

There was a brief hiatus, during which the girl opened a drawer and retrieved a small article, not once removing her gaze from the screen. She laid the object on the surface of the desk, enjoying the clean click of metal on metal. Another message appeared on the screen.

Perseus: thirty-six seconds late

The girl's hands paused above the keyboard, itching to type a smart response. Stifling her anger, she answered carefully, taking much longer to spell out the words:

veni: I apologize, Master

Almost as soon as her fingers left the keys, the response was there:

Perseus: it won't happen again

veni: I give you my word

Perseus: veni, it was a statement, not a question

Her heart seemed to skip a beat, then began to thud, the meaning of those words somehow etched into her brain. Such influence? Coolly, she fought to center her mind, to remember who she was and what she was doing. Smiling wryly, she answered simply:

veni: I understand

Perseus: veni, are you wearing your collar?

Quickly, the girl took the collar on the desk, briefly admiring its black and chrome simplicity before fastening it about her slender throat. It was a narrow band of rigid leather, embellished with three small steel rings. She shivered slightly at the feel of metal on her flesh.

veni: yes, Master

Perseus: describe how it feels

Slowly, sensuously, the girl untied her hair, letting a fine ebony curtain fall across her face. Now she was the other girl, the slave girl, veni. Hesitantly, she answered, weighing each word with the utmost care:

veni: I want to serve my Master

Perseus: yes, veni, it is time for you to serve

Perseus: you will be at the Café Lisa at noon tomorrow

Perseus: wear no panties, no bra

Perseus: you will meet a girl named tanis

Perseus: you will know her when you see here

Perseus: until then?

The instant messaging box was blank, her correspondent gone. Now, the game had moved to another level, one in which there was no place to hide. The anonymity of the virtual world had served her well. What mask could she wear to play this part? Well, she didn't have to keep the appointment? Thoughtfully, nervously, she unbuckled the collar and returned it to the back of the drawer, locking it in as if it were a loaded gun.

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