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Healing Magick
by Mary Taffs

Category: Romance/Fantasy
Description: Healer Sulis betrayed her sacred vows and now she longs for a life of penance. Goddess and the Council have other plans, however. Sulis is sent to California Magick to Heal its shattered Bedrock, and Mage Llyr is assigned to help her. Returning to California Magick is Mage Llyr's worst nightmare, and the nightmare is made worse by Sulis's presence. She is everything he lusts after, but he cannot condone her past behavior, nor does he trust her. Sulis and Llyr are both obedient servants of Goddess, and when She orders them to become bondmates, they comply. They learn to care for one another as they work together to Heal Bedrock. But the enemies of the Balance are never idle. Sulis and Llyr are soon faced with a pair of unprecedented threats that they must face alone. Are they strong enough, both together and separately, to succeed?
eBook Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books, 2004
eBookwise Release Date: June 2004


32 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [282 KB]
Words: 63204
Reading time: 180-252 min.

"...another haunting, unforgettable, complex novel based on a very important original concept, the 'Bedrock' entities as a source of white magick's power. This one is a page-turner with plenty of suspense and a few shockers. The characters grow in wisdom right before our eyes, and the major battle that began to gather in previous books comes closer and closer ... It's not just one couple's love that will save this world--it is love itself embodied in many couples, and their staunches allies, the Bedrock of Earth."--Jacqueline Lichtenberg

The Keeper revels in the luxury of vigor. It has been centuries since he's had this much strength. There is nothing he cannot do!

Still, his task is daunting. He must travel farther than one night's travel will take him, even at superhuman speed. When dawn comes, he will be over the open ocean.

He will use the humans' boat to protect himself from the sun. The final two humans will give him sustenance for the next night's voyage.

That should see him to the books.

* * *

Sulis couldn't have properly understood what Bedrock was telling her. [Bedrock, are you telling me that this man hurt you after the explosion?]

[Yes. Make give power.]

So, this was where Janus had gotten his power! Grandma had told her the Council was concerned about that. Sulis needed to report this, but she'd better get as much information as she could first. [You say he made you give him power?]

[Bad man. My job give power to good. Like Guardian and Healer.]

That was interesting. [You know who's good and who's bad?]

[Can smell Goddess on good. Can smell Queen on some bad. Not this bad man.]

Janus apparently hadn't worshipped the Queen, so that made sense. [The bad man you showed me is Janus. How did he force you to give him power?]

Bedrock trembled under her hands. [Cannot tell. Must show.]

[Okay.] She let her awareness enter the rock. She'd done the same while merging the pieces of Bedrock over the past two days. This time, though, she simply listened with her Healer senses as Bedrock functioned. It didn't exactly have a heartbeat, and she couldn't detect anything like blood flowing through arteries and veins. The area around her teemed with life, though, and she wondered if she'd ever learn to decipher the various "voices" she could sense.

After what was probably several minutes, she realized she was moving through Bedrock. She felt dizzy at first as she struggled to make sense of her constantly changing surroundings...

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