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Fine as Frog Hair
by Sean Michael

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Description: Fine As Frog Hair follows Russ as he sets out to see America and finds something even better in Trey, a true cowboy and all around good folks. Russ and Trey have a wonderful guy next-door quality, taking their romance one step at a time, but when sparks fly it heats up fast, and we're swept right along with them. These two have it all, from laughter to heartache to the hottest sex West of the Mississippi, all the while proving that while life isn't perfect, it's just fine by them. Fine as frog hair. Graphic homoerotic sex.
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press, 2004 http://www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: May 2004


289 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [285 KB]
Words: 68000
Reading time: 194-272 min.

They chatted and watched, Marty explaining what was going on, what the point system was. Every now and again Marty would introduce some girl--the man had slept with every female in South Texas. He supposed he should be grateful Marty was straight or all the guys would be taken.

The runs through the barrel course were pretty quick, the crowd booing any time someone lost their hat. It didn't seem like any time before Trey was up, him and Pud looking fine in black leather and royal blue trimming. Russ sat up at the edge of his seat, heart just thumping, as if he were the one about to race. He'd never seen Trey and Pud race--God, they were beautiful, quick and sleek and dark.

Trey beat Gina's time by two full seconds, both horse and rider showing off for the crowd. He clapped and hollered--he couldn't have been prouder if he'd run the race himself. Trey did donate his winnings, just like Marty said he would, looking happy and sure as he waved.

Russ found himself having to look away and think cold thoughts. Trey sure looked sexy on that horse, all decked up. When he looked back, Trey was watching him, grinning and tipping his hat. He grinned back, nodded. Man, this was fun. It was good.

Marty nudged him with one shoulder. "Y'all have supper at Ruth Chris' tonight, on me. A thank you for winning me a certain bet."

"Cool. Thanks, man." He figured Marty could afford to drop a couple hundred on a big dinner at the most expensive steak house in town. It sounded like a good time. "They serve champagne there?"

"They do. Watch out, though. It makes Trey giggly."

"I'll keep that in mind." What maybe Marty didn't know was that lots of stuff made Trey laugh and Trey laughing? That was one of Russ' favorite things.

"Y'all have a good time. He'll be bouncing, old man loves racing. I'm going to hunt up Kerr."

"Do you know which way to the stables?"

"Down the main stairs and keep heading left. You see that long, square red-tiled building? That's the main stable. You'll be able to find Trey there." Marty pointed, face covered in what Trey would call a shit-eating grin.

He shook his head--Marty was incorrigible. Russ figured he was basically a decent guy though. "Thanks."

He headed off in the direction Marty had indicated, making his way slowly through the crowd. He found Trey in the middle of a bunch of people, clapping him on the back. There must have been ten dozen Stetsons bobbing and bouncing, the shine of bolo ties twinkling. He hung back a little, watching Trey in his element. The man looked good, happy.

The dark eyes were shining as they landed on him. "Russ! Yankee! Come on and meet everyone."

He smiled and ducked his head, headed into the group of cowboys.

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