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by Harvey Mendez, Christie Shary

Category: Historical Fiction EPIC eBook Award Finalist
Description: Thirty years after Amelia Earhart vanishes in the Pacific, Vincent Carlson, designer of her spy plane, now ex-CIA, still searches for the answer to her disappearance. His obsession with A.E. changes when Amelia Adams, a young, mysterious Amerasian, linked to A.E. by more than name, walks into his life. She spurs his passion, but accuses him of killing her father, Vincent's chief mechanic at Lockheed. Forced into an explosive liaison, their plight turns deadly when Ito, master spy and Vincent's enemy, spins a web of terror and treachery. Their search for the real killer takes them from Brisbane, Australia, to the Coral Sea, and Saipan. Each time the tighten the net, the killer cuts through it, thrusts Vincent and Amelia into deeper peril.
eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, 2002 SynergEbooks
eBookwise Release Date: April 2004


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [374 KB]
Words: 81173
Reading time: 231-324 min.

"No one really knows what happened to her, although everyone has a pet theory. Amelia is a piece of speculative fiction that tells the tale of curious men who are looking for Amelia Earhart. Vincent Carlson, a designer who works for Lockheed, has always been in love with Earhart. When she disappears, he makes it his mission to find out what has happened. His friend, Tad Yamaguchi, a Japanese-American spy, and his son Marvin, protect Carlson wherever he goes on this mission. Amelia Adams is the daughter of Stan Adams, another contemporary of Earhart and also a fellow seeker of this famous pilot. Amelia Adams meets up with Vincent Carlson thirty years after the disappearance. Despite the difference in age, they fall in love and have many misadventures together, trying to fight the evil Triangle (a Japanese expatriot who also spied in World War Two) and find Amelia Earhart. They dodge the Viet Cong who work for Triangle in Australia. Why is Triangle so eager to help the Vietnamese win the war? Amelia is action-packed and a great story as well. There are many great elements in the plot, including romance, trials and tribulations, misunderstandings between friends, espionage, and a surprise at the end of the story. This great eBook is a tribute to the electronic format and may hook new readers into this new way of reading."--Cynthia S. Arbuthnot, Word Weaving

Lae, New Guinea July 2, 1937

Ten o'clock Friday morning, Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, lifted off in her Lockheed Electra fifty yards short of the runway's end. Weighted with 1150 gallons of gasoline, the aircraft plunged below the cliffs. A few feet above the waves, AE pulled out. They headed east toward the International Dateline into yesterday, searching for Howland Island, a microscopic touch of land on the equator, 2556 miles from Lae.

The U.S. Coast Guard cutter, Itasca, awaited her arrival at approximately 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Nothing had been heard from Amelia Earhart for seventeen hours. The Itasca tried to contact her throughout Friday night. Muffled by heavy static, Amelia's voice came over their radio transmitter.

2:45 a.m. " "KHAQQ--Cloudy and overcast."

6:15 a.m. " "About two hundred miles out."

The Itasca could not respond to her transmissions. Both used different radio frequencies.

7:42 a.m. " "We must be on you, but cannot see you--gas is running low--unable to reach you by flying at a thousand feet--only half hour's gas left."

8:45 a.m. " "We are in the line of position 157-337?will repeat this message on 6210?we are running north and south."

The Itasca radioman heard anxiety in Amelia's voice, waited for more details. Nothing came. Amelia Earhart's transmitter had crackled for the last time.

Somewhere in the North Pacific July 2, 1937

The altimeter read 750 feet. Amelia gripped the controls hard, spoke into the long tube connecting her with the cabin. "Fred! We're losing altitude. Gas about gone. Better get the raft. I'll have to dead stick it."

The panel read six-fifty ... Whitecaps rose fast toward the plane.

"Four-fifty, three-fifty ..." She lowered the flaps, pulled back on the controls until her arms cramped, fought to keep the nose up. The engines stalled. "One hundred?Fred, get ready, brace!"

Spray from the waves splashed against the windshield, blinded her. She closed her eyes, jerked back on the controls again. The tail hit first, thrust the plane's nose in the air before settling into the water.

Amelia pitched forward and covered her face before she struck the instrument panel. Her hands bled but she shook it off, stood on the seat, forced open the top escape hatch. "Fred, Fred! Are you all right?" The small cabin door opened. Fred, his head bleeding, slipped through.

"Let me help you." She pulled him onto the co-pilot's seat. "Did you get the raft?"

He shook his head.

"We need it. I know there's an island around here someplace. Stay put, I'll be right back." She edged into the cabin. Water half filled the fuselage but the empty fuel tanks buoyed the Electra on the dark swells. The small yellow uninflated raft floated toward her. She stuffed it into the cockpit.

They climbed out the hatch, inflated the rubber boat with a carbon dioxide canister. Amelia helped Fred onto the wing. Thick clouds hovered overhead. Choppy waves rocked the aircraft. They stepped into the raft. She grabbed an oar. He rested against the bow. Amelia pushed off, rowed into the waves. On the horizon, a ship flying the Rising Sun closed fast. Amelia slowed her stroke. No need to hurry, destiny was now.

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