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The Cowboys and the Cupcakes
by Melanie Thompson

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Gay Fiction
Description: Clint Cruze and Lance Summers are rodeo cowboys and team ropers. Jessica Davenport and Melissa LeBlanc bake cupcakes by day and run a sex club by night. When Clint meets Jess, his desire for her leads him into a crazy world filled with prancing ponies, paddles and sizzling sex. Lance thinks he's gay, though he's never actually been on a date with a man. He's been in love with Clint since Clint saved him as a child. When Clint takes him to the Prancing Pony, his eyes are opened to a new world and a whole new way to love and be loved. Clint and Lance are qualified for the national team-roping finals, but so is Jess. Roping in the national team roping event is her dream. When Lance gets injured and can't go, Jess begs Clint to take her. There's no way Clint is roping with a chick in the nationals. It will take a miracle for her to realize her dream, and a miracle for any of them to find love.
eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, 2012
eBookwise Release Date: November 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [219 KB]
Words: 50588
Reading time: 144-202 min.

Chapter One

Clint Cruze led his buckskin gelding, appropriately named Buck, into the practice area of the Silver Spurs rodeo arena. His roping partner, Lance Summers, was right behind him leading his smaller cow pony, a crop-out paint named Buster.

Lance shut the gate and Clint looked him over. "Ain't you all duded up?," he said to his friend. Lance was tall with blond hair squirting out from under a black Stetson hat with a wide brim. Not many guys could wear a hat that big. Lance had a bright, blue jay feather stuck into the band.

"Gotta look good," Lance said. His grin showed off a mouth filled with perfect white teeth.

"We pickin' up chicks?"

Lance snorted. "You know it ain't a chick I want."

Clint groaned. "Give it up, man, you ain't gay."

They led their horses to the center of the arena. On the far side, a tall girl swung her lariat rope over her head. She must be warming up for break-away roping. It was the next event of the day in the main arena.

Clint shook his saddle to settle it and kneed Buck in the side as he yanked on the cinch strap. Buck let all the air out of his lungs and Clint was able to tighten the cinch another inch. You didn't want the saddle to slip when you were hanging out over your horse's head swinging a rope. Satisfied the girth was tight, he leaped, stuck one foot into the stirrup, and swung aboard.

Lance was already up and loosening his main rope. They each carried two lariats for the competition. You had to have a backup. Once in a while, they actually missed or failed to dally and the calf took off with theyour rope.

Clint booted Buck into a slow lope as they edged closer to the woman loping in the other end of the arena. As they grew closer, he saw she was smoking hot. When she loped away from him, he got a good look at what had to be the prettiest ass he'd ever laid eyes on. He slowed until he was riding side by side with Lance. "Check out that set of hindquarters."

"Yeah, it's a nice horse.?"

Clint smirked. "I know you aren't looking at the horse."

Lance deliberately turned his head to eyeball Clint's butt. "Now that's a perfect ass."

Clint blew out his breath as he loosened up a rope and started swinging it. "If you're so damn gay, why ain't you never gone out with a guy before?"

"I'm waitin' for you."

The girl galloped up and stopped beside them. "Hey," she said. "Aren't you Clint Cruze and Lance Summers?"

Clint doffed his white hat and shot her what he hoped was a dazzling smile. "Yup, that's us."

She turned her horse to walk next to them and stuck out her hand for Clint to shake. "Jessica Davenport. You guys are the best. I saw you on the RFD Channel in the nationals last year. You were robbed."

Clint nodded. They'd drawn a calf that zig-zagged all over the place like it was on crack. The animal had doubled back, run under his horse, and by the time they had it roped, their time was ridiculous. "Never saw a calf act like that in my life," he said.

She glanced at her watch and shot him a beautiful smile. She had raven-black hair in a braid down her back and huge violet eyes. Her lips looked delicious and her teeth were small and even. "Hey, you guys from Arcadia?"

Clint nodded.

"Me, too. I own a cupcake shop there, Sweets by Jessica. It's in the Opera House on Magnolia. Come by and see me some time. Hey, gotta run. I'm up in five."

"Sure will," Clint said. She turned her black horse tricked out in purple tack and galloped away.

"She likes you," Lance said.

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