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Rogue Program
by Darrell Bain

Category: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
Description: DON'T MISS THIS ONE!

Rogue Program is an outgrowth of my popular novel, Savage Survival, which is combined with the sequel to make one giant book, essentially two books for the price of one! Almost from the time Savage Survival was published, fans and readers wrote asking, "What happened next?" This novel not only answers the question but includes a greatly expanded and revised version of the original novel, which then segues directly into the sequel of that book. The two together make up Rogue Program. This is the longest work I've attempted and I've worked hard to make it an interesting and highly satisfying read. Lyda Brightner is a female protagonist anyone can identify with as she grows up with millions of other human captives of an unknown alien species. Conditions are so harsh and change so often that death is a constant companion, winnowing the Survivors inexorably down to only a few thousand out of fifteen million before they are returned to Earth. And then comes the hard part: trying to divine the motives of the aliens who have never been seen. Only their mechanical avatars have been intermittently present during five long years of terrible struggles to live, with each change bringing ever-harsher conditions. What do the aliens want? Why did they push millions of captive humans into environments where survival or death were the only options? What do they intend to do next now that the Survivors are back? Read about Lyda Brightner and how she manages to stay alive by her quick wits, her innate bravery, her compassion for those weaker than herself and a determination never to give in to the tortures of captivity that leave so many older and physically stronger than herself by the wayside. Rogue Program is a coming-of-age novel like no other, and Lyda is a character you'll remember for a long, long time. Follow her life from a privileged 'tween into an unimagined hell where she must constantly fight for her life, and on to an Enclave on the moon left by the aliens, where the biggest puzzle of the galaxy waits to be solved by the few Survivors of alien captivity. Failure to find the answer of this last test may mean oblivion not only for Lyda, her lover, and her fellow survivors, but for the whole human race! Don't miss Rogue Program!
eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks, 2012 Double Dragon Publishing
eBookwise Release Date: October 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [871 KB]
Words: 202491
Reading time: 578-809 min.


Alien invasions had been talked about and written about for decades, more than a century. Almost all of the stories included descriptions of the invading species. They were depicted in movies in various guises, sometimes favorably but more often as creatures we would never choose to meet in a dark alley at night.

When an invasion at last did come, the only aspect of aliens seen was their great globes orbiting Earth, presumably their spaceships, and their mechanical avatars that did their dirty work. No one knew what they looked like but everyone presumed they must be hideous in appearance, simply because of the horrible way they treated the humans captured by their mechanical monsters.

No one could have possibly imagined the reality. It was too bizarre.

* * * *
* * * *

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