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Beyond The Edge
by Elizabeth Lister

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Gay Fiction
Description: Tate and Sebastian sign on for a kinky weekend with Ottawa Dom James Lucas and discover an intense mutual attraction. Tate Mackenzie has signed on for a weekend of kinky fun at the hands of respected Dom, James Lucas. However, James has invited another man, twenty-four-year-old Sebastian Doucette, to join in. Thrown together under James' expert tutelage, the two men experience an instant attraction and begin a tentative relationship on their own time. But James hasn't been entirely honest with the boys and soon Tate finds himself the focus of two infatuated men. How will he choose the man he wants or the lifestyle he desires to pursue?
eBook Publisher: MLR Press, LLC/MLR Press, LLC,
eBookwise Release Date: October 2012


2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [366 KB]
Words: 82730
Reading time: 236-330 min.

Chapter One

Waiting List

"So, when I saw this guy, I was just like, what the hell are you wearing? And then he walks over to me and, get this, asks if I want to go for coffee! I swear he must have been at least forty. And wearing a pink sequined disco shirt? Yeah, I don't think so...hold on, someone's trying to call through..."

I peeled the thick socks off my roasting feet and answered the other call.


"Tate Mackenzie?" A rich, masculine voice asked.

Holy. Shit. I fucking know that voice.

"Yes?" I said nervously, sitting up straighter and taking my feet off the coffee table.

"It's James Lucas."

"Hello, Sir." I said quickly, a blush of excitement creeping into my cheeks, my cock stirring in my jeans.

He laughed, a musical, relaxed sound. "Hello Tate. How are you?"

His voice, low and soft, held a note of something hard in it as well.

"Fine, thank you," I said, then added, "Sir." Just to be on the safe side.

"Glad to hear it." He cleared his throat. "I wanted to tell you that your name has come to the top of the list. So if you're free next weekend..."

"Yes. I'm free." I heard the beep from the other line. But no way in hell would I attend to it right then.

"Excellent. I have to tell you, I've been eagerly awaiting your rise to the top." I heard the smile in his voice.

"Yes, Sir."

"We should meet to fill out the forms and discuss our objectives. Are you available tomorrow evening?"

"Yes, Sir." My chest rose and fell with my quickened breaths. Tomorrow? I would see him as soon as tomorrow?

"Great. Be at my home at seven p.m. please. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, Tate."

I felt dizzy. "Me too, Sir."

We hung up. I stared at the phone for a long moment, vivid memories assaulting me with rapidity and force. By the time I remembered Joanne was on the other line I had a hard-on the size of Saskatchewan in my pants.

I got back to her. "Joanne?"

"Well, well, well. What happened? Get a call from a tall dark stranger and you forgot about little ole me?"

"Actually, yes." I'm sure she heard the excitement in my voice.


"It was James Lucas."

"Shut. Up. James Lucas, the Dom?"

"The very one." I grinned, tapping my foot to release some of the nervous energy that had taken hold.

She waited for me to say something. "And?"

"Well, it seems my name's finally gotten to the top of his waiting list. He wants me to come next weekend."

She cackled. "No doubt!"

I laughed. "Dirty girl."

"You know it. Well, are you excited?"

"Um, yeah. I've been looking forward to this for months."

"You'll have to tell me all about it. You know how I love to hear about your shenanigans. Keeps my marriage alive." She laughed.

"Oh my god. You don't tell Darrin all that stuff, do you?" Joanne's husband Darrin was pretty liberal, but very straight.

She snorted. "No, are you kidding? But when we indulge in some couple time, the fact that I'm thinking about the stuff you told me is helping me get in the mood, if you know what I mean?"

"Shouldn't you be thinking about Darrin and experiencing the moment?"

"Tate, we've been married for six years. If we don't think about other stuff we'll die of boredom. Awe, Tate, I have to go. The potatoes are boiling and I need to attend to the rest of supper. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Hey, how are you feeling anyway? You're only a month away now, right?" Joanne was almost ready to give birth to her first child. The pregnancy hadn't slowed her down at all.

"Yes, thank God. I feel like a cow. Look like one too."

"No you don't."

"How do you know? I haven't seen you in almost two months. We have to get together soon, okay? I know you're busy next weekend but maybe the weekend after that?"

"Sounds good. Talk to you soon."

"Bye, sweetie."

I hung up the phone and leaned back on the couch, putting my bare feet up on the coffee table again. I stared at the ceiling and gave myself up to the images that crowded my head.

James Lucas tying me to the bed in his loft, naked, with my balls in a stretcher and nipple clamps attached.

James Lucas running the strands of a leather flogger over my captive body, then flogging me gently until I begged him to let me come.

James Lucas telling me to come and my body convulsing on command.

I groaned at the memories of that afternoon and slipped my hand in my pants, grabbing my cock and stroking slowly. Living alone had definite advantages.

The memories of my afternoon with James rose vivid and clear, since I'd just heard his voice on the phone. I let my head fall back against the sofa and brought myself rather quickly to a powerful orgasm, imagining spending an entire weekend at the mercy of one of the most handsome and accomplished Doms in town.

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