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Dark Sensualities And Primal Instincts: Paranormal Erotica
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Fantasy
Description: "A wonderful, erotic storyteller ... turns you on and tugs your heartstrings at the same time!" -Sabrina Smith Moses. Sascha Illyvich, the famed "Bad Boy of Romance" is noted for his dark, paranormal erotica - and the best of it is here in this enthralling collection which encludes a complete novel novel of vampires and eros (Dark Traders), a wonderful novelette of lycanthropy and romance (Wolf Magic), a short story about a man enslaved by a sexy female demon who is also a dominatrix (His Demon Mistress), plus more unforgettable novelettes and short stories. "His books make me wet." -Pinky Francisco
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler,
eBookwise Release Date: September 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [281 KB]
Words: 61116
Reading time: 174-244 min.

"OMG I can't wait to read more, that was amazing!" --Kajira Calla, Fetlife "I love your style, and how you described scent throughout the story" --SixtyTen, Fetlife "Hot damn! fans self" --Mistress Gina Kincade, Owner of Naughty Nights Press "Has an eerie, surreal aura hanging around it. a great 'performance" --JimmyJump, BDSMlibrary.com "A powerful look at female domination!" --Sensual Romance Reviews


She emerged from the ocean a wet naked mess of beauty. Her golden curls dirtied by the sand, skin bronzed over as well; she needed caring for. Bruises mostly, but a closer look revealed a few minor cuts on her arms. I don't know where she came from but she was hurt. I felt sorry for her as she stood up, stretched her arms to the sun and dropped down on the beach. I had to do something. I rushed down in my jeep with clothes, a blanket and my first aid kit just in case she needed treatment. When I got to her, she was out cold, but still breathing. Her body radiated in the sun and sand so naked and pretty as I stood watching her for a moment. I felt so bad, but something seemed different about her. I rolled her over onto her back and tapped her cheek, whispering into her ear, "Hello, hey. Hey there, you alive?"

She opened her eyes just enough to acknowledge me then she fell back asleep. I wrapped her beautiful body up in the blanket, picked her up and set her down as carefully as I could in the back of my jeep while I drove us back to my house. I woke her up just enough for her to stand up with my help and I led her back into the guest bedroom, set her down onto the bed and went into the bathroom to fetch a washcloth.

I proceeded to wipe her down, taking care with my touch in case she had bruised or broken bones. However, there was no evidence however of such things.

After I sponged her down, I settled her between comforter and sheets. I went into the closet to lay out a robe over the chair for her when she woke up. Silently, I slipped out of the room.

She was out still, but a closer look revealed that she was okay. She looked cold so I adjusted her covers and fetched another comforter from the closet for her. I put my hand to her forehead to see if she were feverish but her skin felt cool to the touch. I wondered if she were dreaming and if her dreams were bothering her. I almost thought to wake her but she didn't appear to be that uncomfortable so I just left her. However, I would have to eat soon and she could probably use the nourishment as well. I would wake her when some semblance of food was ready. I had stew I could feed us both which wouldn't be a problem for her to eat. I would fix a real meal for us both in the morning because I still had breakfast supplies.

I went to the kitchen to set out a few bowls. It was all I had that didn't require thawing until tomorrow, when I planned to run to the grocery to stock up on supplies again. I took the large pot out of the refrigerator and set it on the stove, turning the dial for a flame. I sat down at the table with my foot resting on the other chair as I watched out the window while the flame heated the stew.

Watching the sea was my hobby and had been for several years. I even took upon myself the duty of maintaining the lighthouse and taking residence just so I could be near the sea.

When I was younger, I always read stories of water nymphs, sprites and mermaids. They intrigued me. As I got older, I began to understand why; they turned me on. Slender bodies, sensual movement about the water, grace and tranquility -- it all just fascinated me.

Day after day I watched over the ocean, enjoying the calming effect of the waves crashing into the shore, the storms showing me their scary beauty, the clouds flying past with purples and magentas, to reveal a sun, a ray of hope for those lost sea travelers. I lived and breathed the saltiness of the ocean and made sure my body was one with it whenever possible.

There were the nights when the storms would roll in, the sound of the waves mixed with the thunder and lightning was so powerful, so erotic, I had to sit up in the top of the lighthouse watching the waves crash against the shore and the lightning strike the sea. I would stand up, touch my body, caressing my nipples or fondle my ass. I was proud of my body. The lightning would strike the sea and I felt in tune to nature, thrusting fingers in and out of my pussy while the beautiful chaos occurred. Many times when touching my clit while the lightning struck felt powerful, invigorating. I would continue to caress and finger until the storm would run its course and I would be drained of energy. I moved a cot to the top so I could sleep after those sessions until I had to get up.

For the most part however, things were pretty calm in this area. Those were the times when I could come up to the top and observe; sometimes the thunder would send a shiver through my body and I would get wet just thinking about having company up here and fucking while the storms pounded the shores. But then I also wondered what it would feel like to make love, hot steamy sex down on the beach while the waters slammed into the rocks below the tower. Water carrying us to a higher ecstasy as our fingers licked and probed each other's bodies, oh just thinking about it makes my lips ache for comfort!

The stew warmed enough to require attention; I got up from my chair and began to stir it slowly, tasting it for warmth. It felt good going down my throat; the warmth was a nice change since we've had the cooler weather lately. I lowered the heat and decided to check on my guest.

When I got to her room, she was sitting up, her hair a perfect mess, comforter covering her chest. Her eyes gleamed in the low light. Her lips parted slightly, looking for something as her eyes scanned her surroundings.

"Hi," I said.

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