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Home Sweet Sex [Game Play Book 2]
by Max Heist

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Mac's a gamer. He likes all kinds of sex games. Bondage, domination, he's a big fan of rough sex. What Mac doesn't like is to be annoyed. It seems everyone's out to piss him off. Does Mac get angry? No he gets even. Who's up for some pay back--Mac's sex game style?
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2012
eBookwise Release Date: August 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [42 KB]
Words: 8365
Reading time: 23-33 min.

Mac dropped the cardboard box he was carrying onto the hardwood living room floor. The bang reverberated around the large almost empty room.

"Mac," Jenney squealed. "It could have breakables in it."

Mac lifted an eyebrow. "It's labeled curtains."

Jenney muscled past him and ripped into the box. She rifled through it muttering and Mac battled a retort about being able to read. He took in a few deep breaths and clenched his teeth then grumbled a few choice words under his breath. He wasn't in the mood to argue. He'd end up saying he was sorry for something he shouldn't have to even apologize for. Somehow she'd turn it around. Even with a fucking box of curtains. Then he'd have to spring for flowers with an attached note of stupid poetic romance or a box of chocolates. And if he got her chocolates she'd complain about her waistline then ultimately rip into them like a monkey on a cupcake and he'd never see one. Why didn't women ever have to spring for a bouquet of colored ribbed condoms with a 'do me however you want to' card? Or a box of assorted beers?

It was hard to resist watching her since she was on her knees in front of him. Her actions were wasted on a box; if she'd turn just a bit she'd be at the perfect height to suck his cock. Her ponytail swished back and forth as she searched. Fuck she was thorough; he could tell she was a cop. The pile of curtains was shoved back into the box; for a second, her t-shirt caught the corner and snagged and she remained immobile with her ass bent and wiggling.

She swore out a string of impressive words that would do a drunken sailor proud. Always a charming quality in a woman no more than five foot six and about a hundred and twenty pounds. It gave him a chance to check out her ass. A thing of beauty even in sweatpants. The top of her thong was blue; he'd like to yank it off with his teeth.

Mac was feeling a bit wasted. He'd worked overtime yesterday and moved shit all day today. Buying a house was a pain in the ass, the paperwork alone must have come from an entire goddamn orchard. Why the hell couldn't they just sign something that said 'it's yours, suckers, now pay through your ass for life, and if in the meantime the government finds something better to stick up here on your land you're shit outta luck'?

Mac ran a hand over his face. He flexed his tired muscles. The truck was finally empty; Mac had moved all the heavy shit. Jenney could drive it back to the apartment where a few of her co-workers would help her load the rest of their stuff. Mac could say he was going to unpack and sit for five fucking minutes with a cold beer.

Jenney stood up and ran the back of her hand across her forehead, leaving a smudge mark. In her bare feet, she stood just below his shoulders; he had more than eighty pounds on her. He spent hours a week at the gym, but she was toned with decent muscles. Still, sometimes he felt built like a brick shithouse next to her. Mac knew she could take down a man his weight and then some. Impressive for someone so small.

"Why don't you get our last load? I need a break, after working that double yesterday and packing all this shit," she said.


"I worked OT yesterday too," Mac reminded her.

She got that look on her face. The shocked what look. The look that someone would wear when the Titanic was sinking and they found out they were outta lifeboats for her, or her puppy just got run over. The 'you done me wrong' look just by breathing. Mac scowled and settled his hands on his hips. She hated when he scowled; she said with his dark spiked hair and dark brown eyes, he looked mean. She immediately changed tactics.

That's right, baby, men are people too.

She masked her emotions then snapped her mouth shut--for all of two seconds. The time it took for her to have a backup plan. She sure could think fast--he'd give her that. Now the cajoling would begin. Jenney sidled up to him and ran her sweaty hands across his filthy black t-shirt.

"Please, baby? I'll start to unpack."

"I need a break. I need my hands for work," Mac said. Besides, she'd be unpacking most of it anyway. Only she knew where she wanted all this goddamned shit to go. They didn't make knickknacks for men. If it were up to Mac, he could live out of a box. Beer came in a box, so did pizza and fried chicken. Who the hell cared where the other stuff went as long as he had underwear for Monday? Hell, he could even get tighty whities in a box.

"You need your fingers for work, baby. You're a dentist."

Little bitch.

"What if they get slammed in something?" he countered. She was rubbing her belly against his cock and any second it would be coaxed into life. Even though Mac knew there wasn't a hope in hell of screwing her on the living room floor, his fucking cock wouldn't care. It only had one thought ever--sex.

"I'll make it worth your while."

Only if she dropped her pants and spread 'em right here and now.

Mac hooked his thumbs into her sweatpants and yanked her closer. "How worth my while?"

"My lingerie is in a bag on the bed. I'll unpack that first."


"Keep goin'."

"I'll make sure I have a few cold ones in the freezer waiting for you."

"That all?"

"I'll let you play with my handcuffs. My pussy will have a welcome home sign ready--vacancy. No matter where we move, your cock will always be welcome to fuck me. Anytime."

She rose onto her tiptoes to kiss his jaw; it brought her pussy closer to his cock.

Damn. Houston, we have lift off.

"I bought some different oils at the sex party I was at last week with Lizzy, you remember my partner Ian's girlfriend?"

Hell yeah he remembered tiny Lizzy and his cock remembered her tight ass and sweet mouth.

"I was saving the oils for a special occasion, baby."

Yeah, no doubt for a night of game play, where he would be her victim. That always meant a full body massage for her. Mind you, her body was smokin' hot. When Mac got her all relaxed she was really damn flexible. The positions he could get her in, the things he wanted to do right now...shit, his poor cock would be sniffling if it could and if it had hands the zipper on his jeans would be down.

"I might be tired when I get home," he said. Like shit he would be. His dick was pressed up tight to his zipper like a penniless fat kid's face on a candy store window.

"I'll order out. We can eat in bed, before we play or during and after." Her tone was simpering. Her hand was under his shirt tugging his chest hair. Her tits were squished to him. "Please, baby? You take good care of me and you know I'll take good care of you, my big strong man."

The full bottom lip came out. He liked when she begged. She had to be such a hard ass for work, Mac knew she wanted some downtime to just be taken care of. There were times she just put her cop face on and said, "Just fucking do it, Mac." He liked these times much better.

"Go put the beer in the freezer," Mac said. Fuck he felt his engine gunning. Every last box in the apartment might get broken, but he would be back here in record time. "And put the red thing on. You know the lace thing I like. Pizza with everything--in fact, make it two. I'm starving. And you may wanna put the curtains up, baby." He winked and smacked her ass as she lazily drew away from him.

Mac left their new house chuckling in anticipation. He was halfway down the steps when he pulled up short and realized she had done it again. Damn women and their sex treats. They left a guy panting like a damned dog thinking it was all their idea when they were the ones who got what they wanted. Mac shook his head; he was surprised he hadn't given her his fucking wallet--or that she hadn't asked him for it. His cock was pissed. Mac was glad it didn't have teeth; the thing woulda bit him.

There was one definite way to get exactly what he wanted. Mac could feel the evil little grin split his face before he saw it in the rearview mirror. Mac had his game play on before he even put the truck in gear. She wanted a night of sex, huh? Well, far be it for Mac not to give his little honey what she wanted.

The tires spun and gravel kicked up sending a cat racing in a backyard direction. Mac had a plan formed before he turned the corner. End excerpt

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