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Mikal's Wrath
by Bonnie Rose Leigh

Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Romance
Description: Life has been anything but easy for Maryann Wilson. The only human living among Lionese shifters, her life on Earth, though miserable, had been safe. Now, light-years from home, mated to a Manruvian Merman, and on the verge of war, her life is anything but secure. Mikel Logann, High Prince and sole heir of Manruvia, had waited years to find a mate. He didn't know she'd be one of the women rescued from the Black Rose or that his Earth woman could teach stubbornness to a toddler. But now that he has her, he won't let anyone take her from him and live. When a civil war erupts on Manruvia's shores and he must take up the Trident of Ascension, it will be with Maryann by his side. The only question remaining in his mind is at battle's end, who will still be among the living and who will not?
eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasybooks, 2008 2008
eBookwise Release Date: August 2012


4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [143 KB]
Words: 30881
Reading time: 88-123 min.

Maryann gazed around his quarters slowly, thoroughly, then glanced back down at his chair before shaking her head. "Your chair won't do. Neither will your sofa. Take me to your bedroom."

Surprise at the command in her voice and the rigidity of her spine had him nodding and leading the way before he realized how quickly he'd jumped to do her bidding. Damn! He never expected her to slip into the dominant role quite that easily. He'd have to be on his toes if he wanted a chance to control even the slightest thing this evening. But even as he led her to his sleeping chamber, he couldn't contain the excitement building inside him.

His imagination took flight as he opened the door. "Illumination, thirty percent, Skalldari." Would she ride him, taking what she wanted from him without concern for his needs, or would she draw it out, try to seduce his seed from him? His cock hardened further as he pictured her mounting him while he lay helpless to stop her, her breasts swaying freely in front of his face, teasing him with their nearness while he lay powerless to touch them.

Knowing that reality often surpassed the imaginary, he headed straight for the bed, since no other piece of furniture in here would suffice for what she planned. He probably should let her dictate his every action, but at this point the anticipation of finally taking a mate--taking Maryann to mate--left him in a hurry to see things progress. Besides, he sensed she didn't find the role of dominant female to his submissive male comfortable and he didn't want her shying away from him or her feelings tonight.

Only after he settled back against the headboard in the center of the bed, did he notice the longs strips of shiny black material in her hands.

He smiled, unable not to once he realized she came prepared, not just to ensure her safety, but to follow the mating ritual as the Manruvians had for hundreds of generations. Using the Manruvian Matebonds as restraints told him more than her words that she fully intended to mate with him this evening.

She stopped running--from him and her future. Her willingness to face life head on rather than run from it filled him with pride. She'd be the perfect queen to the Manruvian people once the Trident of Ascension passed to him, of that he had no doubt.

When she stopped at the foot of the bed and didn't say or do anything more, Mikel crossed his arms and lifted one brow in question. "Now what?"

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