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Kat Burglar [Game Play Book 1]
by Max Heist

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Mac likes to play sex games. He's into all kinds. Bondage, kinky, rough, dangerous and down and dirty. The wilder the ride, the bigger the thrill. This time it's Mac who's at the wheel--for the most part. Until another player ups the ante with another gamer. When two players become four it's twice the game and twice the sex.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2012
eBookwise Release Date: July 2012


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [45 KB]
Words: 8778
Reading time: 25-35 min.

"What would the boys at the precinct say if they saw you now? You're breaking the rules," the little Kat burglar said with narrowed eyes.

Her hands were balled into fists. The scene was fucking laughable. The little bitch actually thought he would be worried what a bunch of guys thought? Her defiance was a turn-on--for now. Wait until Kat discovered his plans for her.

That's what she called herself when Mac pressed her for a name. She had no choice but to go along with him and his demands. Mac had gotten the drop on her. He could care less if it wasn't her real name. It suited her choice of dark-colored clothing. They were standing in the hallway inside the front door of the apartment. Mac knew he shouldn't be doing this; he was and yet wasn't breaking the rules--okay, yeah, maybe he was--but what the hell. She was the one who snuck in, no doubt expecting to find him defenseless. After he had muscled her down to the ground, he had let her up after all. Letting her up didn't mean letting her go.

Criminals got off so easy today. Who could blame a guy for taking the law into his own hands? She should have thought this through. The ball was in his court and he was making the decisions on what happened next. She had no choice other than to do as he said. He had the upper hand and he liked what he saw, so he planned on trailing his hands all over her luscious body. Shit he was already horny and she wasn't even naked, yet.

"They'd no doubt be cheering me on," he drawled. "Bet a few would like a front-row seat, maybe even be interested in extra innings. Most definitely the guys at the precinct would love to hear about this. Even if I did brag, they won't say a damned thing. Breaking and entering is a felony." Besides he was off-duty. What went on in Mac's home stayed in Mac's home.

"You can't do this," she warned him.

"Shut up. Don't speak again until I say so, unless you want it to go bad, rough and painful."

Her lips pressed into a fine line. Mac narrowed his eyes. The little Kat burglar shivered as his gaze raked her from head to toe. Mac stalked her. He prowled around the kitty watching her squirm. He trailed a finger across her shoulder. She shivered under his touch.

"Take your shirt off," he demanded.

Mac was hard to refuse with a gun strapped to his broad bare chest. Yet he sensed a touch of hesitance when she remained still so he pulled the weapon. Her resolve vanished. Her hands lifted and one-by-one each button popped open to reveal more of the interesting view. Mac cocked his head. She had nice-sized melon tits corralled by a tight bra. With a practiced movement, he one-handedly undid the catch at the front and the fillies were free. She glared at him angrily but didn't dare cover up. Instead, her bold stare traveled to his.

She ground her teeth, seething at her circumstances. No doubt she had hoped he would be sleeping. Instead, she had interrupted him. He had taken her by surprise. He heard her come in even though she had been quiet. That's when he grabbed the gun and strapped the holster on. She had been sneaking around as quietly as she could. She was good. Nothing had been knocked over in the darkness, no creaking. Mac just knew he wasn't alone. It was a gift. Nothing got past him. When he had her floored and realized she was a female perp, he decided it was game time. Especially since she was hotter than one of Hell's whores.

Clad only in his undone jeans, no briefs and bare feet, Mac waved the gun when her hands stopped at the button on her pants. She still wore the shirt, her bra opened in front.

"Uh uh. Get it off, sweetheart. We're just getting started."

For a split second, she looked ready to say something. No doubt a problem with the endearment. Shit, you called a woman sweetheart and it pissed her off about as much as 'hey, bitch.' What the hell? And they said men were hard to understand. Mac dug the pistol into her throat under her chin. She gasped. He felt the gun move as she swallowed. He leveled a hard look at her. Her nod was slight but noticeable nonetheless.

"Good girl."

Mac stepped back. Point taken. The shirt dropped to the ground. The boulder holder followed. Kat went crimson and ducked her head. Mac liked shy, shy was cute. She was wearing a belt on her pants. That could prove interesting.

Her hands trembled with the buckle and she fumbled with it, her fingers shaking. Mac moved toward her to help, but she scooted back a step. Her eyes were wide. No worries, the buckle came loose when she had jerked it. It was best if she did it herself. Mac could feel the groan in his cock when her two thumbs hooked her pants and they trailed ever so slowly down past her hips to her thighs. The hand on his gun tightened. Down her sleek calves went the material. She stepped out of them and slipped off her shoes. Then she peeled off each sock, rolling them into balls and tossing them at his chest. They bounced off his pecs and he shot them back at her. Defiance was cute too, but it was the last she would get.

"Keep goin', baby; I want to see gold." He chuckled at the words.

She was a natural blonde, so her mound was indeed gold. Lace white panties pooled at her feet. She had long legs and a great ass. The things he could do to that ass. Mac leaned down and picked up her pants and pulled the belt from the loops. She swallowed hard as each bit of leather came free when it was pulled through the loops one at a time. Mac looked at it with exaggerated interest.

"What are you going to do with that?" she asked, her small tongue wet her lips. Then her eyes fled to his in panic; she had spoken without permission. "Please, I didn't mean to..."

Is that a tremor in her voice?

She pressed her fists to her mouth. The little Kat had just given him permission to do anything to her, however he wanted. Sweet. "Put your hands on your head," he demanded, motioning with a quick nod.

Kat obliged immediately, no doubt wanting to placate. Too late. Her breasts rose higher when she lifted her hands and laced her fingers together. Her slim waist went taut. She was breathing hard--he was breathing harder. She looked down at the unzippered opening of his pants. His cock that had strained against the material had fought its way free. End excerpt

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