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Pent Up Frustrations
by Brianna Stoddard

List Price:  $2.99
You Pay:  $2.54
You Save:  15.05%

Category: Erotica
Description: Mya has been a shut-in all her childhood life. She finally gets the freedom she craves on her 18th birthday and learns all that New York City has to offer. Will she turn into a party animal or just break a ton of hearts along the way? Read this sexy tale and find out!
eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: July 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [109 KB]
Words: 25461
Reading time: 72-101 min.
All Other formats: Printing DISABLED, Read-aloud DISABLED

Chapter One

Mya was a gorgeous young woman only 18 years old. She had decided to move away from her parents on her birthday. Eighteen years being locked up like a criminal was enough for her. She longed to be wild and free. Her parents, being strict and faithful Christians, had only meant to keep her safe and chaste and away from the world's dangers. However, they only succeeded in making her internal fire burn more fiercely.

She rebelled on her 18th birthday. Without so much as a good-bye, she was packed and ready to go. Mya grabbed the check with the amount of money from her parents that they had been saving for her and left forever without looking back. She was free from the horrible imprisoned life she had known and now she was brand-new to the world and ripe for corruption.

The world was like a giant blank canvas for her to create whatever she wanted on it. She could choose anything she desired. And she would immediately reap the intoxicating benefits of that power. She was immediately washed over by brand-new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds. It made her head spin as she took in all that the streets of New York had to offer.

Mya found a restaurant to eat at so she went in and sat down at a table. Shortly after she arrived, the waitress came to take her order. Mya ordered her breakfast and noticed how incredibly beautiful the woman was. She wondered if it was normal to think those thoughts, but for the moment she accepted it. She glanced at the woman's name tag. It said, 'Hello! My name is: Jenna,' on it.

"Will that be everything?" Jenna asked. Mya snapped her out of her daydream.

"Oh- uh- yeah. Thanks." Mya stuttered.

Mya dazed off again as she watched the waitress walk away. Mya felt a strong, formidable urge coursing through her body. She looked longingly at the waitress and wondered how her body would look naked.

She imagined stroking Jenna's soft skin. Mya noticed a huge wet spot on her bikini underwear that accompanied a painful ache to be satisfied. She struggled to think of something else. She planned on finding a home for herself and a new wardrobe. She hadn't taken her clothes with her that her parents made her wear. They were dull boring and ugly things that she could no longer bare to look at.

She would have to get to the store to buy necessities as well. There was just so much to do. But first she counted her cash leftover from saving her allowance and recorded a grand total of $360.79. She needed to get to the bank right after her breakfast so she could cash her check. She would need to set up her own bank account as well.

"Here are your eggs, sausage, and toast. I have to go back and get your chocolate milk. I'll be right back." Jenna left.

"All right." Mya said quietly.

She was enthralled with Jenna's smile and long silky brown hair. She felt hypnotized by the gleam in her dark blue eyes. She couldn't help feeling aroused and attracted to Jenna. How she longed to be with her.

"Here you go. Is there anything else you need right now?" Jenna smiled and it drove Mya even crazier for her.

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